What do you think? I think calling especially women easy and too easy is bollocks. That you need to challenge people, act like you're not interested and availeble, not have sex, to get someone to like you is madness. If you like someone, you want to
Just saw this title of the book in Promotios section. Chuckled thinking ok they don't love you. They just want sex. Then they got it and want it again. And again. And it's going in like they can't have it anywhere else because you know he just don't ha
There was a thread about forgiveness like a few weeks ago. And I've been inspired by the thread made by @DickButt called "Apologizing".. When a child sneaks a cookie from the cookie jar and gets reprimanded, the child would then apologize as they are cond
A Japanese man gave his wife the silent treatment for 20 years while living in the same house because he was jealous that she showed their children more attention. I'm sorry but I most definitely would not have stayed with him I mean to me that is just
I am,the attraction is too strong that i cant speak when she is near me,i cant open a proper topic or convo when she talks to me all i do is answer in short version,like one time i visited her home when she saw me she approach me touched my face with both
What sun sign is your kryptonite and made you feel weak for them? State your dominant planet and sign. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPTNM7TOW6U
A confession from a scorpio to a taurus male. Disclaimer: This, by any means are not asking for advice. Any opinions are allowed but not to be taken. This is one of ways for me to release something. I apologise for causing stress and pressures. I'
it was probably the most awkward time of my whole life...i really tried to make her comfterble but im not a talker and this girl really likes me because she would blush super hard whenever i saw her at work. we went to lunch but we were there for like 15
It seems like even though we are more connected today with technology that is way more difficult to meet people. I don't know maybe it is because we are connected more with technology. My question to you is how do you meet your significant other? Onl
If you haven't read the book Attachments I strongly suggest you do so it might save you sometime while dating. http://www.attachedthebook.com/about-the-book/ If you know your attachment style which are you. Secure, Anxious, Or Avoidant What i
Signs? Tips? How do you protect your heart? I just don't want to end up being that rebound girl. Thanks in advance!
I can't stand anymore of these half-ass suggestions to people with heartbreaks 'Take a deep breath and think of something you enjoy other than your problem...' Have you morons ever loved anyone? Do you know that when people going trough when hurt fe
In a relationship? I don't know to be honest. Like is being like "I don't want you going out with your friends and getting drunk because you get too wild" controlling? Or protective? What do you think the difference between the two is?
to have a better relationship with others? I was thinking of this, when a lot of relationships fail because someone has a drug, drinking, marijuana, sex addiction, even gambling addictions. Are there any solutions. And I just realized of the BRIL
Hi, just need some advices on this Cap man I got to know just a month ago through Tinder app. He seems to be looking for girls just for sexting. I refused to sext or send any pics yet he still continues to talk to me. He said that he is lonely and just
Why do promising courtships quickly become lets hangout at home? Is it the woman's fault that a man only has to work hard for 1 real date or is it the man's fault? Is a second or third date at your place a sign a person only wants sex?
1. Any success stories? 2. Would you do it? 3. If yes, do you have any limits?
Please state your Sun/Moon signs and the Sun/Moon of your best partner in terms of sexual affinity, spirituality, longevity and basic personality compatibility.
1. الْهَوَى (hawa) = Attraction The beginning of love. This love can arise suddenly, but is transient, not yet firm in the heart. 2. الْعَلاقَةُ (‘alaqah) = Attachment Love that becomes attached to the heart, and loses the transitory property ofhawa.
