The Taurus - Scorpio Dance

This is for those of you who do not fully understand the Taurus-Scorpio bond ? and there are quite a few, judging from s
from Newport Beach, California, ...Not here to kiss your friggin ass.
This is for those of you who do not fully understand the Taurus-Scorpio bond ? and there are quite a few, judging from some posts claiming that these two signs should not be together.

Scorpio-Pisces, Scorpio-Cancer better? You only wish. Scorpio-Taurus is a relationship so intense it will be like no other you've ever experience before, but only if both individuals are mature enough to understand and fully realise the potential of this complex and powerful bond. It is a yin-yang connection.

Taurus-Scorpio is arguably the most energetic of the oppositions. I call it the opposition of intensity.

In my opinion, Scorpio is kind of the black sheep of the zodiac - they are positively ablaze with thoughts, feelings and ideas that other signs will ignore, avoid or put a positive spin on and file away. They crackle with a palpable intensity as they mine the greatest depths of human possibility.

Scorpios will often create conflict, not for amusement (well...) the way that an Aries or Gemini might, but because they view everything in relation to protecting themselves emotionally and physically. Scorpions (like their Crab cousins) are essentially exoskeletal - once you crack the shell (and manage to avoid getting stung half a dozen times) there's nothing but a wet gooey mess on the inside. Certainly understandable then why one might sting first and ask questions later. I think it's a spot on assessment that they are secretly more sensitive than anyone else you're likely to meet, and that that is the cause of their acidic manner of dealing with people.

Now Taurus on the other hand - very calm and placid; people often will call them (or us, more accurately) boring. Taurus natives generally prefer to be unassuming and non threatening, downright cuddly, even. Taurus is both Bull and bullfighter, nimbly sidestepping conflict for the sake of the day to day. In evasiveness, a well aspected Taurus can drive even a Gemini up the wall in the lengths they will go to have peace. Underneath though, there is a definitely a slow burning intensity. Ever see a Taurus in love? Nothing will stop them - not the time, the tides or the coming of The End.
from Newport Beach, California, ...Not here to kiss your friggin ass.
For this reason, Scorpios are sometimes drawn to Taureans the way that others are drawn to them. Scorpio, being sensitive to the point of clairvoyance, knows that there is much more to the Bull than even the Bull itself is aware. Scorpio can very often feel threatened by this part of Taurus, even though it is so deep that it may never see the light of day. In this quiet part of the bull the Scorpio sees something which frightens it more than anything else: genuine competition. Then the trouble starts-

A low, Scorpion type Scorpio (and even some of the more common Eagle types) will view the placidity as an exploitable weakness and will, well, bully the Bull. It will make sure from the get-go that Taurus knows who's boss. It will do everything in its (considerable) power to make sure that the Taurus in question knows that it is not as smart, attractive or witty and that people like it less. It will prod and poke and nudge and use every bit of information it learns about the Bull as another piece of ammunition in its arsenal.

Usually, Taurus will just shrug and go about its day, slightly confused and/or miffed at the negative attention. Then one day the Bulls eyes change. It stares Scorpio right in the face and says, "keep waving that red flag of yours and someone's going to get hurt." From that point on, either the Stinger will back off, or the Bull will paw the ground, lower its head and charge. If this happens, Scorpio will learn a hard lesson.
from Newport Beach, California, ...Not here to kiss your friggin ass.
The truth is, there is no sign more powerful than the Bull when it is pushed hard enough. Taureans have tenacity, grit and perseverance in bundles, in fact, the oft maligned stubbornness of Taurus is a frequently just a misuse of their tremendous reserves of pure strength. The funny thing is, for how agreeable we are and how good as subordinates we can be, the Bull is secretly indomitable. Deep down, it really only cares about its own opinion. That and maybe its mother's.

In the end these two are capable of helping each other evolve fully into amazing human beings. Scorpio will teach Taurus that every now and again one has to show their power and energy for it to be respected. With Scorpio's watery insistence, Taurus can reach unimagined goals that few others could. Taurus will teach Scorpio about sharing and surrender, and about respecting boundaries. It will also teach Scorpio that sometimes the underside of something is on the underside for a reason, and that some things are, in fact, simple.

When the hard carapace and tender center of Scorpio is met with the calf-leather thin skin and rocklike inner core of Taurus, if they can manage (and it isn't easy), together they are unstoppable.
I disagree.

I think Cancer and Scorpio relationships are the most formidable and I have never felt such love and compatibilty as I have for a Cancer male.

Taurus signs do not fully UNDERSTAND our emotional nature. Cancer does. There is pure EMPATHY and DEEP bonding with Cancerians. I do not find this with Taurus. Youre trying to justify the 'opposities attract' motto.

I have never experienced any form of an intense bond with a Taurus.

I find them strong but no emotional bond there.
''Now Taurus on the other hand - very calm and placid; people often will call them (or us, more accurately) boring.''

Yes .. BORING is the word for them. I would be BORED in their company. I crave excitement.
''either the Stinger will back off, or the Bull will paw the ground, lower its head and charge. If this happens, Scorpio will learn a hard lesson.''


Oh gosh - thanks for the laugh. How VERY LITTLE you know about Scorpios. We will sting you so hard, you wont know whats hit you.
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Thanks nyxie-pyxie.......I was thinking along the same lines but you said it perfectly!
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Cancers no....

Taurus guys can become and addiction... Yummm.... One of the most peaceful relationships I have had was with a Bull Boy.
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i agree that the taurus relationship i had was very mature. we balanced each other out and had a lot of passion for one another. there was a very strong need to possess one another as well as a strong bond that made us feel we belonged to each other. however, i did not, as i mentioned elsewhere, feel that i could be my true emotional and dark self.
however, i do think this combination can work, and especially as business partners or part of a team. the thing i always loved about my taurus relationship was how we were both so determined and passionate. if we had a goal, we made it happen, and worked together with energy and force. very powerful and productive partnership. although, can be destructive if you don't have the same vision in mind since both are controlling and stubborn.
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LOL and ouch all at the same time...this evokes many memories...taurus left his hoofprint on me, that's for sure. changed my outlook on life. we had some very genuine, intense, connected and passionate moments, and am still searching for something to come close to it.
hmmm, i'd have the say im in huge favor os polar opposites... or more importantly the dominant signs of the zodiac. leo, AQ, Taurus, Scorp!

So far i'd have to say the only reason i'd agree with scoprion sting on cancers is cuz they are EXTREMELY emotional. obvious as to why u gained a connection... all they have is emotion... oy it'd make me wanna vomit! no offense love 'em.. but sometimes tooo much.

I personally enjoy the scorp taurus mix, i've dated a couple scorps each one different, yet same habits. they're addictive in one sense, but vicious in another... depending on the relationship, i'd still say the one that challenged me the most would be a scorp and another taurus. both very passionate and almost intoxicating, its like we became obsessed with each others interests.
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I get along well with taurus or is that tauri? for the most part and have dated a few taurus men. Scorp/Taurus = not bad, stable, the stubborness can be off the charts. I must say I have a far better repoire with cancer and pisces though.
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"I get along well with taurus or is that tauri?" - wait, if taurus is ONE and tauri are TWO - then, gemini is TWO and geminus is ONE?
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who cares, really?

when i'm ready to be bored to tears, i'll be sure to find myself a taurus.
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