Sag keeps me hanging

By BrookeDavisJanuary 2, 2021 11:44pm — 38 replies
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i have been fwb with a sag male for several months now at first he told me he wasn t ready for a relationship as he had just been cheated on by his last girlfriend he comes over every weekend and packs a bag to stay- although he lives 24 mins away he
Poor compatibility between Leo men and Sag women, who is just not feeling who here?
i notice that leo men and sag women defy the whole same element stereotype marriage statistics out there show that the two are least likely to marry each other and would even prefer a water or earth sign compared to each other i do not see many if any
My birthdayyyy
hola peeps for my birthday i wanna hear some positivity what have you guys been doing for others for no reason other than to help another human bean i give extra food from the meals i cook to neighbors - idk if ill ever know how to cook for one
Why Sag women don't end up with fire sign men often.
i noticed in my circle and also in seeing the men that sag women commonly ended up with it usually went 1 air signs preferably gemini 2 water signs definitely cancer 3 fire signs sags and aries happen enough leos are unheard of for long-term
Sag sun and Scorpio Moon, what kind of person am I dealing with?
so i have a team member on a project who is the lead and she is a sag sun with a scorpio moon very tough person to read i cannot pick up on how she feels about people and whether you are in a good or bad standing with her also would this kind of a wo
What signs do you see Sag women commonly end up with?
say for either a short term fling or a long-term relationship
DMV’s Burffday
another turn around the sun
Sag men
not many of them ever around on dxp theyre pretty hard to pin down huh always off catching interest on something new so easily they got that real zest for life how do you all feel about the sag men that have been are in your life
Sagittarius women....
are they lucky in love and life like their male counterparts which zodiac sign men loves them
Best match
hi fellow sags what would you say from a male sagittarius point is the best match for us i e friendship relationship working together etc