Sag roll call and update

By hellosaggyMarch 18, 2019 5:59pm — 24 replies
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i have been talking to a sag for quite some time he always goes wild when he sees a mean girl like on tv or in person but when it comes to me standing up for myself or being bossy which i naturally am due to my being a cardinal sign he withdraws and
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hey so have been seeing sag guy casually for a year we got together regularly over a 6 month period hanging out doing fun activities getting physical chemistry is amazing at least i thought thats how he felt too said he thought the world of m
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hi everyone are there any sag men with leo moon here i would like to learn a bit more about you guys as i am crazy for a very handsome man who loves my attention texts me all day sends me songs all day calls me all kinds of sweet names says go
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hes 34 and he claims to be taking care of his mom because shes got diabetes not in a bad condition he doesnt even take care of her really kinda the opposite the tricky part here is that i previously had a relationship with this guy and the mom
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ok i know this girl from work but i see her sometimes on short breaks and then we have chit-chat she seems reserved and shy i mean she appears arrogant but i know what it is i felt attracted quickly but as i heard she is taken i didnt thought
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how would you feel if someone you cut off drops you a present for valentines day at your door even tho we dont talk anymore will you think its creepy or you take it in a nice way heres why i want to do this my ex sagittarius suffers from depressi
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we met online it was dope the attraction since day one he told me he liked me that night we went to his house after having a blast we had some great sex the next day he came to visit me and we had great sex again some other days we just went out to t