I have a Sagittarius friend. Well I think so... Initially she didn't like me, I would try to befriend her and she would ignore me completely. She was friends with many of mine but for whatever reason it was she did not talk to me. After a year however
Hey Sagis, How would you react to getting a stuffed simba as a present from a girl you are having a lets see where it goes kind of relationship with? Mind you she has been a friend for more than a year and a lot of gifts have been exchanged already. Wo
There is a sagittarius man at my new workplace and I am having a lot of trouble reading him. We first met when he was one of the facilitators at my job training. - I am constantly catching him looking at me, but when I look at him he quickly looks awa
Do sagg men take a long time to reveal themselves to you? I feel like this guy is just an enigma, craves constant attention but doesn't ever give me any personal info about himself. also anyone know if we are at all compatible? Him Sun: Sagg M
So I'm getting to know this new Sag woman and she's refreshing. We talked all week and yesterday I was tripping cause I didn't hear from her all day and was going crazy. She definitely got my mind and when u have the mind of a Gemini that's a good thing.
Our charts: Mine - Scorpio - Sun Capricorn - Moon Scorpio - mercury Sagittarius - Venus Libra - mars Cancer -Jupiter Capricorn - Saturn Capricorn - Uranus Capricorn - Neptune Scorpio - Pluto Hers - Sagittarius - sun Taurus - moon
How are you with projects. I can be a hot mess if I don't have structure. But once I actually do it it gets done. The sags I know will throw themselves at a project... Disappear until it's done lol and will give themselves 24/7 How do you handle socia
Is it true? I dunno I barely saw something like that. This guy's Sun is Scorpio and moon is Leo. Have you ever meet such a guy? Whats your opinion?
Lately I think I have been causing myself a lot of anxiety (for lack of better word) I have been going through a lot of changes. New job Moving to a new city Transferring my son schools introducing my boyfriend to my son its been a lot and
Idk, I just felt like instead of flooding the front page with all my music I'll just make a thread in the Sag forum for whoever wants to listen/join in! :D Starting with a throwback that makes me wanna dance every time I hear it. https://youtu.be/jv
To my fellow sags I want to know what sign you fell for and why. What did or do you find fulfilling for you?
Okay, I need some advice. Me and my best guy friend (SAG)- who is a Sagittarius, decided to take our friendship to the next level two years ago and start dating. I have gotten to that point twice where I wanted us to be official and brought it up, but eac
Well..... Never r thought a week could feel like months.... Haven't spoken to sag in a week. Meanwhile i painted my whole house, redecorated my sons bedroom. Did my garden. Went fishing everyday with the kids. And made a bussines plan. πŸ˜‚ I told him fina
This guy whom is a taurus asked me out in December of last year. (If it matters I'm a sagittarius. Yes I'm aware we are a bad match) I thought he was joking so I laughed and told him no. I told him I was in the middle of a divorce. He told me when I was s
But imma friggin cancer!!! What gives?!!! Is it my Aries rising? My Leo mercury? Or my sagittarian stellium? How should I approach? Not chase? What is so great about the sag male? I'm curious.
Well..... Meneer thought a week could feel like months.... Haven't spoken to sag in a week. Meanwhile i painted my whole house, redecorated my sons bedroom. Did my garden. Went fishing everyday with the kids. And made a bussines plan. πŸ˜‚ I told him fin
So I been talking about the woman whose involved who actually is my very first ex girl and I seeing each other. Things are still going on however I met another Sagittarius woman that got me super infatuated. She's gorgeous, has a beautiful mind, a boss in
:( i saw this, i read she has bi polar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=919ip9_urEo&gl=GR this is on her facebook /youtube. she has Sagittarius sun, Libra mars, Libra moon,Venus Sagittarius.scorpio mercury. https://www.astrotheme.co
Do you find yourself holding on to someone even if there is clearly nothing there? Like no matter how bad the relationship you just won't get out?
Do you sag women typically like passionate sex where you express love to someone you are with?
True or false I say true , one that wants to hit on me is thicc πŸ‘Œ
I'm disappointed. Not in Mr Centaur. But his sibling Who's is supposed to be my most honest friend I really try to believe that my water sign friends don't mean it when they act on their emotions and I mean emotions like jealous or discontent You

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I guess most of the time, a lot of people treat me kind of with respect. This is with friendships, romantic interests, bosses etc. I get along with the majority of people. Then there are certain people who treat me extremely poor for no reason. They have
If A 27 year old *male* is clapping an 18 year old *female* cheeks (sex) vs a 32 year old *male* and a 23 year old *female* clapping cheeks? Is he still an unsolicited pedo?
...with drug addictions. Any of you experience this? I have great support from my hub and others but I am curious about other people who have grown up with someone close to them deteriorating over time or relapsing over and over again. I am so sad for my
What placements are more likely to have their prayers answered? I've heard about 12th house placements, especially JΓΊpiter there...
So someone wanted to fund me money through paypal but i don't have it on my account yet how long does it take from usa to a dutch paypal account it said you've send $2,400,00 to (email) with note " i am paying for an online service i will not refu
Aquas, have you ever met or been with somebody who's trying to control you or change you the way he/she wants you to? If so, how did you deal with that?
i don't get to because I live below the equator. 😒😒😒 How beautiful is it?? or better yet post your photos etc..
If so, what's your personality? Are you ambitious, a dreamer etc
Please speak from experience or from what you've observed. Is the psices woman a little too much for him and is leo the perfect match?
https://www.astrologyzone.com/wp-content/themes/JointsWP-master/assets/images/horoscopes/horoscope-article-hero/az_img_horoscope_aries.png Aries is the first astrological sign in the zodiac, spanning the first 30 degrees of celestial longitude. Under the
You can check times here: Post some pictures from where you are if you can :) Please protect your eyes ~
So there is a coworker who has started to sniff around my orbit. Kinda like a shark, circling. The 1st time I saw him, he popped into my club meeting and played it got yet, made a name for himself. I was surprised to see him there, and I felt a tingle
What are some good ones you've seen?
Second guess yourself? I read a ton of Astro stuff that says when a cancer has a gut feeling it is usually right and so on. But I almost never go with it because it seems wrong?, im unsure so I never go with my gut. Does this describe you? Or is this an a
I've been trying to figure out this Virgo girl? We work together and I found out she liked me a while ago. She knows I also like her and we've have a bit of a flirty relationship lots of sly eye contact across the room and joky chats. Recently she add
What are the effects of having this placement?