Ex texts after 2 years of no contact, what do you think?

By freespiritsNovember 22, 2017 4:56am — 11 replies

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Why did my ex bf text me and say he wants to talk after two weeks of no contact?
he made it really clear during the breakup we shouldnt be together now he is wanting to talk and showing up at my work to drop stuff off idk what he wants should i text him back
how long does it take a Virgo to miss someone and reach out to that person after no contact?
been talking to a guy for 7 months daily and once feelings happened and i admitted that im in love with him he said he has feelings for me also but wants to just be friends due to scared of hurting each other and loosing each other ldr i didnt take
no contact after breaking up in good terms
hello i dated one month and a half with a taurus guy i am a saggittarius from the beginning he was not that available and wanted to see me home not going out but i coud see that he really liked me but got scared somehow i communicated to him what i
No contact between dates
hello ive been on two dates with a sagittarius man we met online he asked me out straight away and we had a nice first date just talking gave me a little hug at the end and said we should repeat it then no contact at all nothing five days later
Day number 8, still no contact
after our argument last thursday she blocked my phone 18 times that thursday i havent heard from her ever since im greatly worried about her and i love her more than anything she is my heaven on earth she makes me satisfied more than anything mo
Opinions on
this is a question for people whove broken up with their boyfriend girlfriends and wanted to reconcile or get back together with them afterwards did the no contact work - make you miss them more check up on them eventually reach back out to them
Scorpio man
i met a scorpio man online while he was in the us for business we were going to meet while he was here but then i had to travel for work so it didnt happen we had an immediate crazy intense and beautiful connection on so many levels and we both said
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its been a few weeks of not responding to taurus i was hoping he had gotten the message after countless texts explaining why i am no longer interested in our fwb thing he stopped calling and texting about a week ago except the random i love u last sa