What's the secret in the eyes?

female from New York City
Im a true Scorpion Woman so dont mess around and get stung. October 25th Baby.
I never really understood why our eyes are so intimidating to everyone. I mean everyone has eyes but whenever a Scorpio woman like myself looks at a man or catch eye contact he guy looks away as ifwe just threatend them or said something wrong. And then if the guy doesnt look away then he gets lost in the gaze (mainly u Pisces men) and gets hooked.I just dont understand. Information plz.
"Sun: Scorpio Progressive Sun (Starts at a certain age, depending
I had forgotten what it was for a while that made Scorpio eyes crazy, but I just spent time with an old Scorpio friend of mine today, and the first 60 seconds of our meeting reminded me.

Scorpio eyes focus on you as if they're EXPECTING you to mess up, and they'll catch you when you tell one lie, especially if you're looking back at their steady gaze, you'll be unable to tell a bold-faced lie, Scorpio eyes are like an interrogation lamp that scatters the darkness that your secrets and impurities hide in. Scorpios realize that actions are much much louder that words, and that includes 'eye-action' - we read flickers of the eyes like an insightful novel! To the point that we can be pissed off at someone for their unspoken words and negative intentions much faster than simple spoken insults and forgiveable negative actions.

If eyes really are a windows to the soul, then most Scorpio Souls are on killing sprees 24/7, physically, sexually, emotionally, name it!
39 years old female from Johannesburg, South Africa
I am a 20 sumthing...Divorced mum to 2 Baby angel girls...just living life and
I think it's because we look to find something...Personally I try not to waste my time on people who are shallow and lack depth in personality...so I stare into their eyes...

After all the eyes are the window's to the soul...I love eye gazing...it's sooo intense and flirtacious...*spelling??

But sometimes we just get so lost in the intrigue of what the other is saying we lose track and forget the intensity of which we actually penetrate others with our eyes.

Also one of the first things that attracts me to a man is he's eyes...they must be the kind you can get lost in...and ofcourse a KILLER smile!!!

male from Canada
Scorpio Incitatus - Caligula's stallion he made a Senator - Retired to pasture
The eye thing - I don't quite understand it - but I have it.
I am a Scorpio grandfather and am single now.
This eye thing keeps happening and has been happening all my life. don't get me wrong - I enjoy the silent soulfull contact but I still don't understand it.

For example : I swimm everyday at the community pool - I am early retired and there aren't many women my age or my type with the free time I have - While I do my excersize routines in the water and warm up in the hot tub two of the young female life guards like to make eye contact with me, normally only one will be there but sometimes both are on shift at the same time - I'm not a letch leering at every young woman, in fact I am intimidated by the attraction and familiarity these girls exhibit - but they are beautiful and I love it when they wave to me or smile at me as they go by doing their jobs. Sure, they are just being nice and cheerfull to the clientelle but sometimes when they know they can't be observed, it's a pretty quiet pool, they will be in a position where we have to talk or greet each other then they gaze into my eyes and we drink in the fire. I don't want to ask if they are Scorpio - that would be assuming an intimacy that may be all imagined by myself so we remain flirts - I am about 30 years older than they are. Now there is another one - a new girl- she passes by me with a shy smile and displays herslf with the hair flips and fussing with her adornments and I catch her looking at me.

I've had lots of girl friends. My ex-wife and my last girlfriend were both older than me with daughters in their 30's. My daughters mother, a Scorpio, (never married to me) is now single and lives in the same city as I do. My life is filled with women.

I live alone and am lonely for the closeness and am trying not to make a fool of myself. I am trying to rekindle the spark of 35 years ago and hope to be loved again before I am the old fool.

What I don't understand is; why? Is this Scorpio eye-fire so rare? Are these young girls just practising their flirting skills with someone who looks into their eyes and only looks at their lovely bodies when invited to do so? They know how they affect me and I know they have some regard for me.

It's tough being Scorpio.

female from New York City
Im a true Scorpion Woman so dont mess around and get stung. October 25th Baby.
I guess you can say i'm starting to understand but what is it like thats the thing I really dont get everyone has eyes . My younger sister is a splitting image of me the same eyes and all. She's a Capricorn, however people will look her in the eye and that'll just be that but with me it's totally different. What's the difference from a Scorpio's gaze to a say, pisces, cap, or say Aquarius?
37 years old female
"Sun in Scorpio (The Sun is in Scorpio from approximately October 23 to Novemb
I guess it does make since,I tend to pay attention too much,being focused as where others aren't could probably be either frightening or a turn on for others.I avoid looking into peoples eyes unless thier intimate relationships to avoid scaring them or leading them on,I've also noticed im kinda expressive through the way I look at people.Scared the hell out of a few leos,of all signs leos,by certain looks and they actually caught on to reading the expressions and what they meant but I didn't mean it,they just temperally pissed me off.Based on me and other scorpios I know,I think it's just the unwavering effect and knowing that they are analysing everything.You can look at an aquarius,cappy,pisces,etc and know what thier intentions are,scorpios your not too sure about,virgos can have that effect too but it's not as concentrated.
windows to the one thing on your mind when it calls, as well as your soul
question, ever been w/ another scorpio?. i'm having an amazingly hard time w/ her eyes and talking seriously to her...so...?
I think if anything the only reason is because our own eyes convey that which resides in the soul. If the scorpio native is intense then that will be evidenced by the eyes.
People do have the ability to become aware of their own gaze though, you won't find everything you look for in the eyes... that's a myth in itself... highly inaccurate However, astrologically speaking a true scorp would see through that if ... blah blah and blah blah...
I do find that a lot of people are uncomfortable keeping eye contact though so maybe it isn't the gaze in itself that makes them look away.
The beauty of the eye is great though... two people can be speaking superficially with their lips but they're communicating volumes with their eyes, really amazing.... eh like everything in life!
The eyes are where it is at.

