Missed my Chance with Scorpio Soulmate?

Me: Sun Leo, Venus Cancer, Mars Libra, Rising Aries, Moon Cancer, Mercury Leo Him: Sun Scorpio, Venus Scorpio, Mars Gemini, Rising Virgo, Moon Virgo, Mercury Sag So about two years ago I had an almost-relationship with a Scorpio man. I was in a relati
leocancergeminiMay 2, 2018 2:57pm
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  • Meowpie
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    You need to bare you soul to him else you guys won't work out in the long run. He doesn't trust you because you get annoyed when he does and you tend to be more relax/flirt around other guys.

    If you see yourself going off half the time in future, you likely won't last with him. He seems genuinely serious of considering it with you but you seem to prefer more space and hang out with your guy friends which is a no in possessive Scorpios book.

    Don't jump in if you want to be selfish in love with a Scorpio, you'll eventually crash and burn in love. They'll blaze all your fire up before they douse it with ice water.

    Good luck.
  • saggurl88
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    I have a Scorpio Venus and I’ve never read The other persons side Hahahaha. It has me cracking up.

    What part is prying into your soul? Him staring or asking questions?

    And if he doesn’t see you often, then he’s naturally gonna be curious and ask what you’ve been up to.

    I’m confused at what you are yelling at him for.

    He seems to give in to you when he thinks it safe and then you don’t accept how he is and get mad so he withdraws again. You seem to be teaching him a game that he’s gonna get good at and use against you lol.

    You know how he is and keep drawing him in but then bite his head off when he’s trying to get close to you. I’m not sure what you want from him and he may be just as confused. He seems to be hiding parts of his personality because you don’t like it.

    That’s pretty sad. You should accept him fully for who he is. A relationship will just highlight everything you don’t like. If you can accept him now, it will just annoy you even more later. But obviously the sex is what makes you stay.
  • Impulsv
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    Don’t toy with tiger
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