every scorpio in my life is self destructing. all at once.

By scorchyJune 27, 2021 10:20am — 48 replies
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scorpio guy has virgo moon taurus rising sag venus hes liked me for 3 full years now and still hasnt given up hes 18 this year so he probably had a crush on me when he was 15 16 hes a good friend of mine and i dont see how he still likes me gi
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after having worked together for a while my scorpio collegue asked me to join her and a couple of her friends on a daytrip to - in my mind - the store from hell a shit-load of people crowding in one place bumping into each other on purpose and being as
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i had an incredibly tumultuous start with my scorpio some of which has been shared on previous posts in this forum but i wanted to share how it all shook out we are together and public and in love and having a baby later this year all the the hot a
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i personally have a really hard time getting past things especially the ones that had a betrayal component no matter the amount of work ti do around these issues they always seem to come up as the reason why im not able to commit to relationships
hello guys so i recently realized i m in love with an old friend of mine unfortunately he lives in another country but anyway despite being from another culture which adds great differences in how we react and view this relation there is also his c