Whose your favorite MLB team? Were they always your favorite or did you switch to a new one at one point in your life? Post some highlights of games from this year (or previous if you'd like) to showcase your favorite if you'd like to. Also. W
People want to count you out so bad be/c they are mad you could possibly be better than their sons etc... but he is determined to keep going....he is really good but favor is not in his corner. he needs to find a football agent that will help him get to w
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIwpxPjRZLc I only recall talking hockey with like 2 or 3 people here before most of whom I think are long gone, but Ill try and spread the seed of interest in the NHL. The season began a little over 2 weeks ago St
Im sure that if you lift light-medium for hundreds of reps you get a more perfect body. You can always lift heavy on other days....
John Cena and Brie Bella Love Story https://youtu.be/efsAu6E3L8E
I don't know about women, but since men usually go for the aggressive, very high risk sports, and a lot of them die, (many get into accidents) but if they do, they are out of commission which sucks for their career. Now, this is a terrible thing if
Hi its me again.still cant get over my Aqua man. Having to fast movement in our new dating time n he said we need to slow down.He changed alots.bcome cold,not exciting,we still texting sometimes but normally he was sweeter..i think as a libra i showed
Being South African I love Rugby, But this song was so beautiful it gave me goosebumps. Dedicated to Joost van der Westhuizen who finally lost his brave fight against motor neurone disease. aged 45. I had the pleasure of watching my country win the w
Who is your favorite sport athlete? Which teams are you big fans of?
http://larrybrownsports.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/jon-hamm-cubs.jpg In case you don't know, he is sitting at Wrigley Field wearing a Saint Louis Cardinals hat with the logo from the last time the Cubs won the World Seri
Hi, Can anyone like WWE? Who will be the next WWE champion?
Who saw smackdown last night
Anyone from Cleveland knows why he was crying when the Cavaliers won the NBA championship tonight. Well done Cavs!
What a great guy. Love his sense of humor. *^___^*
Originally posted in the Libra forum but perhaps this is a better spot. Do any of you snowboard, skateboard or longboard? My brother, some friends and I love hitting up the pass in the mountains during winter to snowboard. Especially for fresh powder,
So I go to the gym and I notice the same group of people at the same time, and most people put effort into their gym clothes. Mine are boring so I was buying some more, I wont say which brand, but then I looked on a body building type forum and they were
I really believed that Gun Runner was going to win the Kentucky Derby. Niquist is amazing, no doubt. But, Gun Runner is a better, faster horse. The jockey treetrunked up that for him. He should have won. And now, today, he was pulled out of the Preak
Come with your thinking cap on and a diverse group of people. You'll need all kinds of problem solvers and a little bit of luck to get out of the escape rooms. Beat The Clock Escape Game provides all you would love to do. It's a lot of fun to watch everyo
Which is better: if i doing yoga at morning (after wake up) and go runing at night? Or reverse? My goal is get up to a good fettle
ESPN, Yahoo, Draft Kings.. Doesn't matter. Keep me updated on your rosters, standings, and winnings
Pre-Season USA Today Coaches Poll 1 Ohio State(62) 2 TCU(1) 3 Alabama(1) 4 Baylor 5 Oregon 6 Michigan Sta
Pre-Season Week 1 Thursday, August 13 New Orleans Baltimore 6:30 PM Green Bay New England 6:30 PM New Yo
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Everyone wants to hold one, but eventually they end up popping it or letting it go.... Ladies, True or false ?! 🎈👨🏻✌🏻
Looking at my placement for Jupiter and it's in CANCER my rising sign. I would think it'd be in the 1st house, but its in the 12th at 0'28 degree. Is there anything you guys can make of this placement? Virgo (Sun), Cancer ASC. 1st house Cance
Why does it turn you off when a guy honestly tells you that he is into beautiful women? It's kind of weird knowing that you spend lots of money and efforts to look good but you still end up saying "I don't like men like that; I want men who are not int
As a guy born in the 1980s, I've always looked up to Gen Xers. I like their music, fashion, and everything else they like. :)
Hi guys, so basically there is this gemini. Who seems to be rather dependant to me to find out more about my scorpio friend. How can I make myself not to look awkward. Coz I feel rather awkward right now. I'm prolly exaggerating. But here's the backgro
Ive done a synastry and composite chart for a person and I, and there were ALOTTTT of pluto hard aspects. Some of the hard aspects were Venus-Pluto, Mercury-pluto, Mars-Pluto, Ascendant-Pluto etc... I'm kind of nervous, should I take this as RED FLA
Tell me what you see folks.. http://i.imgur.com/iSC7Tmk.png
meow... meow... meow... meow... (I hungry, Seraphina)
Would you say your sex drive/interest in sex is higher than average? If you've dated an Aquarius, what was your experience?
What happens if you don't give a Libra attention anymore like you used to do? Like always spoil them. Go see them. Bring them gifts. Etc. Would they try to get your attention again or would they not care & let it be.
Would you start off by selling your friends numbers to the highest bidder?
NOT music from the christian or gospel genres but, from secular music. They are often the last songs on rock and rap CDs.... sometimes the "b sides." These songs mentiin or about God in a positive but, real life way. I need to expand this particular
Do you have any exalted placements? if so, what are they?
Only people who go through this need respond or people who at least know someone who goes through this When is the last time you had one? Did the even occur ? And did it play out exactly the way you saw it ?
Can you guys make an relations to her personality and chart? She seems to like attention... typical Leo trait. Also Cap rising? I dont think she seems like a Capricorn rising... tell me what you guys think. Im trying to make sense of her chart... http:
Oh my God you guys. I'm going to tell you about the first time I sucked a chicken. Mmk. This dude's name started with an R and he became my first love. *giggles* We were sitting on his couch at like 4:00AM on a summer night, all our friends in the base
I feel like I'm in endless purgatory. A mutual jealous Pisces friend is causing issues. I have a feeling the drama associated with it is gonna cause him to cancel on me. He already just drove an hour out of town and doesn't know how long he will be stayin