My ‘ex’ Scorp is still living with his wife after she cheated on him and it takes toll on him visibly day by day. Cancer divorced his wife after he found out about her infidelity because he said whatever you do - it’s on the back of your brain and eats
If you hide your emotions, feelings and insecurities, is it dishonest? First of all, her fiance is hideous and I don't know what she see's in him. Second of all, what a stupid cookiemonster. How can she give a cheater a pass and then say she did because "all men cheat?" What kind of BS
Ok my long distance boyfriend and I had an argument and haven't spoken in 10 days ... We have had similar arguments b4 but usually he hangs up on me ... This time I told him he always hangs up on me and he made it point to yell good-bye and yelled hang up
Ok my long distance boyfriend and I had an argument and haven't spoken in 10 days ... We have had similar arguments b4 but usually he hangs up on me ... This time I told him he always hangs up on me and he made it point to yell good-bye and yelled hang up
maybe not just bad but also damaging to a relationship?
...who is much less attractive than you. Just remembered agreeing on a date with a guy who was shorter than me by 3in (though I like men of my height, but he was...short!) and he wore cowboy boots with heels and we had lunch and talked and I was just t
We met about a 5 weeks ago whilst travelling and slept together a couple of times. At the time I was married and in an open relationship. I have since then broke up with my husband and I still have strong feelings for this Capricorn. I am a cancer sign.
Me and my husband have been living seperately from each other since last week. I am currently staying with my grandfather until I can save up enough money to leave. I just found a job close to my grandfather's and working part-time at the moment. Before I
ladies, how do you feel when you hear your male friends say this? recently, my straight male housemate (leo sun/ gem moon) told me this, over breakfast. my other, straight, male, housemate (leo sun/ libra moon) gave me a look of sympathy, discomfort, &
We are friends (not so close) but always flirted and stared each other.. he kissed me even once, but right away I learned that he made a relationship. One day, we were together and talked about all night.. then he kissed me but I stopped him. I asked h
I'm not even going to go over how much it hurts a person, cause I think we all know it can be downright traumatic for some. But Cheaters don't seem to care anyways. So let me ask something y'all may not have considered: Have you ever stopped to think w
hi all this is the first time I post here, hope someone can give me some advice especially Vigro man or anyone who know Vigro man. We are both married and have children of our own. I know this Vigro guy a few years ago and recently related to some i
What do you ladies and men do to get over a break up ? I mean it’s tough to move on quick especially when you love the person. So any tips ? What do you usually do to get over it and you know, not think about it often?
Like they have been on a one way street forever, leading to nowhere, coming up with delusional ideas that will never work because the other person is over it, and when you tell them that... They get very angry. So you're always tip-toeing around the topic
Okay I am “seeing” someone long distance. I have been the only one To travel to see him. He is scared to fly and I’m understanding of that so I don’t mind doing the traveling. But my family and close friends are growing bitter (haven’t met him either ac
I met this capricorn guy at the office July 2017. We talked but never had a chance to work closer until November. By then he would always ask me to have coffe with him, treat me only for lunch even if we are with some other workmates. This had been a dail

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so a friend that I've known for 13 years has divorced his wife they have 2 kids she couldn't live with him anymore because he didn't have a job but at the same time she wouldn't look for work. she forced him to have children where as he was not ready for
I was doing so well and 4 weeks later he messages me telling me that I’m beautiful and he just felt like letting me know. So we spoke, and of course didn’t last long — I’m convinced it’s not me now because I’m not doing ANYTHING wrong for him to keep ru The game is simple: *I give a real life scenario (examples: award shows, stock market, sports games, tv ratings etc) *1 or 2 people take a guess and must take opposite answers to the scenario going agains
Fire signs seems to see us as weak. Earth signs seem to see us as fake. Water signs seem to see us as emotionally retard
It causes the host to incessantly talk about the person who infected you
What is the best thing about yourself that you love. Physical or not. Say your moon sun and rising!
all the women being confused by caps 😂
Hello, i just wanted to ask if year 2018 will be good for all Aries. I am 28 old in March 2018. I have my natal Saturn in Capricorn. I dont know it but maybe I already experience my saturn return ? Because of general Saturn Transit in Capricorn that st
What's your Moon sign, and what do you think your deepest need is in one sentence or question? Mine is Moon in Libra. My deepest need can be boiled down to this question: "Are we on good terms then?"
[IMG][/IMG] if we are responsible for what we do to other people and ourselves, is there a reason why we have consciences and doing good deeds and doing bad in this world? do you believe in hell and heaven when we
Post your chart... Placidus House/web default style Ask a question about any personal planet and how to you use it or why you don't use it the way you want to or whatever.. ask me some question about any one of your personals... The reading s
I have to pack for my trip tomorrow, I have work to finish and I'm here glued to my bed. I even had half a red bull so I wouldn't get sleepy but I'd rather use my energy between dxp and reading lol
What are they supposed to make you feel like? START DAY AND TIME MONDAY, 1/15/18 7PM PST (10PM EST) Roles will be distributed 15 minutes prior to game start. You will receive 2 PM's from me, the second will be your role. NIGHT: 8PM PST (11PM EST) to 8AM P
Help a girl out.. had a couple dates already and he seems pretty phenomenal.. positive, successful, funny, cute, romantic, smart... He did admit he had a drinking problem at one point so he doesn’t drink at all anymore, hasn’t in 10 years...but doesn’t