What are yours, or do you mean what you say? Example- I don't want to ruin this...
The Nerd The Jock The Gothic The Hippy The Thug The Greaser The Preppy Yuppie The Metrosexual The Hipster
Is there a certain amount of time spent in a relationship you feel is appropriate to tell your S/O you love him/her?
Just about last week I came to my friend"s engagement party. I was super happy, thinking that this means all of her worries must have been resolved and can grasp the idea that her previous concerns were just false and she can finally believe that her bf a
You know it's really uncanny actually the extent to which people will go to disregard this emotion. We recognize literally every other emotion. Every single one sans this one. As deep, meaningful, natural, and "just the way humanity works". But jealousy i
First off I'm a Sagittarius, he's a Gemini, we have amazing chemistry. We're also both Aquarius moons so we have a close bond and really love each other deeply because we were friends before we started dating. BUT, lately he's been pissing me off quite a
What is more important to you? a.) Your Lover/ Partner b.) Your Dream/Mission on Earth c.) Both Is it true to you that too much focus/energy on one will drain the life out the other? I feel this unbalance was what has ceased anything f
I don't give a crap about Agua Taurus Virgo ...wondering why!
Aside of all the astrology, where astrology are mainly personal character and not based by their choices. I want to understand at those field based by subjective and motives. 1. A person who's unavailable (i.e. married/exclusive in monogamous relat
Just about last week I came to my friend"s engagement party. I was super happy, thinking that this means all of her worries must have been resolved and can grasp the idea that her previous concerns were just false and she can finally believe that her bf a
Women: Do you feel men should keep low vibes or Depression hidden to attract and to stay in a relationship with you? Men: Have you been with a woman that looked pass your low vibes or depression and is still there for you to this day?
Hey all. Just like your thoughts on this. One of my girlfriends met a guy on a trip. They hooked up she went home, and he went some where else. He works as a bartender and goes around the world like that. They snap each other, ask lot if sexual stuf
In this instance? 6 years ago I was hit head on by a vehicle when walking across the street. I had broken arms, legs and it took me a year and a half to recover from it. The only thing that didn't heal was an internal injury. When I tried drinking
Are you waiting for someone? Are you actively searching? Are you working on yourself? Whats your reasoning and how do you feel about it? I personally want to be single, focused on myself.... but if a certain someone were to come around I would mak
Is it ever okay your ex partners friend contacts you after you guys call it quits? What would you do in a situation like that? Im a sag i like to find out people's motives are so i only contact in a friendly manner? Is that okay ? Opinions please...
I don't. I wear plain clothes. No make up. I just have NO idea... When man come up to me and asks if I would like to go somewhere - I tell my husband! Like he just said...omg! Imagine if I wore make up? You would have to fight them all!!! So...
after this we can post a topic on why do women cheat? why are there men who have beautiful women like Halle Berry and Shania Twain, they still went off with other women cheating?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_3J8qKm2ao&gl=FR
Not really to do with relationships but misc forum is weird. I'm not entirely sure what I want to ask so I'm hoping to bounce around some dialogue until I can come to my own resolution. If your team is efficient and productive, how much of their pe
This is real... Gf's were discussing. Everything from "if he treats me well" to " money/type of stability, "loyalty" got thrown out... What y'all think?
I had heard many times lately when your partner is sick you prefer not being near. I am shocked because why are you even together if they are sick you move back to parents or out anywhere? Is it new generation crap? I know he is sick - I would undress
I will post the synastry and composite charts after i explain. so, i've been in a relationship for almost 2 years. it's a good relationship. he isn't bad to me and i know he'd never hurt me or leave me. he loves me and i am his first gf and everything els

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So the media and the internet's got this thing where they criticize HK women for "worshiping money, being narcissistic and having Princess Syndrome" and I thought to myself.. I'm sure other countries and cultures have their own set of women with such char
Hello everyone. I met my Pisces man almost 3 and a half years ago online. We are from the same country but he lives overseas because he was finishing his Masters. When we first met, we talked for hours every single day and he would initiate the convers
Difficulty feeling loved Hidden artistic and/or musical talents or interests Being too ‘nice’ as a form of self-undoing Placing a strong value on compassion and sympathy Problems with balance, hearing, or the throat (Venus rules
I was reading an article where the autor said that people with Venus/Neptune placements have a glamorous image...What does it mean?
I have Saturn (R) and Moon in my 10th house. Moon in 11° Sagittarius Saturn in 19° Sagittarius (R) What are the effects of this combo ?
I am having a very rough Saturn Return. My career and my love has been turned upside down. Currently i am facing the fear of losing my long love girlfriend of 10 years. Please guide. Sun in 23° Taurus Moon in 11° Sagittarius Mercury in 2° Gemini
I have a Capricorn brother who is 17 years older than me. I'm 31, he's 48. When I was majoring in math in uni, he roasted me for being unintelligent in front of everyone. It was merciless and went on for years. I saw him twice a week (at my mom's house) f
Tried on my partner's cologne that I absolutely love on him. Surprisingly it smells great on me too. I haven't found the perfume for me yet, but it seems his cologne is what I'm looking for. Have any of you ladies wore men's cologne before? (Just a
Hi! Momentarily date or romantically interact with me and you are sure to find your soulmate soon after! Does anyone else experience this? I feel as though everyone I've romantically interacted with has found someone special and it's always right afte
Any other Aquas been in a daze lately? I feel like I've been living on a distant star all week not at all in touch with Earth. And when I finally ventured out, my energy felt anxious/awkward. I read something about the current planetary energy promoting a
Hey guys, im new here and I would like some help with my relationships. Im trying to better myself and have better relationships with women in particular. My Sun is Pisces(Hell yeah), Moon is Aquarius and Ascendant is Sagg. Ive heard its a pretty rare
I'm so in love with him. I just want to shout it from the rooftops, sing and dance in the rain, squeeze every ounce of love I have for him and give it to him, and just thank the universe for blessing me the opportunity during this lifetime to experience s
Honestly, you guys are the best even if there are flaws that get under people's (not mine's though) skin. Why did I add that negative to a positive? Idk why, call me a Capricorn. But seriously, I couldn't live without my Pisces brother or without the Pisc
I've finally done it. Blocked the Scorp from everything after sending a final message, "Don't contact me. I'm done" I'd like to move on from this toxic Scorpio and at the same time give that sign another chance. What are common places that Scorpio'
Is this a scoprio specialty? I have heard many people told me that they had an instant connection with me (I got stopped by strangers on the street a lot as well). Today I was talking to a new guy online whom I just began talking yesterday and he commente