Why can't people let us go? Sagittarius's power

By hellosaggySeptember 12, 2017 10:04pm — 62 replies
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Can't put a box around a saggitarius!
we are mutable it makes us chameleons its not that we are liars we reflect what we need to reflect for others i can be fiery shy aggressive passive funny introverted deep flighty and my sag makes me a philosopher and love to tr
Hey Saggis. What are your ultimate deal breakers?
what drives you crazy and is an absolute no for you my dad is a sagittarius and i feel like he has none he lets women act wild
What signs do you attract?
questions for sagittarius what kind of signs do you attract and what signs are you attracted to could be as friends or romantic partner
I hope
my fellow sags got it from my other thread that i am asking to share which person challenged your thoughts and you were content with the result despite after the pain of the process which placements did this person have dominant sign mercury s
cause they say
our thoughts go everywhere and we are not focused
Help with sag guy needed !!
ok ive been in a situation with a sag guy since december we work together and were friends for a year we get on incredibly well on every level hes told me numerous times he loves me and has told me hes in love with me but sometimes he gets scared
According to this...
im double sexy http thehoroscope org articles top-4-sexiest-and-most-passionate-zodiac-signs https youtu be tky71o0eyxu just lol
Sag Man -- help
i am leo lady and i am really like this sag guy he told me liked me and then the past two times i saw him he didnt even acknowledge me what is the deal
Scorpio/Sag Cusp.
i dont know much about cusps my friend has this placement seems like a complete sag to me nov 23 everything i read about cusps seems so vague you just take certain characteristics of each sign scorpio and sag seem so different in nature how would
Gem here ‚úč? Help with Sagittarius
do gems and sagittarius go together if yes awesome if not imma still try