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We sell our time for money to other people who don't have any right to own our well being, agreed? My proposed question is, will we continue to stand for it? There has to be alternatives that benefit the collective humanity in win-win scenarios.
We are not even close to our highest potential as "thinking" beings. There is a vast much more to explore, within ourselves and our environment. What we require is the proper avenues to cultivate this curiosity and rightful access to control our own f
For all those tech savvy.. which Apple Macbook Pro should I get to replace my 2012 15" Macbook Pro? Am I downgrading if I go from i7 Quadcore to an i5?
What is your favorite fast or sports car?
I rely on your techni-savvy for these things! How long does a hard reset take on an iPhone? Is it difficult? And I'm thinking it might not be the newest version but one maybe two prior. THANK YOU 😊
Why does Facebook do a year in review video of mine and adds "with special memories of Person X"? I mean I used to talk to that person in real life but I have never chatted or liked anything with her on facebook. Is it just a random choice or somet
Which laptop brand would you recommend out of Lenovo, HP, Dell, or Asus? I'm really just looking for something to go online with for when I travel.
Do you like it? It's supposed to be able to sync and do competitions between multiple step counters, fitbit, garmin, etc. Seems like a cool idea...
I uploaded my pic yesterday and it sent me a notification saying "Aquarius09 liked your photo". Today I posted a meme which you see as my profile pic and it sent me notification again saying "Aquarius09 liked your photo". LOL! I didn't like my own
Who doesn't like a nice shiny red expensive car that goes really fast? Show some pics of some cars you wish you were in. Anyways... Can a Corvette really beat a Bugatti in a race?
I've been reading stuff online that there are big sites, like twitter that go down, lots of maintanence and even tinypic is having problems, been going on for days. I don't know if facebook is being attacked, it's such a big website, or any huge hosting Scientists Hope to Eradicate Disease With Massive Mosquito Orgy The mosquito genocide is beginning. Millions of genetically modified versions of the useless vampire
Chemistry fascinates me. Whether because I am a nerd or I just happen to like this. I sometimes sit back and watch youtube videos of people doing chemistry stuff. Now I don't want to try this stuff myself because it is dangerous. None the less. From
Those of you who have a credit/debit card with the chip on it, what do you guys think of it?
Please insert any type of scientific documentry involving space, technology, nature, physics, math, how things work and how they are made, or basically anything intelligent and interesting we can learn from. If science isn't your thing but you love histor
why can't you embed an app or an fully functional API - say one that handles forms to submit - into an email? Or has it been done?
This is a cool video that discusses how to build a warp drive, it's really fun to watch!
Movie is Morgan They had IBM's watson completely make a movie trailer:
I hope i can get some good answers from this. okay so, i need a simple website, i already have a domain registered with godaddy.... But i dont really understand the hosting, i dont know what my best option is for a website. I need a simple site, with a fu
Maybe you'd have a life without it,Maybe you would not. πŸ’»
I think they have come in the nick of time to pick up Donald ...
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So, I've posted a few times on here talking about a Pisces guy who initially brushed me off then suddenly started to pursue me. I think he's a psychopath. I approached him in a bar because he's very attractive to me but the more time I've been spending ti
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I'm curious. I'm going to visit my cousins in Oviedo and Barcelona.
Why y'all so petty....andddddd... why y'all allow lil ol me to hurt ya feelings so quick that revenge is a given πŸ€”
What are your guys' thoughts about this? Super interesting video! Basically, scorned wives who find out about women who their husbands cheated/are cheating with post the "mistresses" picture on this website an
Have you ever tried it? If so, how was it? Did it improve your relationship on a soulful/spiritual level? To those who haven't tried it, Would you try it? Why or Why Not?
I feel like men would be more open to dating a bisexual female then a woman dating a bisexual man. What are your thoughts on this? Would you date a bisexual person? I feel like it's a really complex topic.
Okay so I have this guy in my class who uI have a doubt that he likes me . I have been noticing him for weeks that he stares at me in the class or outside cafeteria and I hadn't reacted at all he sometimes passed a smile and I smiled back too. Tried to t
Not sure if it's just me, but I find myself more often than not just tuning out the emotions around me and being really apathetic... Like for example, today I had a friend tell me how awful her suitemates current situation was and all I could do was s
Who has done it? I have, definitely. Pretending I didnΒ΄t know, I was lying. When it was finally over, I felt such a big relief of not having to be that person. So weird!!!! And pathetic and desperate and all those negatives, I know. Have you?
Can anybody explain to me why it's warm in certain areas of Northern Europe such as Britain, Netherlands and even Denmark while it's super cold in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Oh Iceland is warm too. @_@
I got set up on a date with a Taurus man by a mutual friend a few days ago and it was the worst date I had ever gone to. Not only was he a massive douche, but a complete lunatic. She "claimed" he would be a good match for me since I'm really emotional an My birth chart!
Dont allow the mistakes from yesterday determine the joy you experience today, learn from your past and move on, choose to be happy, choose what makes you happy, choose who makes you happy -AlexBwakkaπŸ”πŸ’ŒπŸ—πŸ’”
Are you happy with them? Not happy? Do you have breast implants? All natural? Tell us about your ta-ta's. Inspired by MrEmptyBackpack's thread about his mom's melons ~