So... Now what?

By melinoeSeptember 14, 2020 4:45pm — 27 replies
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Learn more about the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

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is this pair possible people blessed with this placement laughs in terrifying language and or who had an experience with them please chime in
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this is an update to my previous post hes been calling me often and we talk for an hour every time i was sick and he was so kind to me and also when my mum did something mean he told me i can lean on him and he is here for me he is still in his hom
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has every scorpio man made one what is your moon mars what sign was your partner
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i wanted to post a last update for the people that commented on my other 2 posts the scorpio came back from vacation a few days early the night he came back he messaged me asking how i was doing making casual conversation asking about my work schedule
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hey scorpios or anyone with experience so a scorpio man and i a libra have a blooming friendship mostly made of intellectual discussion and small talk we went out on a date once and true to form talked until we bored each other to tears at least i w
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i wanted to clarify some things from my first post the male is the scorpio and we were in a fwb situation well i assume it was which i had no issue with when we matched on the site i asked what type of relationship he was looking for and he said whateve
Can I break the silence and earn his forgiveness?
within a span of 3 weeks 3 family members have died of covid and my mom is going blind in one eye which is causing her to have strong depression i ve been staying strong being the oldest of all my siblings but i recently had a breakdown it was bad la