Relationships with an Aquarius…

By Brickhouse27January 12, 2022 8:56pm — 7 replies

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let me preface this post with the fact that i am not cheating on or with anyone i am currently single but just questioning and possibly reevaluating my view on monogamy i grew up being given a black and white view on it cheating is bad and the cheater
Is bed sex the best sex?
consider it research leave your inner placements and houses
the exchange of doing household chores for sex let s just say any acts of service in exchange for sexual favors eg fixing a laptop moving heavy furniture simple car maintenance i overheard a conversation the other day discussing cleaning the bathr
The Gem Reached out
so i had a message on new years eve from the gem two text messages and 1 message on whatsapp obviously hoping i got the message she text me saying happy new year i wish you the best year for 2022 so i replied saying thank you same to ypu but my p
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any libra men capricorn women famous couples or on dxp spill the tea please
What Should I do?
i got into a thing with my friend long story short i dropped him as a friend for my betterment to over him because i have feelings and he is seeing someone i didn t like how things ended should i try to reach out partly some of this is my fault i do
Merry Christmas everyone
it s christmas eve here in australia 6 30pm we ll hit christmas before most of you have an awesome christmas day with your families stay safe and hope you all get what you wish for
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so me and a buddy are going to a new years party in la he mentioned it in passing to a female friend who then wanted to come along with another of her friends and share a room with us ive only met the female friend a few times but she does drink an
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ever tried it