How do you work with a scorpio's moods, control & oversensativity?

By SagiflossAugust 6, 2017 12:14pm — 14 replies
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i dreamed about this guy who i used to date out of the blue i didnt think about this person for month s but now i am all obsessed with him again we didnt date seriouly we were never in love we only went on several dates and things didnt work out i
Scorpio bitterness for no reason?
i have this co-worker hes a good guy funny nice professional but to everybody but me im not sure why but he always finds his ways to like put me down he picks on my words for no reason and ive never seen him being this way with anybody else i
would you ever date a cancer reasons why or why not i know a libra-scorpio guy and i want to know if we could make it work or not i know a few libras and a few scorpios but i click better with scorpio over libra so thanks for the input
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are any other scorpios having so much bad luck happen all at once or is it just me the past 4 days - my bike got stolen - i get an unexpected huge random bill due immediately and i am broke af right now - i buy some couches but am an idiot an
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wouldnt that be a heaven in hell
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im finally going to see a scorpio after a while of not seeing him we interact via instagram and sometimes facetime because we live far i havent seen him face to face since last year and sometimes he shows interest in me long distance so im really ne
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recently i had a thing with a guy with many scorpio placements sun moon mercury and unfortunatelly due to a lot of his mind games we kind of fell out and i lost that spark i had for him so since our communication wasnt that great to begin with i chose
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i have a male friend with a scorpio sun aries moon sag mercury sag venus capricorn mars he is extremely driven and successful confident and very very warm very giving as well id think someone with a chart like this would have a temper
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do you ever catch yourself checking on somebody you dont really have any interest in anymore like randomly making contact with them just for the sake of it even though you dont even want to keep the conversation going like you dont care about what
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