I just ran across an old Sag on the Facespace. Ha. Or his wife, rather. We dated for a summer, but he was a super alcoholic and it fizzled away. Dude totally fell off the map. Anyway. Wife and I have a mutual friend and I totally Scorp mooned em. lol
My friend, Sag from 25/11 with Virgo moon and Sag rising, shared a video of an anti-rape underwear for women. I commented: "well, your face is enough of an anti-rape lol" Yes, she's ugly but she has other qualities... And I was joking! She hasn't re
I have to give credit where credit is due. I have to say that you guys make good loyal friends. I wouldn't go near a sag male for a relationship ever again (I'm hoping my last destination is my Taurus bf) but I have a sag male friend and he is loya
So me and my Sag guy were doing well!!! We talked on the phone everyday and FaceTime. I started falling head first for this man. He is a little older than me. He is a November Sag (27th). I believe he has Venus in Scorpio. I am a Taurus with Aries in Venu
I have this sag friend that I have known for around 5 years. He is a lot older than me but had been single for a while. We have a really awesome connection considering that I am a gem. In fact, he said the same thing and that we enjoy the same things toge
I'm quacking done with: Libra Virgo Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Cancer as of today! lmfao! dead ass!
So I started working with this sag guy just over a year ago. We flirted like crazy, made each cry with laughter & got close. Anyway cut a long story short we decided to spend new year together he admitted he'd been single 10 years ( I mean REALLY single
Have a good friend I've been hanging with for a few months. Eventually, drinks happened and we made out and almost slept together until her boyfriend called (long story--but that relationship already has a tombstone waiting for it). First time we're o
Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Aries The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces the ultimate in energy and pioneering spirit. You are apt to work hard for the common good so long as it advances your own personal ambitions and satisfies y
when commiting yourselves to a relationship?
Curious to know each ... Thanks 1. Aquarius: low key my soul mate 2. Capricorn ( once get past each other differences) 3. Libra ( peaceful and loving people)
I have a very close friend of mine that I've been friends with for about 5 years now. She is a Sag and I realized the other day no matter how long we go without talking and when I do my disappearing act she is always there. We have always flirted with eac
In your experience, are geminis or sags more commitment phobic? Or which one is flightier? :O
This butter is all over DXP. I know, ive written a few threads myself. After reading the virgo push/pull thread, i real
Hello my fellow sagittarians! :D I'm just curious as to what would be a big deal breaker for you? Because for me it's clinginess and bad sex. Like i can really like someone, but if the sex is bad and i find myself rolling my eyes 🙄.... it's over. You'
Kind of a funny way this all came about. I have known this sag guy for many years, he was best friends with my now ex husband. My ex and I split (he did some pretty awful things) and I was the one wounded up keeping most of our mutual friends in the d
It seems like the world got us quacked up. lmao. Before diving head first into a relationship with or sag or even if you find yourself interested in pursuing a sag, there are things we want you to know. Feel free to add to the list (My fellow sagittar
I dont like ultimatums, hate if ppl do it to me and never did it to anyone If I well recall. But my Sagg seems to react to them. If he is distant or behaving like an ass and I call him out on it, he comes back nice and sweet. This week I told him to st
How was the experience like? Are still together if not what happen. Thanks. ❤️
What's your favorite mercury sign?

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Weird. We had a mutual decision about he breakup. He didntwant to have kids, divorce his ex and all so we broke up. The other night sent him a message to ask about my house key because he did not return it after we broke up. Its the inly thing he didn
I have Saturn conjunct Sun in Pisces in the 5th house. I've been trying to understand this damn aspect for sooooo long, but I'm getting a million and one DIFFERENT descriptions. Whoever has this aspect AND/OR knows something about it, share a little of yo
Virgo man advice please !!!!! Hey so I'm a Pisces woman that has been seeing this Virgo man for a month now. We met at a party, where we shared this intense but awkward eye contact moment. I approached him and he asked for my number stating that he liked
I'm an aries and my boyfriend is a scorpio and we are about to take our final exams. He doesn't feel confident with them at all, and he is too lazy to study. He says it's too late for him to start, he already feels like he lost his chance because he didn'
I hv a pretty interesting story. I hope you will enjoy it and give me some helpful feedback. I currently work in a foreign country, of arabic origin. Im in a creative field and l hv a management position. My boss, who is younger with 6 years than me, is
I have to give credit where credit is due. I have to say that you guys make good loyal friends. I wouldn't go near a sag male for a relationship ever again (I'm hoping my last destination is my Taurus bf) but I have a sag male friend and he is loya
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VU5dexDTXE8 I am not in it but the feels! https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/7a/76/65/7a7665a6fda56f564d3f564d90b38763.jpg
I'm not talking inspired by, or looking up to someone else, I'm talking full blown silence of the lamb butter, trying to do everything exactly alike including hair, clothes, SKIN TONE, PHRASES, PICTURES, MANNERISMS... trying to be someone else in a weird wa
Can somebody please tell me from this video if I'm inside or outside the dxp clique? https://youtu.be/VU5dexDTXE8
The idea is simple, you will mention what traits of the sign mentioned you love and hate and why, after that you mention a Sign for the next user... Example: Taurus Hate: Laziness and the materialistic mindset especially when its the sun or venus
as a proven guru of face reading and the original aesthetic king of dxp, I am in a charitable mood today. I will read your face in terms of aura, personality and fortune. As an international male model with insider secrets out the ying yang, I can c
Or do you dance like a goofy person in heat? Do you ever dance even though you CAN'T dance? lmfao. If you can dance, do you dance all seriously like you're doing full on choreography like a crazy person? :P Explain your dancing ways ~ https://ww
Wondering if this would produce two people who had similar "love languages" and went at the same pace, or a total disaster of chasing and backing off. I only recently met this guy, but AGAIN he's got a damn Scorpio Moon (last two guys I've dated over
I feel like caps have an effect of being a good influence to certain people and bring out threat truth in a person and that's amazing
https://www.dxpnet.com/opinion/miscellaneous/what-ego-death-actually-is-7926165/ I got to page 2 and realized I was losing the ability to do simple math. Read it to your own peril.
What's up with Taurus moon/Scorpio sun combo chooses Scorpio sun women? is it the Mars too and the Venus. When astrologers say that for men it's the Venus and Moon for long term durability, I noticed a pattern, with Taurus moon, their long ter