What would you do?

By Reciprocity8March 2, 2019 12:53am — 36 replies
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The Reason I Have Not Been In a Committed Relationship
is because i feel like im waiting on somebody and i dont tell nobody this but i keep having these reoccurring dreams or should i say - this reoccurring person in my dreams thats a woman i tried to talk about it before over the summer but s
A Chip
why do males and females constantly use sex as a method of control do people seriously have no idea how to make love or be inmate with each other anymore its all about seeing how long you can withhold it from someone only doing it when its earne
To all the women here...
to all the women here would you date man that has severe depression
Ladies, would you...
choose a man that is a bit dumb shallow over an intelligent man because he has a bigger ego
what constitutes cheating for you clarify if its within the context of dating in a relationship or marriage
Is Sadness a turn off
should it be hidden
Should you feel happy?
so my co-worker said something very interesting today about how she s feeling it got me thinking about how d i react wanted to discuss this with the ladies my co-worker was dating her bf for eight years most of her friends got proposed to by their b
What if 20 Somethings Are All There Are...
available to date if youre in your 30s or the late 30s most 30 something females in my area are taken and if not they usually are single parents i dont have kids and am not entirely sold on being a step parent no matter how desperate i am to date
Why would a girl change the caption from instagram pic....?!?!
so this girl took a photo of me and her when i wasnt looking about 5 years ago and the caption used to read last night with my boo and i just realized today when i was scrolling through her old photos she changed it to last night with boo boo
5 Things Happy Couples Do on Vday
1 they express their feelings whether it s a hand-written card or simply an email expressing their love people in happy relationships take the time to let their partner know how much they matter to them says syrtash especially on valentine s day