I'm talking near mind-numbing detail. The closer to Enclyopedia length the better. Astrological connections, numerology connections, history of the cards as a game, history of the cards as an occult practice and artists for various decks. What about d
if this always comes up in relationship readings what could it mean?
I did two single card spreads. I asked how my ex feels about me right now after the break up and I got Temperance. Then I asked how he's feeling about the break-up itself and got Justice. Can anyone elaborate on what this means?
Hello! Would love opinions on this spread as it came back as so interesting with the cards I pulled. Background; the Querent and this guy have been dating a little but aren't committed to a relationship yet. They had an argument, and the querent
The Lovers, The Magician, The Fool It seemed like a confusing combination and with them all being majors I felt like there was a strong message there for me!
What do you think of this combo? Always that order, first the Lovers then the tower falls out a second or two later. Positive interpretations? Negative interpretations? Advice? Outcome? These have been reoccuring lately. Often with aces, four of wa
Relationship potential with someone very very new... 5 of Pentacles/King of Cups/Queen of Swords I am assuming King of Cups is him and Queen of Swords me. I have been pretty emotionally unavailable for relationships for awhile, pretty much av
I have been in a very, very difficult phase lately after a very long term relationship ended last year. I have put in a lot of work, a LOT, to heal myself and learn and grow and come into my own and become more "grounded". I have NOT been emotionally avai
So for a love reading I did, I got the following as outcome (in order, not sure if it matters, Im new to it for the most part); King of Pentacles, The Emperor, The Hermit, Three of Wands. I feel that someone is making a love offer based off of a spi
http://www.lunalunamagazine.com/dark/tarot-reading-for-introspection Luna Luna magazine is awesome!
How do you see this personality type? What do you think are his positives? His negatives? Which astro association do you think he’s closest to, Aries or Leo? How would compare him as a personality versus feelings? How do you see this personal
Is amazing...YouTube
I tried this site and found the reading to be really useful. http://spiritualguidancetarot.com/free3cardtarotreading.html This is what my reading said. The body Ace of swords Body Aces signify new beginnings and opportunities brought about
I did a 2 card reading on someone's thoughts and feelings for me. I have had a thing for the guy for awhile & sometimes I think it's reciprocated & other times I'm unsure. Anyway, I'm relatively new to tarot & especially new to reversals, of which both tu
I did a single spread and asked how this guy feels about me and I got the devil. Is it as bad as it sounds???
I did a 2 card reading on someone's thoughts and feelings for me. I have had a thing for the guy for awhile & sometimes I think it's reciprocated & other times I'm unsure. Anyway, I'm relatively new to tarot & especially new to reversals, of which both tu
https://youtu.be/v4C5ltgnSHE 12 October 2017 (check out the youtube video Karleen made yesterday "for" today 12 Oct 17 from Aries thru Pisces). Check out her website for how much she charges for some many minutes. DXP members, most of you know my "
anybody else had this? example: 6 of pentacles right when tSun trine tNeptune and tNept trine nNept suggests being helpful and idealistic about it. or am I exagerating?
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