Just curious if any woman has ever been the pursuer and how it turned out ? I know some guys are shy and need a little encouragement, but the stereotype being let the many chase you/never chase a man.... A man chasing you is seen as "hes crazy about you,
*giggles* This is gonna be super hard... Because everyone has such different tastes. And who knows if you think a member may like someone and it turns out they don't. (6) I'm gonna play it safe for now... @wagtail [img]http://i.imgur.com/wnZhyTD
littlemiss123 Hi All been with boyfriend for over 2 years, lately he has been very distant. He doesn't tell me any more when he has time off work, this changes all the time, I text him and it takes hours for him to return it, even if I know it is out w
This is what her mother told me a few weeks ago. I scooped up my 2yo daughter immediately and have taken her on permanently. What kind of mother does this to her own child? How on earth does she think she can live with this? I'm not giving her back. An
I am mad at one of my best friends because she was upset that I told a guy on Tinder that I think he might have dated her since she showed up on his Tinder profile as our "1st common connection" ( = she is our mutual FB friend). The guy told me, yes they
On dating and relationships. It's counterproductive and unhealthy for my personal well-being. So in an effort to be the best me, I'm letting go of that aspect. If someone sees a thread about me dating someone...please smack me. :)

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Life is weird enough without having to worry about the earth giving away below you. You never know how fate will tell you to go treetrunk yourself. I always knew they existed, but not much on how common they are. https://youtu.be/wUvlgMheXTI
As a newbie I didn't realise how clicky it was on here! I thought Twitter was bad, at least back there I knew who the trolls, attention seekers, arseholes were. I feel like the new girl in high school.
Every degree of the zodiac is allocated a very specific symbol, called a Sabian symbol (total of 360 Sabian symbols) From what I read, each planet in your natal chart is connected to a specific Sabian symbol including the four angles: the Midheaven or
Does anybody else here enjoy this with their partner? Also, does anybody have a good knowledge on how to properly shibari?
The Sun still semi-square Venus. There seems to be a minor tension between our activities and our cooperation, love energy. Maybe what we do daily is not in harmony with our individual values. Or perhaps there may be minor obstacles in achieving the type
Gems always come back .. Whether it's a friendship or relationship .. It never fails .. At least not with me
Hey kitties, I have a huge crush on this older Leo fellow. So handsome, he makes my heart melt *sighs The thing is that he is now lovelorn over a Taurus Sun, Scorpio moon woman who kinda broke his heart. I feel bad for him and I wish I were closer to
I have a boyfriend who is a virgo. Handsome careing loves me and jas a good job. Only issues are lack of attention, he is workaholic, and brings up off tge wall topics that cause little arguments intentionally. At work i have co worker who so happens
Yes before you ask. I have an accredited degree. I want to contribute something of value. I read over 40% of adults in my country have poor literacy skills. I wasn't surprised to be honest. But culture is full of honey boo boos and shameless thin
AUDREY HEPBURN https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/ac/df/40/acdf4014f94117f35fbeb33ab8db8002.jpg Rising Aquarius Sun 13°07' Taurus Moon 6°27' Pisces Mercury 0°19' Gemini Venus 22°47' Я Aries Mars 25°09' Cancer Jupi
Are you one or do you know anyone who is vegan?
Or take it easy... How do you think positive when you can't even think straight? Who came up with this phrase? And what does it mean? When shrinks tell you that I am wondering if you just got a picture of your wife screwing your friend - would
Cmon guys, this is 2017... Someone should add a search bar in each forum. One search bar above Aries, one for Taurus, one for Gemini.... basically one advanced search bar for each sign, section of the website. you get the picture.. I would love t
It seems to control my actions in life. It even at some point always seems to make me cut someone off. I finally cut someone off awhile ago that I'd accually would want back in life the matter what the relationship was but I can't ever feel like the cookiemonster
Hello guys, A while ago I had a problem with a Virgo man. I decided to keep it cool between us, we are not together anymore but last week we went for a coffee through mutual friends. It looks like they need my help because I show up to uni more often
does anyone use them? i get it, they don't do butter for you if you don't do butter to begin with. but i think they can be useful, for me at least, when i get my butt moving i'm not ragging on fitbits..... but mine sucks. it's the chargehr, i didn't spri
What moon signs are you most attracted to & Why? I read somewhere that there are certain attractions that can't be helped. For example, as a leo moon.. I almost always find myself becoming really attracted to aries moons & a lot of my fellow leo mooners