Sagittarius will come into your life... 🏹❀️️😈 Rock your world 🌎 Make it upside down. πŸ‘‡πŸ» & be gone when you least expect it. ✌🏻️ You won't know what hit you πŸ‘ŠπŸ» But you'll never regret it... 🏹❀️️
I also posted this on the libra board. In short: My very dear libra male friend lashed out at me for no apparent reason and he refuses to apologize. Should i wait for him to apologize or just let it slide?
I just want to know do sag men lust alot or fall in love fast? I been talking to one as a friend he talking bout he wants a baby with me and im like where is this coming from? He said he likes me and wants a family but we only been friends 4 months. I had
β€ΌοΈβ€ΌοΈβ€ΌοΈπŸΉπŸ’‹WHO & WHY β€ΌοΈβ€ΌοΈβ€ΌοΈπŸ’‹πŸΉ
Ok, so I'll make this story short and to the point.. - Was in a Long distance relationship with a Gemini (18yrs female) for about 6 months, started off really fun, flirty, got serious sexually fast; was good for the first 2 months; then went toxic, lot
Is her Career done? Do you think Nicki can recover? This woman ( Remy Ma ) just dissed Nicki, the reactions are insane right now. The internet is with Remy ma... Just look at the comments: About her:
Name an underrated match that you find work well together....
i am a cancer girl.. we dated for 1 year and this guy seems to be always to insecure and possesive. initially it all seemed o.. n lovey dovey.. but later it became suffocating.. he use to doubt almost everything. subconsciously i started to develop trus
Y'all don't KISS & TELL!!! Love that butter....
What's u guys experiences like with Taurus ppl. Dating/relationship wise I dealt with earth signs just not Taurus man.. relationship wise... His chart Sun Taurus Moon Leo Rising cap Venus , mars , & Mercury Gemini Other guy chart Sun T
I'm quacking done with: Libra Virgo Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Cancer as of today! lmfao! dead ass!
Hey, I recently had a guy sag best friend. He was so amazing and positive. He started dating an Aries girl and stopped talking to me... anyway, what I really admire and miss about him was how he always remained positive and confident and was able to date
Friday night my girl friends are waiting on me to come out for drinks 🍹 and I just don't feel like it!! They are blowing up my cell & I just got home and just wanna lay on my couch and watch movies all by myself... what ever happened to the fun sag???
The never ending push-pull lol And I never even demanded a commitment or anything of the sort. He ran before we could even get into that. He just recently told me after several months of me wondering WTF, that he disappears 'on everyone, even friends.' A
After a relaxing Friday night I've been convinced to go dancing tonight with my girl friends.. Wooo hooooo!!! Tonight I'm ready πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸΉπŸΉ
In YOUR opinion, what zodiac sign do you think is a Sagittarius' best match?
In my language though haha. I wonder if all you could read it but possibly not.It is in greek.Maybe some translation would help.I have already write about labels in people and Grace Vanderwaal ,the 12year old girl who won AGT last year. The blog is in
Been feeling abit down lately, not motivated to do anything even though i have work and uni. i'll be missing days of work, just really dont care, dont want any friends atm. Whats going on :/
Today i learnt that the legendary Bruce Lee & Jimi Hendrix were both Sagittarians! I had no idea!!!! Come to find out, we apparently have a lot of greats & legends! Name other famous Sagittarians! This is awesome!
Guess I'm officially meant to be with earth signs.,, The only signs who I always end up in relationships with and that actually accept me for me.. just venting Air signs (Aquarius mainly )wishy washy , flaky, nonchalant , detached Water sign (Pis

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Are you treetrunking kidding me?!?!? Wtf is wrong with this world?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyday all the time something horrible is going on. Terror attacks, war, cutting off limbs of small albino kids, abducting kids and keeping them in your backyard for 18
I get it we all flaws. But why this continuity of bashing a sign in particular or a group of signs based on their element is necessary? Ugh anyways i just think we can do better than that. Calling this signs dumb and that signs superior is truly ignor
normally i do this on the sunday, BUt bored saturday night thread is HERE. THE GUY AT 2 MINUTE 50 is 100 % sure a capricorn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Do you like to stay friends afterwards or do you cut them off and never want to speak to them again?
If you are way too emotional with a Virgo, and open up completely when they are super closed off and cold, would that push them away? Would that stop them contacting you again?
Is it just me or do other pisces have a hard time letting go of people they once loved? You might both move on in life but they person will always have a of your heart. Also do any Pisces have exes that keep coming back? Even when you don't to see the
Clothes wise...if its not tight, it's not right!!!!
I hope she knows what she's doing...................
Anyone in a long term Pisces and Leo relationship? I want to hear your stories and experiences
How compatible are these two? Is there anything that stands out as good or bad? Are the house overlays good? Im not too sure how compatible these two are and I would like to get some insight thanks(:
In ex had her Mars EXACTLY conj my Jup, current has Merc exact conj, friend has Satun exact conj. Mars was amazing sexually, then became totally over-bearing, l literally escaped her several times in the middle of the night. Mercury we
Being day drunk is an adventure LOL!
Had a conversation about love and jealousy with my best guy friend, who is a gemini... My feeling is that as long as a gemini truly loves someone, he/she'd do whatever it takes to be with the person. They are more than willing to put aside any negative fe
Come off as kind of stupid, IMO. 1. @Scruffles 2. @Tiziani 3. @justagirl 4. @Damnata 5. @CaramelizedCoffee 6. @sakuraflowers 7. @DepthAndDeath 8. @UnusualVaginalDischarge 9. @FknNerd 10. @LiveAndLove I will post the rules to
I posted about my relationship with aquarius man here. I met an old lady while I walk on the park. she stop me and wanted to talk with me. she use tarot card and she said I have a commuted relationship but he seems just want to be casual at the moment as
What position do you think each member of the zodiac would hold? monk executioner kings advisor wizard party planner cook kings adversary knight slave star reader king queen
anyone have any experiences? whether it be dating one or being one. i'm curious. tell me a little about the tests and the games and all that goes into it. don't be afraid to throw scorpio mars under the bus! this is the thread to vent!
I have asked for a synastry analysis of mine and his before but I didn't have his birthtime. I have his birthtime now so Im wondering how good are we for eachother? If someone can point out anything particularly good or bad? Thanks 😊 http://www.astro