Which is harder?🤔

Which one is harder? Moving on? Starting over? Letting go? Response + sun & moon & mars Moving on - Gemini & cancer & pisces
Which one is harder?
Moving on?
Starting over?
Letting go?

Response + sun & moon & mars

Moving on - Gemini & cancer & pisces
Isn't letting go and moving on kinda the same?
Hmmm...interesting question! It's not as though any of those stages are mutually exclusive, but if I had to pick one id say 'letting go'. It just seems most chronologically sensible/accurate!

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Mars: Aqua
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Letting go.
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Posted by Timon
Isn't letting go and moving on kinda the same?

Nope. "Letting go" (out fishing and you caught a "puny" fish; unhook it and drop it back in the water...let it go)..."Moving on" (get back on boat and move to another "hot" fishing spot)

cyber hugs!



PS: NOW to answer the question: None. I'm optimistic. I LOVE love!
Starting over.
Virgo sun, Aries moon, Cancer mars.
I'd have to say, Letting go.

I can't truly start over or move on without letting go. That is not to say I don't take action steps to move forward. It can easily appear to outsiders as though I'm perfectly fine and have put it all behind me, but usually letting go is the last thing to happen for me.

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Letting go would have to be the toughest for me. I tend to have a hard time letting go of things I'm attached or used to having in my life

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Moving on - try to going ahead ( your action), letting go- let go of something( not moving you, just let - action it not yours- )
I love to smile. I'm a happy little treetrunker
Letting go / moving on.

If you were such a great deal for me, it will took me a very long time to do butter like that. Prolly years.

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Letting go (but only if I was attached deeply)

Aqua sun
Cap moon
Sag mars

treetrunk people I let go in a second lol after I got all angry about myself
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Lettung go/moving on

Libra sun Leo moon Aries mars
Posted by Arki
Which one is harder?
Moving on?
Starting over?
Letting go?

Response + sun & moon & mars

Moving on - Gemini & cancer & pisces

Aren't they all the same thing?

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Letting go till you realize your only hurting yourself

Sun Scorpio Moon Pisces Mars Capricorn

On a side note wonder why people don't mention Saturn, even if it's a slow planet it can also have influence no?
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