The Scorpion & The Crab....

For you scorpios out there and your dealings with a crab...Who is stronger of the two? Who will fight to the very end? W
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So I'm a scorp girl obviously...and love the manly man,masculine type, the kind of man that can make you feel safe and when your with him you know your in good hands and well taken care of...we scorps always want to be in control but will relinquish that right to this type of crab is all of these and then some...he can control this scorp or least think he is most anytime...sometimes...well...umm, anywho!haha! I love his sensitive side too...he's not a cry baby at all! He is so very confusing?? The magic we have when together is like nothing I've experienced..."If only" you crabs were not so difficult! Other than that....we make an awesome pair =)
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With a eye out into the stars and heart immersed in the traffic of energies I w
Sometimes, I just don't understand where all of the literature comes from for how incredibly compatible the two are...but I must admit that the energies that a Scorpion lady emits on those moments of spiritual blossom is like a drug...Damn not being able to have that decadent cake while endulging...
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I know you asked for Scorp thoughts, but I'm a Cancer (female) so wanted to read up what you guys thought of us too, lol. I know the pull and connection, have had one with a Scorp (male) for nearly two years. It was magical but we can't seem to get it together enough, yet can't stay away from one another either. I'm never one to return to old loves, but he's stayed in my heart this whole time, and I can't imagine when he'll ever leave my heart enough that if we could stop the struggle of the Scorp Cancer dance, that I wouldn't plunge right back in and would be a life I could see spending with him.
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With a eye out into the stars and heart immersed in the traffic of energies I w
It is down the road in any direction. A multitude of steps ahead by looking as far back as we can... The deep exhales come from the incredibly potent exchange of energy from those scorpion eyes that seem to be released in such a concentrated dose, that it takes so little to ignite a surge of feeling through the whole body. Usually we are alone in our emotional energy exchange with the immediate universe, flooding our surroundings with energy that every one subconciously picks up on, but none can for the life of them understand or predict what we are thinking...even though really, we are thinking about everything all the time so any guess would do. Then comes the Scorpio, never exactly sure of what we are thinking, but so in tune emotionally that it is almost blatant at the same time.

-Deeply exhales into the waves of emotion that flood your room and rush over your skin. Feeling it rush over your skin like a sheet of silk, then permiates to the center of your body-

Emotional energy in such abundance...such a delicate intricate factory in this shell, with a desire to be understood and appreciated despite our complexities.

-Turns amplification up and brightens the energy in the center, feeling it rush about inside to your extremeties, fingers and toes-

The Scorpion and there tender way of reaching into the chest and lightly caressing the under belly of our heart so effortlessly...

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the deep gaze exhales only to return with an even deeper gaze...darn these crabs....when they cling to the past it makes it next to impossible for others to see the future......
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Questions...yes but then everyone here does! Its what draws me to the!! I'm an impulsive scorp!! Hehehe!! =)it does seem as if it runs both ways, I am in gavor with crabs putting in much work to get you exactly where they want you...but a scorp like you said as loyal as we are can only tolerate so much before we walk even if its injury to our heart it saving it as well..we do what we gotta do..we don't walk away without injury but we walk away when we have to.true the emotional exchange between the two cannot compare but there are so many other things that cannot as well moodiness,aloofness, cat & mouse games etc...and so the deep gaze exhales...
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With a eye out into the stars and heart immersed in the traffic of energies I w
I think with two signs that have such a strong emotional potency, it is easy for either to hurt the other greatly with little effort. The beauty of the emotional exchange is breath taking.

I don't see how either would last long when at ends with the other... Both withdrawling after a potent sting or pinch.

