is pisces selfish?!!!! are they perfect liars???

my best friend a pisces...recently i have been doubting that whether whatever that she've done is purposely doing it or accidentally. i have read from most sourses saying that pisces is a perfect liar most of the time. and im thinking of it.
besides..i think that she like to pretend too..
any IDEAS?
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well, all pisces are not the same..... i have had a pisces bopyfriend and he was sweet, very romantic, honest and a great listener but then i have seen other pisces who are BIG liars.. selfish, manipulative and unfaithful.....

so scorpio it depends on the individual, everyone's different and so the sun sign can not help in judging that
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My friend is a pisces and does bullcrap, but it's little stuff, not lying, but stupid crap to irritate me... well I think she's doing it on purpose..But I still wuv her.

My ex seems like a liar sometimes when he pops out of no where and gushes out his feelings and we haven't talked for like 3 weeks to a month or 2. A lot of pisces aren't PERFECT liars to me cuz i know when lots of people are lying, but I heard they do a lot. I would never put it pass me.
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Hmmm...selfish in what sense? Selfish or a bit self-absorbed? =) Many Pisces I have known, myself included can be so caught up in our own lives and worlds, that we have a difficult time seeing the reality of other people's situations at times. However, most Pisces I have known, and including myself, are giving and generous to a fault. We sometimes give, give, give until there is nothing left.

Lying? Hmmmm..I wouldn't go so far as to say that that is a particular trait of the fishes, and not really one I have encountered with the Pisces I have known. I hate dishonesty with a fierce passion, so naturally I do not make it a habit to lie just for the hell of it.
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I agree with sea siren. I too give and give. However if someone asks and asks yet never gives back I get mean. My scorpio guy and I get into that a lot.
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Not saying that this is true of ALL pisces, but...every pisces I know including two men I dated and a couple ex-friends lie with such straight sincere faces that you almost believe them. They also tended to cause problems with being gossipy. MEN INCLUDED! On the other hand, they WERE kind and very understanding. I miss my little French boy!
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>>They also tended to cause problems with being gossipy. MEN INCLUDED!

Tell me about it. I enjoy what my gossipy pisces friends tell me though. My friend let my ex have it for being gossipy and trying to start mess with her and someone else.
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DAMN 6 Weeks? That was short!
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You know what, you cleared up a issue that I had on the Cancer/Libra post. (I need help! Cancer female/Libra male) You guys can be severely impulsive when it comes to love. Now that I think about it...All the Libra guys I dated have told me they loved me within a 2-3 week period! All except the one I wanted, who "gave me his heart" then became indecisive about the whole thing. Sending mixed signals & crap. Maybe you can give me insight I don't have. Read the post on either the Cancer or Libra message board and tell me your opinion. That is if you have time. Thanks!

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OMG That is exactly what he did! We never got to the sex part though...But WOW! Even though you are are still clearing up alot for me by your descriptions. He was so loving & charming...he initiated it, then when I responded he went cold-turkey. Thank you! Now I don't feel like SUCH a L-O-S-E-R!

Good luck with your Scorpio!

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I just met a Gemini, I think I will go to that message board and see what's up with them. I swear meet at least 3 different men per week...and they NEVER LAST! What's wrong with me?...Sniffle...Sniffle!

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Gemini, Scorpio, pisces... what's next? lol.
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I don't know...What's your favorite? I just talked to this new Leo on the phone. He sounded like he was 65 but he said he was 32. Total turnoff! Then again I am supposed to go to this mile long men function tonight...Hopefully I'll get some new prospects.

Anybody who is lonely...looking for whatever, go to It's free so a wide variety of people are on there. I know I get many hits & have met quite a few guys.

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I think in general.......everybodys tells lies, fibs, white lies, & dishonest in some time in their life. We do it to save face or not to hurt the one we loved.

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