Being forward with a Sag

By bkbella86June 4, 2019 5:28pm — 22 replies
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so other weekend i went out with my brother and his friend she brought her friend too just to hang out we all were talking having fun etc etc end of the night i got her number texted her the next day and since then we text allllll day with fast repli
Generous Sags, this is beautiful!
this billionaire is all over the news for doing this i think it totaled up to 40 million https www youtube com watch v wadiip83fw4
Ted Bundy
what a psycho lol i watched the movie with zac efron libra playing a sag haha it was alright
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knowing he is a sagittarius and knowing they are blocking her from living free life do you think she will snap she already is walking barefoot in public seems weird did midlife crises hit her in a weird way i worry cause my sag ex shows similar
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do you guys believe in the mutable connection virgo gemini pisces sags
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his sun was in virgo moon in cancer we was together for two years i learn a lot about myself from this relationship
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i am a sagittarius man in love with a scorpio woman the key to this relationship is honesty trust and communication i was one of those guys trying to figure out the scorpion woman back then so i m here just to share my experience first of all this w
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been in an ldr for 2 years with my saggie we get each other same level of communication emotions sex mentality etc i love him moving in together this summer i think sags and aries are perfect for one another do sags think the same
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i m a virgo woman and i have been seeing an sagittarius men for 2 and a half years we re not dating but we have been physical with each other for this long he started opening up to me last year about his life and his family but he doesn t know anything