Are you Scorpio females receptive to being a FWB?

By WaterDevilAugust 1, 2017 7:46pm — 36 replies
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so first thing first i am a female virgo we met when we were 19 whilst i was in a relationship with someone else the first time i laid eyes on him i remember instantly finding something about him so unbelievably attractive but i remained loyal to
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i fuked up with this geezer quite a bit and now i think i ignored him for too long because hes not that interested in talking anymore lmao texted him after almost 2 weeks of not calling messaging nothing and he was real cold about it i expected i
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if you have this looong time relationships with gemini woman and you basically grew strong enough to not to get irritated by her and if you about to get together for a long period of time and you creatures go through the period when you want
intimacy is a high stakes endeavor for mars in scorpio because he goes all the way sex with scorpio pushes the boundaries and will touch both of you at the deepest possible level it will be obvious if he s into you but he is cautious about who he gets
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this is just a rant but i would like all the chime in whether your scorpio sun moon mars venus pluto etc ive noticed everytime something tragic or detrimental happened in my life i evolved and got to higher place in my life and the more i evol
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