Thoguths on being love within 3/4 weeks

By Centaur12March 29, 2022 4:50pm — 32 replies
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cringy things you've said/done to people while in love (venus sign?)
the cringiest thing ive ever said to sag s o was that i don t want to live in a world where he doesn t exist when he gets cremated i wanna be burned in the same coffin with him if he ever gets shot i wanna be shot at the same time or if that s not p
the harmful mentality that everything is expendable...
does anyone else think that the everything is expendable mentality is harming relationships and human connections i was up last night thinking about how a lot of us nowadays would rather throw away something than to fix whatever is broken as tec
Friends and sex talk
i know this question can come up and everyone has a different opinion so i am wondering if you are talking about sex with someone of the opposite sex can you be just friends and by talking i mean on the phone and in person discussing what you like doing
Group Work Dynamics- Aries, Taurus, Gemini, & Pisces
my study group in law school is excellent yesterday we met and were talking about birthdays i noticed we each represent one of the elements i am the oldest and an aries i have been the one making the suggestion like meeting three times a week to go
Dating someone with kids
would you do it if you had no kids i have always not been judgmental of this i wouldn t want to be judged for it if it were me i am in a relationship with someone with 3 kids been talking for 5 months kinda dated on and off but officially in a r
Being Second Choice
this relates to love is blind show a man proposed to a woman woman say no man proses to another woman woman says yes it was messy and uncomfortable to watch however i m sure there have been countless times where i was not someone s first choice fo
Valentine’s day ideas 👀❤️
what are you giving your so this year i don t celebrate it but i still want to make it special share yours if you got did anything looking for ideas lol
i want to know am i in the wrong for dating the aries while being in a friendship with the gemini as this is what the gemini told me we was she told me for months we arent together when i was trying to confirm a relationship with her and we are only frie
Relationships with an Aquarius…
is it normal for aquarius to be hot and cold then just be so on point for a couple days it s surprising when i say that i mean communication on point and starting to show more emotions can anyone elaborate