Who's more faithful hypothetically?

By RamOfPeaceJanuary 18, 2016 5:54pm — 13 replies

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Men are hunters
by nature i hear this a lot here and there older women with significant successful experience let the younger population know that a woman must not let a man catch conquer figure her out completely and always keep the 5-10 in the shadows otherwise
i love tampering with double-meaning heh my bf and i celebrated out monthaversary this past tuesday cheesy i know it consisted of us being around each other as we usually are except he arrived at my door with a bouquet of flowers what i
Why girls should ask guys out
trigger happy fingers anywho shes a leo and i agree with her please watch before commenting she brings up good points i read somethings not to long ago where women have significantly lower self esteem than men no surprise there and its even
Would you date a girl who has rejected you in the past?
this guy had a thing for me i tried to apologize but he blew me off because hes so angry i might see him in a few months would he give me a chance or should i be scared that hell take advantage of me out of spite he can be spiteful and petty
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are there no good men left geesh share some good love stories here please they will serve as inspiration and motivation thank you
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i will try to keep this short but its a scorpio matter im an aquarius woman and ive been back and forth for 2 years with my scorpio we dated 2x had periods of fwb had a period of 7 mths with no contact at all and reconnected but since then w
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one of my friends told me there are some man who dont like strong and clever woman what do you think it can be true and if yes why
Low self esteem in relationships?
can you honestly deal with people of this nature in a relationship i find it hard to deal with them when theyre too insecure and its hard to want to be with them when theyre insufferable whiny or need to be coddled and reassured all the time it get
The best way to get rid of a Ex Sag male?
i cut mines off completely hes annoying wish things could be different i was trying to find a post that i had seen that was related but im new to this site and still exploring