I pulled this card in the future place of a past/present/future draw (past four of pentacles, present the empress, future the tower reversed). I think I know what it means; interpretations welcome ;)
If anyone follows or watches a few readers, do they come up with similar readings ever? Otherwise how can it be seen as accurate?
Recently a close friendship of mine has become rocky. I asked the cards what I should expect to happen in the future. I pulled 8 of Wands reversed and the 6 of Wands. I'm not sure how to interpret them together. I'm still learning how to read cards togeth
I'm fairly new to tarot. Started dabbling a while ago and have started doing more readings for others. Got a wild hair to try something different. So I did a relationship spread on me and the fella that's I've been dealing with all this year. I did a
Hi! I have a question in regards to buying a tarot deck. I've been looking around online for the prices of tarot decks here in my country, and boy are they quite expensive. :( But I saw this in an online store for like $15 only: [img]http://i.imgur
Any other females have a male significator? When I do tarot readings for myself often the King of Swords comes up, mostly when it's a work reading. When butter is going to hell The Tower comes up in my readings alot which seems to be my other significat
Hili, Can anyone help me with this card? Im seeing this guy and we've gone from once a week to seeing twice a week now, yes he's taurus and i love the depth of the intensity as we go as opposed to something flighty. However, of recent i asked th
My energy is very potent [img]http://i.imgur.com/FVl5Vq2.gif[/img]
I laid out four cards and asked how would a young woman i know who has been very sick and still is, cope with the final exams at school...they last for nine days 9 swords Empress 10 swords (reversed) Knight Cups Any thoughts would be appreciated?
When I am looking at tarot reading online it always says try again... So it seems like you can sit there and draw 24/7 which seems invalid to me. What do you say?
Can someone help me understand this? I have done a few different personal spreads. (for both practice and advice) I gave gotten a few times even though they are different spreads, when it comes to my relationship with a a certain someone and I kee
I recently got a tarot reading from a woman I'm subbed to on youtube. I asked if I'd see an old friend again. This is what she said: 1. Past – 2 of Pentacles – Things may have been up and down in your relationship with your friend in the past. This card
I asked how does he feel about me? King of Pentacles What does he want with me? Four of Wands Will I hear from him? Star I didn't pull a clarifier... But it struck me that there wasn't any Cups esp when it comes to feelings. Would appreci
Hello again! I hope you can help me with this tarot reading please. This is just something I got online so not so sure about the accuracy. Though the last time I got a reading from there it resonated with me when @Shrewdsharp interpreted it for me, so
This was what I got when I asked: What was the purpose of that love event (the failed almost relationship with the Gemini) So what does it mean if the sun was the purpose? And some time before this I asked what the outcome between us will be and
I did a three card layout about a love interest''s feelings toward me. The lay out is as follows: Position 1 for what's known: 7 of cups Position 2 for what's unknown: 10 of cups Position 3 for what I need to know: 8 of pentacles We are not together,
Very excited to have received my first Rider Waite tarot deck. Now I need to learn the spreads.. Anyone knows a website to recommend ? Also, hmm I'm planning on only doing readings whenever someone asks me. I'm not very into doing readings to
The Hanged Man 4 of Wands Knight of Cups I understand that the Hanged Man is telling me to wait or 'surrender' the universe and let things fall as they may but i don't fully understand the next 2 cards. 4 of wands is celebration and being content
I have done a few online, does anyone who is into Tarot want to do a Zodiac spread for me please?
Can anybody please help me interpret this reading? I would really appreciate it. View post on imgur.com
If someone can, please, I would really appreciate that.. Thanks 😊
Well, I met up with a friend of mine on Friday and found out my ex is doing really badly. We broke up over a year ago now and he is also seeing someone new. But I guess is still a mess. His brother told my friend, "if he continues down the path he is on h
Curious, what you guys read here: Relationship and it's qualities Reading: Position 1: it's energy - 8 of cups Position 2: it's communication - The Lovers Position 3: it's strength - 10 of swords Position 4: it's weakness - 8 of cups Position 5
I asked; where will this relationship go from here? Past Ace of Cups Present 6 of Wands Future Death WTF!
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I sent a picture of a female celebrity my guy friend likes and i said "issa cake" lol as in she looks delicious then he replied saying "ur a cake" and i was like what kinda fked up cake is that. He was like "a cake that is u" We were talking about picku
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