Happy Birthday Hello Saggy!!!!!

By saggurl88December 14, 2017 3:39pm — 42 replies
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Happy birthday to me!!
it s offically my 24th birthday happy birthday to all my fellow sagittarius much love peace to all
Update: Well.. He Came Back
i really dont know how i feel about this he called me saying hes sorry and all that butter he sounded really sorry and sincere but then he starts telling me how in that day that we first met his ex fiancee contacted him and how hes been talking to
Sags named Briana...
just how mischevious and into the shock factor are you on a scale of 1 to 10 tell me about you when you were kids what would you have wanted your parents to know and do more of or do better all other female sags welcome in the unlikely event you
Understanding a sagg girl as an aries
well i met this sagg girl at a college party i thougt she was cute we had some chemestry danced and got drunk i kissed her and then she invited me to her place i expected a one night stand but she was tired and not actually sexual and i was not inte
Lessons from Saturn?
its been a tough few years had my saturn return in scorpio and then saturn in sagittarius curious to know what my fellow saggies have gone through and learned in this time
It's Sagittarius's time of the year.
hello all its sagittariuss time of the year so would you take a look at this and give me some feedbacks please its for a good cause thanks https goo gl fes56k
Sag trying to catch a scorpio
so like im its my senior year and ive been talking to this girl tina for what feels like a bajillion years but its literally been a month shes just so i dont know what im expecting from her but im just expecting something to happen because t
Happy Birthday and Anniversary @ CuddleBug88
https media3 giphy com media 3ohhwmq0xig8w3phd6 giphy gif https m popkey co d0d333 my8o7 gif c popkey-web p popkey i happybirthday-events l direct f gif https media giphy com media 26ufl1aslevka7wig giphy gif https media giphy com media
My Sagittarius man broke up with me
i ve been dating my sag man for over a year he recently sent me message saying he having a lot of problems in life and he doesn t need a intimate relationship he needs to focus on getting his life back on track which i was aware that he was having problem
Sag guys don't know what they want!
sagittarius whats with all the running off and galloping back known my sag guy 2 years we were very flirty friends for a year then fwb for the past year we get ridiculously close then its like he panics we are best friends but oh boy im so tired o