Anecdotes, observations of joy, what are they? There's enough drama, bullbutter, so and so didn't text me, 'how do I put out the least amount of connection while getting the highest return' and 'why won't they love me no matter how hard I try' junk in th
My husband is my face type. Too tall though... However living with him for 23 years I had never been attracted to another man! It could be because I liked certain type and he fit it perfectly. Lookwise... Personality came with it. Then when I've met
Ladies & gents, picture yourselves in this. The birthday of the person you love is coming up, but your relationship is not exactly "conventional". Friends and family in attendance are mostly Christian, a number of them conservative, and not even your l
Love is a battlefield 🎢. Go πŸ‘Š.
You know who you are Gemacookiemonsterass Anyways let me restart this thread serious comments only Would you allow your 17 year old to marry someone so that the individual could obtain a green card ? Why or why not?
Just kidding how do you feel about marrying someone who has practiced abstinence? Would you ever marry someone (sexually inexperienced)?
a 17 year old is marrying a 21 year old One is a natural born us citizen One is not Whatchu thinking ??!!
Spread body inflammation. I so believe this. Just because someone isn't killing you with a weapon doesn't mean they aren't slowly killing you. And they love every minute of it
i want to ask what is shut-in person be like? and what should i do if i want to make a relationship with them?
Hi, trying to get advice to give to a friend more than myself. My friend went to a Latin American country, not saying which one. But guys there well known for having multiple girlfriends. Anyway, she found a guy and married, and after two year trying to g
Hi internet strangers :) For the sake of this post, assume the following is accurate, I'm a good looking guy 6'4 Great job, basically my own boss Well travelled Very laid back Early 30's Have no problem finding women to date The problem is
Credit to @Damnata for linking this This is a game to see where it pays to either forgive, exploit and/or mirror among different approaches to relationships (of any kind). Not in terms of morality. Most of all - the best approach depends on the
And said: Hey Ryoko, I don't think that's a good idea, I'm just not totally feeling us and for that reason it's best to part ways I asked him on mothertreetrunking yesterday if he wanted to hangout today
In my experience, virgo men are the worst in the zodiac, when it comes to sex. Well in my experience anyway. Thoughts?.😊
So for the last few weeks, this random guy i barely know, keeps smiling, waving and starring at me a lot!! Infact he stares me down it's that obvious He told me after i spoke to him, he likes to meet the local people and likes the scenery i dont know if h
So me and this guy have been dating for like a year now before this we were like best friends. Its all good when we meet up, it's fun and we get along for the most part, he'l constantly make fun of me in a friendly teasing way of course and takes care of
I'm a Libra, easily dazzled and easily falls in love, well 10 years ago I swear I met the man of my dreams (Taurus). We dated for 2.5 years and I pushed him away when I went through some family crud. He dated and married another girl and they were togethe
If you're a girl, have you ever said it first, would you? If you're a guy, what would you think of the girl said it first? Mention your sun/moon sign too! Let's hear all the stories! I said it once on a TEXT during a fight πŸ™ˆ... didn't end well!
I am always approached by guys from different communities. I am attracted to them but I don't get that sense of comfort. And eventually I turn them down or just stay friends. There is a guy at work. He's from a different community and he gives major si
Tell me about it, how do you make it work? Especially if you're currently in love with someone else.
Relationships with my friend. She said u can't find a person that will be emotionally, physically, spiritually & intellectually balanced with u, that it's not possible to have all of it. I beg to differ .. what are u guys thoughts on this ?
I haven't made a topic in a while, so this is inspired by a question @CaramelizedCoffee posed to me. 1. Which do you prefer doing (cooking, cleaning, neither, or both)? 2. Which do you want/expect your partner to do? For me personally I cook all o
Something came on the tv that reminded me of someone. My great white buffalo....aka...the one that got away. I met him back in college. He was sexy. Nice body. Big lips, tall, and had a very large attribute. We never ever had sex. Made out a lot, but I
I totally am. Because I have no control when I'm in love.

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Cause I want to know. I demand to know. All the fixed sign people in my life have cheated! Except my Aqua granny. [img][/img]
I was in my local grocery store minding my own business when the store was invaded by the Joker (Heath Ledger Joker) and his gang. I witnessed him terrorizing everyone and even watched him grab this person, choke them so hard with one hand that their head
So I thought it was rare for me to learn a new word, and it is. Maybe it is for you to. I'd like to learn more, hence this thread. Please feel free to share a new word you've learned. Thanks!
Earlier today, in an unrelated post, I 'low key' mentioned the following... Posted by m200991 *Also & Unrelated* - If you happen to be one of the few that clicked on my post, and the even fewer of whom read down this far... I found a pretty cool li
I guess most of the time, a lot of people treat me kind of with respect. This is with friendships, romantic interests, bosses etc. I get along with the majority of people. Then there are certain people who treat me extremely poor for no reason. They have
If A 27 year old *male* is clapping an 18 year old *female* cheeks (sex) vs a 32 year old *male* and a 23 year old *female* clapping cheeks? Is he still an unsolicited pedo?
...with drug addictions. Any of you experience this? I have great support from my hub and others but I am curious about other people who have grown up with someone close to them deteriorating over time or relapsing over and over again. I am so sad for my
What placements are more likely to have their prayers answered? I've heard about 12th house placements, especially JΓΊpiter there...
So someone wanted to fund me money through paypal but i don't have it on my account yet how long does it take from usa to a dutch paypal account it said you've send $2,400,00 to (email) with note " i am paying for an online service i will not refu
Aquas, have you ever met or been with somebody who's trying to control you or change you the way he/she wants you to? If so, how did you deal with that?
i don't get to because I live below the equator. 😒😒😒 How beautiful is it?? or better yet post your photos etc..
If so, what's your personality? Are you ambitious, a dreamer etc
Please speak from experience or from what you've observed. Is the psices woman a little too much for him and is leo the perfect match? Aries is the first astrological sign in the zodiac, spanning the first 30 degrees of celestial longitude. Under the
You can check times here: Post some pictures from where you are if you can :) Please protect your eyes ~
So there is a coworker who has started to sniff around my orbit. Kinda like a shark, circling. The 1st time I saw him, he popped into my club meeting and played it got yet, made a name for himself. I was surprised to see him there, and I felt a tingle
What are some good ones you've seen?
Second guess yourself? I read a ton of Astro stuff that says when a cancer has a gut feeling it is usually right and so on. But I almost never go with it because it seems wrong?, im unsure so I never go with my gut. Does this describe you? Or is this an a
I've been trying to figure out this Virgo girl? We work together and I found out she liked me a while ago. She knows I also like her and we've have a bit of a flirty relationship lots of sly eye contact across the room and joky chats. Recently she add
What are the effects of having this placement?