When Scorpio's say it's over, is it really over?

"I am a Cap, I been through so much crap, I feel like I have no heart left. I l
Hey guy's it's been a while, and their has been some major drama, remeber all the crap me and my Scorp were going through, we finally moved into together things have been good on our end. But sometimes I feel like he does not completely love me. I mean I know he does, but let me clarify. He use to be with this girl before me and it was is first love, well his faimly hates her she is a Taurus, they say every since she came into his life she screwed him up, he can be a dick sometimes and they sy he never use to be like that untill he and her split up. They tell me that she had him wrapped around her little finger. Well now she is married, and you guy's know me and him have a child together he is 2. I hate this C*nt B**ch!!
This is what has happened I posted it on Taurus board below is a copy....

Ok, where do I start, I am in a relationship with a Scorpio Man I have known him forever I went to school with him and we use to hang out in the same group of friends. Well I also know his Ex, she also hung out with us, and only because he introduced her to us. 10 years later after a divorce and 2 children we run into each other, he also has 2 children from his ex, we went to school with (TAURUS) ARE YOU FOLLOWING, ok we been seeing each other for almost 3-4 years now during this time his ex got married, and me and him had a child together. Well let me tell you we have had some ups and downs, I F**kin hate this girl, I never use to hate her but she seems to continually cause butter, either it's about their children, child support, or she is just upset because I had his child! She is always asking there children questions about me when they come back from weekend visits, was I there was my son there, and bla, bla, bla. She is married what is her deal??? Is she Jealous, hurt, does she still love him, I mean what the F**k!!
Well lately she has been talking non-stop sh**t (DRAMA QUEEN) I finally got tired of it, and we had words, and that led to fist fight, I socked her up, and my guy was there, (her ex). I noticed on some phone bills when he calls her before the kid weekend visits they are on the phone from any where to 20-26 min. that is a long time to be talking about the kids. I don?t know if I am over reacting but I hate her, she is always telling him why is she with you, why does she have to be part of your life, don?t bring her when you pick up the kid's. It is none of her damn business, she is married move on and get over it!!! So I have questions, she is a Taurus, do you have any insight to this mess??? I am a Capricorn, he is a Scorpio.....

Ok, I did not say every thing after our quarel she said * you dont even know how much b*tter he talks about you.... Do you think this is true? Does he tell me one thing and her another, because he still cares about her???

Now, when me and him met he was broken up with her for about 3 years, but I stiil had doubts that he was still in love with her. See the reason they brok up was because she was seeing some one else, and she moved a guy into her home after he moved out. So he claims that was it, he would never go back... but sometimes I wonder, I mean I know I wake up to him every morning but is heart fully mine??? And can it ever be?? I refuse to be second, if I am not first in is heart, I will not stay... I am a Capricorn, I have to much pride, and I am very stubborn.

37 years old female
That's a really tough one. Because there's kids involved.

As a scorpio myself, if I have the smallest feelings left in me (it's actually more of a sense of loyalty sometimes, not always love as we know it), I may want to go back to the love that never worked out--I also have a Capricorn moon. For it to be over, I have to know there's absolutely no chance. 100% . Then again, because Scorps sting, they wouldn't want to give their ex who hurt them so much the pleasure of having them back so easily. They'd also not leave their current lover hanging, they're very loyal in that sense. Scorpios are not as selfish as they seem. If he's mature enough, he should know what to do.

If he says he's over her you have to believe him. If you sense that he isn't, then you're probably right too--women have a way of knowing. But you can't live like this.

You're right, you deserve to be the first. It's just that...How do we ever know what's going on in someone's head really, no matter what they say? (just a thought)

Go with the instincts. Good luck.
37 years old female
"Sun in Scorpio (The Sun is in Scorpio from approximately October 23 to Novemb
The kids come first,it doesn't matter if thier her kids or yours.Coming from another scorpio-no,I wouldn't take back someone who cheated on me but if there was kids involved,there's no way in hell im about to neglect them to please another boyfriend either.It wouldn't say much in a good way about this person if thier jealous of a child and putting limits on them.It might be good to at least act civil around each other and stop all the catty stuff because the kids are going to be graduating,getting married,having kids of thier own and all of you are going to be there or would like to be.It's not going to be that cut and dry.Tell to him to have a talk with her and yourself(the insecurities about your being loved) too,he's going to have to be the initiater/negotiater of it as to avoid unnessacery,jealousy crap being thrown back and forth between the two of you to actually get anywhere,if any.Tauruses tend to be more stubborn and demanding than cappys,she may be very difficult and take awhile to talk sense into though.BTW,do you by chance know if she's playing the you can't see your kids with some of this stuff too?He has legal rights to see them if he's paying child support,just as an incentive,thats only a fear me trip she got going if so.He could take her to court for refusing the visitation.
I just can't.
As a Scorpio - once it is over it's done, finished, fini, caio, see ya!!! I don't dwell on the past. When I have had my full of something or it's just not going to work, after putting effort and energy into it. Then, it is over.
from Atlanta, Georgia, United States
I agree with the other Scorps.

When they say it is done, it is done, period. Even my ex-Scorp man who incidentally took me back (due to my feminine Cancer wiles) said once he is gone, he doesn't look back.

So does my sister the Scorp. It takes alot for them to leave if they REALLY love you, but when they do...OUTTIE with no chance of coming back! Don't worry so much about him, if he is fulfilling your needs then give him the benefit of the doubt that he might really love you but not express it the way you feel he should. GOod luck!


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