Your fairy tale of lies makes me want to ride faster and faster...
starting to realize that i really don't give a flying treetrunk about a lot of things... (H)
So I was dating a Sag guy for about 5-6 months. He lives out of state so it didn't bother me is being apart bc I fell for him. He would always promise to send for me to come see him or for us to have a meet up vacation for the two us but never did. Things
Hi all, I just met a sag few days ago and he already saying he wants to marry me, it sounds like he is so easy could say this to any girls.. we spent those few days everyday while he was here, I felt like he wanted to spend all his time with me he even pu
We've been together for 14 months and I found out that he is secretly married for 4 months and prior to that have been engaged since 2 years ago. When he found out I knew, he sent texts/ calls me everywhere asking me to forgive him while I flat out ignore
I dont like ultimatums, hate if ppl do it to me and never did it to anyone If I well recall. But my Sagg seems to react to them. If he is distant or behaving like an ass and I call him out on it, he comes back nice and sweet. This week I told him to st
Hi all, a sagittarius I became fwb with 1 month ago. Has recently declared feelings for me, after he left the job we both worked at. His exact words were, : we can date now , I don't work there anymore" and I said okay. he was taken back. I'm surprised b
I wish I had a water moon instead, preferably in Pisces or Scorpio. What the hell does a Saggie moon even do for me? What is it supposed to do for me? I don't have a love for traveling. And as far as personal freedom goes, isn't that what everybody else s
name a few differences that you've noticed between a November and a December Sagittarius...
Hey, my dog recently passed away and he was born on december 17 with a sun in third decan sag and a cancer moon. I'm completely distraught because he was euthanized behind my back and i have no idea what it means for a sag to die with dignity. I loved him
aaaand she's a sag, of course.
fire in my chart 🔥 and Air 🌬 Also Aries Asc. what would you share on this thread about Sag dominant people?
My fellow archers, tell me something. How long have you guys been single? (Those taken, good for you.) Dammit, after my Gem, I just can't seems to find her in anyone else, ain't no matter how I've tried. I'm not looking at the moment, but I'll have
I have recently started dating my Sag for a lil over 4 months now and things have been going great. We have had our arguments, but squashed it and moved on. However, this last time was here goes. My Sag was playing a game on my phone a
For an interview later she told me we cant be together because i wont ride around in my car with her to look for weed...she said i was a punk..i hate my life
I read all the time that Sagis are supposed to be especially lucky in life. Just wondering if this is true for anyone
Roll around with just anybody, shows low self esteem and that's a turn of to me... anyone who can relate ?
Name an underrated match that you find work well together....
So I'm a Scorpio Sun Sag Moon Venus in Scorpio. He's a Sag Sun Aries Moon Venus in Scorpio. We met and hit it off instantly although I felt no sexual attraction for him initially-- he was interesting to say the least. He would text me everyday starting
Me: Libra sun Cancer rising Scorpio moon Her: Sagittarius sun Capricorn rising Cancer moon Powerful Opposite - complementary rising signs... Very compatible Sun and Moon signs..
What r the signs when sag men ready for a serious relationship? How will they treats a girl?

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ended with a confusing cancer man just to date 2 more men to find out they're both cancer. I'm either living in a weird sector of the population or they is something attracted about these 2 signs thoughts?
Triple booked my property back home, drama with the bf, ex been msging. Thank God i'm booked to travel on the 10th for 6 weeks-I need it!
For those of you who think its hard, cheers! -If we said we would rather be friends its because WE WOULD LIKE TO BE FRIENDS (space is needed, you know that whole space makes the heart fond, yeah that b*tter works) -We live in our own heads and hearts so Y
How do they differ? could/would this relationship work? (Strictly sun sign)
9 times out of 10 I get those crazy urges but after a pep talk I regain control and stick to my promise. Do what works for you!!!
I miss all the women who never gave me a chance
1 beautiful drug free woman to marry for the rest of my life .all i want
I have noticed all the taurus venus people I know have this sexy ass look in their eyes, or maybe its just attractive to me (cap venus) I especially love an aries sun with a taurus venus, amazing thoughtful, wild lovers. What are your favs venus sign e
@dxpnet Deal with this butter. I don't want to have to start a campaign like I did with "Stop the Blocks". The impersonation of other users is intolerable and needs to be dealt with. The new users being hidden for however treetrunking long it is, isn't hel
Am I being too sensitive and prideful? Stupid sob story: My closest girl (Scorpio) friend was not there for me when I (Aqua) needed her the most. And I rarely feel like I NEED people to be there for me. Our friendship flourished because I was ther
I'm on episode 11.....
treetrunk... I've been on this site since I was 18. WTF?! She is beautiful, and have a really great body, also smart woman and creatife But she has no luck in her personal life (love life) why ? I love her
I love my mom. But I need to break free. I come to her bat when anyone hurts her.... But she uses me as her puppet, too. My dad is solid. But my mom, she is broken and wounded and I need to break free from her but I don't know how when I see her a
What does that mean? Having one??? Having a strong personality seems like a weakness in this beta world. Discuss