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By pisceanlovesSeptember 6, 2021 2:56pm — 136 replies
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When do you give up the deets??
so i ve been out of the internet dating game well the dating game altogether but i was wondering when do you share your personal information with someone you re interested in how early on and how can you ever be sure they are phishing i m so para
Taurus man is difficult to get to know
i know this site is known for smirky but i m looking for solid responses been seeing a taurus man for 5 months he has kids one at home all the time other 2 gone we live less than 90 min away and usually just spend a day together on the weekend its
So the winners of Love Island are a Sag woman and a Leo man
millie and liam my astrology theory has gone down the toilet think those two are legit into each other liam needs to follow the footsteps of tom brady and tim tebow get himself a cancer woman
What age does a guy have to be max in order for the woman chasing him to be a "Cougar"?
they say cougars are older women that go for younger men what is the maximum age a guy can be for her to be a cougar versus just a woman going for another guy
A theory on why Leos and Sags love each other so much
as a leo guy the sign i match with a lot on dating apps and attract into my life are sagittarius women my first kiss was a sag lost my virginity to a sagittarius woman 15 years my elder and in my wild years of messing around i noticed that whenever i
Attracting the same element but not the same sign as you in dating, anyone else?
leo guy here love leo women and am so happy finally dating one but before her and even now here is what i noticed aries and sagittarius women came on the strongest and i ended up dating a few it was sagittarius women for one night stands and casual
Libra boyfriend thinks I’m selfish if I don’t loan him money
hi i feel so ashamed posting this i know i should ve dumped my libra man a long time ago but i m stupid and i have forgiven him many times since i sincerely love him but i don t think he loves me at all he is really bad with his finances and the first
Modern dating/relationship issues
illusion of too many options making some people feel like they deserve the best of the best so they keep swiping left whilst complaining no one is good enough constantly looking for that surreal spark right from the beginning only to find out it means
Rate 18+: How to get an Aries woman to commit? What do I do next?
so i matched with this one aries gal stellium but with a leo moon she has that dark haired gal gadot look going for her a couple months ago we have been regularly seeing each other every week but i try for a few times a week if i can because she is a
If a guy is 31 and his girlfriend is 45, is that a big age difference?
like would it count as one of those cougar and cub relationships