What hurts a man's pride?

Just curious. What types of things hurt a man's pride in a new relationship? How does a woman avoid doing this?
from Southern Diva
Just curious. What types of things hurt a man's pride in a new relationship? How does a woman avoid doing this?
" Scorpio"
"don't really see you or treat you as a man."

Gttommy, will you define that, please?...How so? How not to?
usually a good kick to the nuts will do the trick..lol
hell- I wouldnt know- I cant even figure them out LOL
"heart breaker, heart broken, selfish, lovely, anything i do accept you want to
gemfox: well written.
from Southern Diva
"You can hurt a man when you don't act proud of him or
honored to be his girl. It may also hurt them if you
don't believe in them or have faith in what they stand

And I can understand this. But there are some men out there who expect you to be proud of being their girl when in fact they are not stepping up to the plate and being the man that they need to be. They expect to be able to behave in any old way and still expect the girl to say "I'm proud to be your girl". Why should a girl give a guy that kinda of credit and security when he's not doing what he needs to do? So I guess my questions is more centered around being proud to be his girl but at the same time not allowing HIM to get comfortable in this idea to were he stops putting forth the effort. Am I making any sense?

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