The deep gaze..."exhales"

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Not so scary...just don't screw us...or we can be! =)
Wonderful. I say go for it whether its Scorpio male/ cancer female or cancer male Scorpio female. Although its interesting I haven't heard to much on the latter. I will say these two can effect each other so strongly. I love it. Scorpio instantly understands me and knows what to do to me, and what not to without me saying a word. Evolved Scorpio anyway. It's definitely a memorable union although I will stress on for it to work both willing to communicate. Both are very sensitive and a little misinterpreting or misunderstanding can be chaotic or create an illusion of what is not there bring about suspicion and nonsense. Good luck.
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@typicalscorp..sometimes its in the emotion so deep its unexplainable?I love frkn turns me on =) at ellyB crabs do seem to be quite well on communicating on an eye-level so to speak! Hahha! A gift maybe? I'd like to think its a gift when you can understand what they are saying with those eyes!
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Posted by missscorp
I so just experienced this again with my crab so I wanted to share...we share this amazing eye contact where no words are necessary...sometimes so intense I find myself looking away...

This happens to me and my Crab too...not often...and it doesn't last long...but there's something there. Like our souls are speaking instead of us verbally speaking...I can't quite put my finger on it.
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I so just experienced this again with my crab so I wanted to share...we share this amazing eye contact where no words are necessary...sometimes so intense I find myself looking away...
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PH...we love the crab! Girl crabs too =) and I'm the scorpion girl*sigh*jealous & paranoid...who us? Hehe =) we do seem to mesh on an entirely different level..Hmmm I wonder if I piss him the f off cause he can sure press my emotional buttons at times...about the grudges...omg!! We are absolutely notorious for holding them...I know I'm 100% guilty of this and I absolutely hate that whatever he does to set me off no matter what!! I cannot seem to stick to it even if its for my own good...I hate that the crab has this power! "It's so funny (and kind of cute) when they see you after a day of working and start cookiemonstering about stupid things. Then, a little bit later, they realize how unfair they were being, and approach you with some sort of cute surprise. Adorable!I just love them. Sometimes I want to strangle them, yes, but I love them" haha! About being wrong & surprises...I do it all the time..I wonder if he thinks its cute?oh yea! I know about wanted to choke mine!!! the connection we share keeps me from doing so!! Luv your input...its right on
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EllyB..its that magical start that gets us at hello =)it seems they do take forever at devulging feelings...on the passive part...he is both passive/agressive which makes for quite the confusion at times! So two for the union..=) there is some type of strong connection you speak of at an entirely different level from the norm....on the moodiness...ummm.unique....I could think of some words to describe....haha
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I don't think either is stronger than the other. I think the things they bring to a relationship balances things out or amplifies what was already there.

Both would fight to the very end, in my opinion, when it's something they truly believe in and has a lot of meaning to them.

In my experience crabs have showen their feelings first but once I let them know that I returned the feelings it seemed like they began to hide theirs. I could just be taking that the wrong way, though.

I'm very stubborn with things that I feel very strongly about but will be flexible if I feel it's small and it would be more harmonious for me to let it go; he's also stubborn. He often beats me at my own game but I also beat him at his...if that makes sense.

I don't think either sign is more likely to cheat than the other. In general I think both are very loyal and it would come down to something outside of astrology that would cause them to have an affair...both the physical kind and emotional.

I think there was an intense attraction instantly with both my last crab and my current one. My current one said he's liked me since he was 10 so I have no idea how it was for him but for me it didn't start till we met up again So I would say it was magical from the start. The previous one lead to disaster and I can't say anything about this one yet...hopefully it just keeps getting better.

In my relationship now I think that we compliment each other in the way that...he's better with words. He finds words easily and all that kind of stuff...but I'm better at communicating the words than he is. So when it's just he and I it can be a bit difficult but as a team I think we would compliment each other very well in that aspect.
@typical scorpio..I do believe that the union between the two can be a gift..I too agree with both signs being rather strong in their own right...they share their strong beliefs on loyalty & cheating...with the stubborn! I know I can be stubborn but this one just may have me beat!I'm a cheerleader for the union too! Sounds like you & the new crab are on the road to did answer what I am curious about...=) keep us posted on you and the crab!!
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