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I read somewhere today that being around or abused by a narcissist elevates cortisol and causes wide
spread body inflammation i so believe this just because someone isnt killing you with a weapon doesnt mean they arent slowly killing you and they love every minute of it
what in shut-in person
i want to ask what is shut-in person be like and what should i do if i want to make a relationship with them
What are your sexual desires
just kidding how do you feel about marrying someone who has practiced abstinence would you ever marry someone sexually inexperienced
Do i stand a chance with this guy ?? please help a leo chic out
so for the last few weeks this random guy i barely know keeps smiling waving and starring at me a lot infact he stares me down its that obvious he told me after i spoke to him he likes to meet the local people and likes the scenery i dont know if h
opinions on this guy? Good or bad?
so me and this guy have been dating for like a year now before this we were like best friends its all good when we meet up its fun and we get along for the most part hel constantly make fun of me in a friendly teasing way of course and takes care of
Anyone here still friends with their first love?
tell me about it how do you make it work especially if youre currently in love with someone else
Cooking, Cleaning, Neither, Both?
i havent made a topic in a while so this is inspired by a question caramelizedcoffee posed to me 1 which do you prefer doing cooking cleaning neither or both 2 which do you want expect your partner to do for me personally i cook all o
Advice need on an emotional affair...
im a libra easily dazzled and easily falls in love well 10 years ago i swear i met the man of my dreams taurus we dated for 2 5 years and i pushed him away when i went through some family crud he dated and married another girl and they were togethe
Virgo men, rubbish at sex.
in my experience virgo men are the worst in the zodiac when it comes to sex well in my experience anyway thoughts
Are we even exclusive? Should I just forget him?
i really need help i can t believe its gotten to this point and this might long but here goes i met this guy on okc and he was quick to ask to switch numbers and communicate offline during this time he asked texted everyday after work even though he wa