We all know Sagittariuses are open and happy and social and light hearted and all that stuff. But what I find in common with all of them, myself included, is that Sags don't not open up easily or a lot emotionally. This means we engage, spend time with
Saggie her with a Taurus. 2 years and a learning curve. just curious how your ralationships are going. challenges? common arguments? Likes? dislikes? someone told me that longest is 4 years and I wanna hope to prove that wrong.
Okay so my bestfriend who I’ve known for 6 years is a Sagittarius(man) and I’m a Cancer(woman), he’s always had a crush on me and I had one too but short term, I actually see ourselves marrying because he’s such a gentleman and really caring and affection
Hello people, I will write what happened between me and mr.gemini .. I know that His life is so hard, and I could not help him, not anymore, it was hard for me to stay with him as my opposite, and as my lover, but I will always love him no matte
I don't know if this goes to all of the Sagittarius men but I keep witnessing this happening when you're in a relationship with a Sagittarius guy. With my ex-boyfriend, I wasn't allowed to be hanging out with male friends that were close to me or knew
A sag guy I dated back then sent me a message today and in the conversation he asked if i was seeing anyone. I said I was. He sent me the following: If he’s a nice boy then he has my approval. Cos actually you were so cool and I had fun meeting you tha
When do Sagittarius know they found their soulmate ? What requires to be the soulmate of a Sagittarius Since i'm with a sagg you probably think why you even ask i always like to dig deeper and i wanna know more then i already know.
Idk, I just felt like instead of flooding the front page with all my music I'll just make a thread in the Sag forum for whoever wants to listen/join in! :D Starting with a throwback that makes me wanna dance every time I hear it. https://youtu.be/jv
If a Sagittarius is mad at you, as a friend, would they talk badly to others about you? Or would they just give informatory stories to others?
I started to act based on my feelings and mood recently. I have never done this before and it feels so nice and liberating. I feel like myself after a very long time. Do you do this too?
Literally all of my Sagittarius friends are cheating on their significant other. I have never known a Sagittarius to not cheat on their partner. What's the deal?
I'm very curious about knowing what the experience has been in this dynamic. There's one sag girl I met years ago and I was intensely attracted to her from day one--lust aside. We meet often to dine and shoot the breeze. We click very easily which is rare
I’m an aries female. He’s a Sagittarius male (scorpio cusp...24/11). Things are mostly absolutely amazing. Some glitches with clash of wills... but the big thing is this sag wants to commit... wants to move in together ... and has for a while... wants me
So sadly, I've noticed I don't attract fire or air signs to me anymore and it really bums me out :( It's always ( caps, cancers, scorpio's and pisces ) which I have no interest in ANYMORE. It's crazy a feel like a few years back I attracted more
Questions for Sagittarius, what kind of signs do you attract ? And what signs are you attracted to? Could be as friends or romantic partner :)
I don't get how it would work, sags seem real spontaneous, gets bored easy, needing the next adventure. Where me as a Libra is not spontaneous, I do get bored but I can always read a book, get online, make a phone call. My sag friend said when he is bored

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Except you @Antisocial we know you're a fan. *warning: Taurus may may take a while to respond, be patient.
New story. New guy. Aquarius (what else). No feelings. He knows it. I feel like cheating on myself. Ugh!
Or the other way around, you going out with your so and his/her friends? Asking cuz my dude says he's at his peak when he's out with his friends AND me ,but I dont actually feel that awesome at their company.
Let's try to contain this all to one thread.. How did he hurt you?
Hello there: I’m new to the zodiac, I’m a cancer andost of my friends are. I read recently on more than one website that cancer men were emotional, they sulk, they smother women, and they are protective, and not compatible with air signs or fire signs
What are the benefits? How often do you check it? Idk if I have anything worthwhile to post on Instagram or Snapchat... Curious to know why many people use it!
I have no idea what got into me but I signed up for tinder. Date #1- Gemini (ugh lol)- witty conversation, hot, seemed nice. We hung out for about an hour but there was something about him that I couldnt help feeling like we had met before or I know h
How much do you relate? "Midheaven in Pisces Your destiny is commensurate with your indecisive but flexible and adaptable nature. Indeed, you are able to fit well in nearly any circle provided that rigour, precision, and competition do not prevail. Si
Hi I’m Scorpio women... so the situation is like - I met this Virgo man on a dating site... he hd gone through divorce n was looking to settle down again... n I hd been through really bad breakup and wanted to settle in serious relationship too... we both
The Moon 🌝 You're probably not too surprised that you're led by the Moon, because you're so intuitive! The Moon isn't a planet; it's the Earth's own satellite, and just as it stays close to 'Mother Earth,' you tend to stay close to your loved ones. You
My leo man was very warm and affectionate at the beginning of the relationship however, now i feel like he doesn’t care at all. I will be very honest I have “fairytale” mindset about love, everything right all the time but I do understand that it can also
I realized I can spot Caps so easily now from just few characteristics about people and it always turned out to be accurate! Weather it was some I talked to online, person I observed or someone I watch documentary about. Lately I saw 2 documentaries about
I like the Air - Water combination. I like the mixture of the sharp mind, detached personality with a deep, unbreakable, unspoken emotional connection.
Pisces vs Virgo Which one you get along with the most?
DAILY after 6 months... Long story short, he got distant while we were dating and I got tired of it so we mutually ended it. However, he checks my instagram everyday, several times a day. Why? When I asked him why we can’t just be friends, he s
Happy Birthday Season to all the fiery pioneers! What would the zodiac be without such perfect leaders to kick off a new cycle, a new zodiac year. Have a ferocious and blessed birthday. 💗 P.S. I know I’m a bit early. Sun doesn’t move into aries til
Im a leo male, i believe my moon sign is Pisces. My partner is a gemini and moon should be Capricorn. Our dating phase was magnificent, we thought that we were soul mates and after a few months being together we decided to live together. we did that f