Female Scorps

By AlantheGeminiSeptember 3, 2017 5:14am — 12 replies
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either you are a scorpio or a scorpio took revenge on you
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i think i havent bothered anyone with my scorpio love long enough so we had something break-like or should i say limited communications due to him being smothered by me and needed a breather whatever its not a question its an info last pic
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i have a hot scorp co-worker he has previously given and still gives off indications that he is heavily interested lot of subtle as well as not so subtle eye contact compliments on hair shoes cracking jokes p adding his own lines to my poetry on in
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im a libra girl and ive been knowing my scorpio for about a year now but we didnt really start getting serious until june its been pretty rocky because of his jealous and possessive ways but i try to reassure him that i only want to be with him and n
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hello first post here im aquarius im dating a scorpio woman she is amazing in every way possible but ive managed to anger her just this afternoon some misunderstanding about communicating she thinks i didnt understand her english and threw up
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do you feel a need to i have several scorpio friends i dont see them in this light at all actually the most kind people i know genuine however romantically im unsure do you feel a need to teach someone a lesson or treat them as theyve treated
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