Venus in Scorpio

Venus in scorpio, description & experiences thanks! X
Venus in scorpio, description & experiences thanks! X
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Posted by cheekyfaerie
Oh, yeah. Very passionate, all or nothing types. Hobbies, interests, relationships... whatever. Rather do nothing at all than half ass something.

This! If I don't want to put 110% into it, I'm not gonna do it. Also, venus in scorpio is pretty romantic. But this is only after all "tests" have been passed and there is no doubt about you. I'm not jealous or possessive, but if you flirt with another girl while dating or trying to date me, I won't take you seriously anymore. I need lots of mental stimulation, and I like really cliche romantic things. I take love seriously, I don't flirt. In fact, I'm repulsed by typical flirting. Absolutely NO pickup lines. I like guys who introduce themselves and have something interesting to talk about. To date V in Scorp, you need major guts. If you're not confident enough to go after what you want with full force, don't even think about dating a venus in scorpio.
|Aries Sun|Scorpio Moon|Cancer Rising
best romantic parter/friend/lover/hard worker...

Find it very difficult to move on even after a relationship ends and expect 200% commitment and loyalty when in one.

Love nature is too intense,scares people away at times.

All or nothing kind of lovers.
"*********************** female, Married,
Posted by MellyMel909
I looove this placement. Well, actually I love most Scorpio placements. But in the love department, Scorp Venus is the one I "cut my teeth on", before it enveloped me with its mouth and swallowed me whole. In a good way.

plus 100.

this is the ever best placement in love. Soooooooo passionate and yummy.
42 years old female
Bf is a Scorp with Venus in Scorp.

1-He can't let anything go. He wants to confront every issue up front, even little things. Which is tiring but I believe is a healthy way to be.

2-He is very caring and protective.

3- Stealing from cheeky: "Very passionate, all or nothing types. Hobbies, interests, relationships... whatever. Rather do nothing at all than half ass something." This includes sex. Not feeling it? Then we don't do it. lol.
Posted by MidniteStar
I have this placement and in my opinion it can be the best or the worst placement depending on how you look at it.

I agree.

"Sun,Mars,Mercury,Venus=Scorpio Cappy moon"
I'm cursed I have sun, mercury, venus & mars in scorpio....right now I'm single & motivated only by success, I guess I'm fed up with relationships
42 years old female
Same as scorpiochica Sun mars n Venus scorp. We don't flirt for casual fun, all or nothing don't waste my time. When I fall I fall hard. Hopeless romantic would put the moon in a stick for you if I could. Yet when we lose someone it hurts deep can take years to get over it. Love is life or death. Wouldn't have it any other way. Hit the deepest lows n but when we hit the high its spiritual. Love becomes spiritual merging of two soul. Ill accept ur shadows ill
Accept you at your lows. Why because ill see right through u soul.
Can u handle that.
42 years old female
Posted by cunninglinguist
Venus in Scorpios, more than anyone else, need to be very very selective about with whom they home their hearts. Most people can't handle Venus Scorps. And that's why they get this reputation about being jealous psychopaths.

Find someone who actually nurtures your Scorpy heart, where u can express it freely, and you'll be the happiest couple of them all.

That's what is working for me. My Scorp (he has Cap Venus) is ultra committed and possessive, and is bloody thrilled that I am too. lolz it's probably disgusting to onlookers, but hey, our stingerific lurvin' is our business, and no one else's!

I'm a Cap Venus too!
female from Ga, US
People love us? ???
Hmm interesting that one comment from a Cap venus...

I have a Scorpio Venus, my Fiancé has a Cap venus... I have never felt this type of connection. Just weird that keeps coming up on here. He not only tells me how much he loves how we are together, but shows me how much he appreciates me.

"Find someone who actually nurtures your Scorpy heart, where u can express it freely, and you'll be the happiest couple of them all."

Sun: ♏️, Moon: ♒️, Rising:♏️, Mars: ♏️
What about a libra sun with cap moon having stinger venus?

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