Flirting with a new guy/girl (MEN please answer too)

By pooface222May 29, 2021 8:32am — 59 replies
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Friend hooking me up. Are we compatible?
A friend wants to hook me up with her neighbour. She believes we could be a good match, but .... Are we compatible when it comes to astrology? I still have not talked to him or met him, and I am so hesitant. It's the first time for me to be in such situa
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There's so many terms out there...can you 1am call?
Me and Gem broke up.
You guys will be glad to see the back of my post on here 😅 sorry I have been a pain in the ass I am good at giving adivce not at taking it as some of you know. I went to see her last night spoke about everything she told me her problems. She can't move
Online dating is comparable to ...
Surfing Napster/LimeWire, finding a good song, only to find out that you just downloaded a virus.
He offered to go take care of his ex who has fallen ill,an ex that he wanted to marry?
We started seeing each other in February. He lives 10 hours away but his family lives in the same city as me. He came up to be with his family that he hasn’t seen in almost 6 months for Mother’s Day. He is planning on staying for 2 weeks, so we’ve made pl
Help me understand this..
Why does a guy connect (not sure what word to use here) with you. Text/talk/share their stories but never 100%? Yes, I know you’ll say they aren’t all that into you and that’s fine but what do they get out of just keep you hanging there... What are the
I am a Leo woman who talked to this Virgo guy from another country accidentally on a club call with him sharing his childhood. We have been talking for 5 months and I developed my feelings 4 months already. This is killing me, because I do need to know if
Taking a break from a relationship
Do you notice if there are any signs who do better/ worse with relationship breaks? Do some tend to actually come back and rebuild a relationship/ use the break as the start of a break up more than others?
How long were you with someone before living together?
Do you think its better to wait? Or depends on the person/relationship - if you feel it go for it? I am more cautious and I fear living with SO will water down a relationship No time to miss them, too much time together?? I also value alone time a lot
Blue/Green family having brown eye’d child
Could anyone let me know if they seen this before : Moms side: Grandparent #1 blue eyes Grandparent #2 green eyes Dads side: Grandparent #1 blue eyes Grandparent #2 brown eyes (this one is a toss up.. could be green but don’t know for sure) Mom - blue