• Am I friendzoned?

    Hey there, I have been friends with this girl for a while now and I have recently developed some feelings towards her. I'm picking up signals that suggest she likes me (glances at me constantly in group scenarios, always talking via text and when I see
  • Leo Man broke up with libra woman

    Leo - August 20th Libra - oct 5th Leo said no more connections and not to have any contacts . Will he ever come back . I am a Libra woman married with a kid and I met the Leo man in my work place and he is married with two kids . He wanted to have a re
  • Can someone attempt to help me understand a TAURUS man

    I have never been involved with a Taurus man (April 22 birthday) and am SO hurt and CONFUSED!!! Any suggestions will help at this point..This is sort of a long story but I will try to brief everything as much as possible...6 months ago He came to my house
  • Is he just taking me as a friend ?

    So me and this guy been hanging out and keep in touch for few months. Most of the time, he is the one who texted me first and also been double texting me ( we will have goodnight and morning text but not everyday ). He also asked me out for hiking, wanna
  • Leo’s that push away

    It appears when I get know a Leo they always push away, we get along fine, then they push me away, kind of hurtful
  • Saying I love you...

    during sex... Thoughts? and what is wrong with me that I find it creepy/corny/goofy ? It can't be an intimacy thing because we are more intimate than most will ever dream of being.
  • Birthday expectations?

    What is yours from your significant other? Are you happy with nothing?Just a card? Are you upset if its a late prezzie? Do you want the full shabang, surprise party, cake, out to dinner, gift? What's your needs/wants for your bday?