I am a pisces with a cancer ascendant, But since pisces is the "dustbin" of the zodiac (we have a bit of every sign in us)a tad bit of scorp in my pisces "been through all you other signs in past lives (LOL)" makes eye contact key to me.

I can not stand talking to people without looking in their eyes. I can not stand having people talk to me who do not look back into my eyes.

My bigest turn on!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ey Yae Yae...is eye contact.

I love scorpios because they are the only sign that can look me steadily in the eyes. Oh what eyes. LOL especialy you scorpio ascendants, with your dark deep large iris dreamy eyes.

Someone posted about pisces getting lost in scorpio eyes. yes we can and often do. but pisces get lost in rain drops or the play of sunlight on a leaf. Their are so many worlds within worlds for us to get lost in. But with scorps it is less us being trapped and more being us diving into them to touch your souls and explore your inner worlds. And believe me, pisces eyes have been known to trap a scorpio or 3 with all the mysteries and secrets we have garnished from exploring other worlds. And we all know scorps love mysteries and secrets.

Scorps will never admit it, BUT pisces is the one and only sign that can truly soften the rough edges on a scorp, sooth the intense inner self of a scorp, surprise a scorp, and enchant a scorp into our puppy dog soulful eyes.

Scorp eyes are piercing and deep, pisces eyes are soulful and contain the wisodm of the unseen.

Can't stand gemini eyes. Sorry gemini people, but you are too flighty for this pisces and it reflects in your eyes constantly fluttering and darting around without focusing on the people you are talking to.

Aries eyes are confrontational "wanna fight", but can easily be dominated without the aries even knowing it. Aries might be able to hold their own in a boxing match, but they always loose in the eye contact dance.

Taurus have nice large eyes, but lack what scorpio has in their eyes. Like a big contented bull sitting in a field munching on daisys. DON't Get them mad though.

Cancer eyes take a while to focus onto anothers eyes because those self protective crabs like to keep the shells on tight to protect their inner selves.

leos...LOL...Big roaring kitty cats that are easily led on a leash of you give them enough attention for their superstar large (often fragile) egos.

virgos. I could use your help in cleaning my house, but besides that you lack the sensuality that we pisces sense all around us in everything else that exists but you. sensuality is often too dirty for you neat freaks. Please come clean my house. LOL Your eyes can pick out the most minute speck of dust.

libras are all just looking for a leader. They can hold eye contact if slwoly walked into it and shown the wonders of it.

Scorps...well they don't say, "scorpio and pisces call to each other across space and time", for nothing. LOL supposedly even the dimensional divide of death can not seperate a scorpio pisces twin flame soul fusion. The eyes. Oh the eyes. What poems i could write about swimming in scorpio eyes. And yes, we pisces can discover a secret or 2 that you scorps think well locked down, by our simply swiming in your eyes.

Sagitarius. Too easily distracted by the flashy new thing over there. LOL Love you adventuresome sags, but you are so easily distracted by shiny things. Flash, sparkle, shinny new thing...........and the sagitarius are off and running after it.

capricorn eyes are great for looking at my tax papers, check book, and any beurocratic thing i can come up with. Their eyes pierce numbers and lists, but lack in dealing with the eyes of people.

aquarius. so like pisces yet so not like us. Quirky individualists that can rail on and on


the study of body language, states that 99% of all our communication is carried out by

body language, eye contact (which falls under body language), and tone of voice.

words themselves only make up 1% of our communications.
I think the the penetration of the eyes of a scorpio is true. I am a scorpio and seperated from my scorpio husband of 10 yrs. We both have thatlook in the eyes (intoxicating/intense eyes where they dont want to look away) or just to give ethem a cold look with the eyes (the death scare look) regardless of if that is how we feel or not. Scorps can make an illusion of what we want the other person to see. Both my husband and I use that with each other.
One of my coworker always says that I can say one thing and my eyes will say another and that when I want with out answering something, I will answer it and expresses my feelings by my looking at her. Now that I am dating again after 10 yrs, the guys that I have been in a romantic relationship says that they love the way I look at them with my eyes. Its like I look straight into them and that I can hold their gaze, or say alot with out speaking a word, or they say my look is so intense that it makes them feel like they are the only guy in the world. My current boyfriend calls it my "bedroom eyes". Though I know others who arent scorpios that have these penetrating eyes but know how to use it, but its one of the main traits of the Scorpios. Its starts in the eyes before anything wild and profound happens in teh bedroom. Its like foreplay or a magic spell we have to allure our victims (LOL).
I have noticed when people look in my eyes they feel nearly powerless. But thats only most people. Most scorpio peoples eyes are bigger, anyone notice that? In lies a portion of every scorpio's dark passions.
I'm a Virgo :)
Oh come on Scorpio's eyes are not that intense. Or at least not to me. I have known my Scorpio since I was six and now we are married. He has tried to use those 'penetrating' stares on me and they have never worked. Maybe I am just a rare case. However, I will say that his eyes are very beautiful.
You must not have seen the true depth of a Scorpion then
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