How important do you see your personal energy is to your readings for others? I watch a lot of different readers online and know a few in real life. I'm in a state of learning and observing different styles. I'll notice some have a great rawness to the
Just found my favorite on YouTube! I just can't get to his personal reading. Will try. If you find it - share.
I've been getting these two cards in readings a lot lately. No matter the question, love, general, career. Mainly as archetype and spiritual/outcome cards, however they appear so frequently they occasionally are in other positions. Despite reading onl
I just received my Pocket Tarot deck in the mail today. 😊 they're small enough for my hands and easier to shuffle Yay! πŸ™Œ In celebration of this, I will give One card readings (most likely with a clarifier) So ask a SIMPLE question. No Yes/No questi
I just pulled one card, no spread or anything. The question was, How is he feeling towards me now? I pulled the 9 of swords As I read the description, I'm still a novice at tarot reading, I noticed that's how I was feeling a couple of days ago
This is my cat She has gone missing for four days...never happened before. I fear the worst as she never strays Can someone pull a card or two and see what comes up? Thanks x
I recently got a reading about my relationship with a friend that moved away last year. The cards I got were Past: 4 of cup Present: 6 of cups Future: Page of pentacles Any thoughts?
Hello, I am kind of lost in my life right now. My sun sign is Sag, my moon sign is Libra, and my rising sign is Leo. I am 31 single, no kids and I was a teacher but I don't think that is going to workout for me. So I was wondering if anyone could do a ca
I pulled myself some cards. 2 cards for each month. The cards very pretty good. Expect for September where I got 8 of cups and death together. What could that mean? Background info: me and my bf decided to stay as friends yesterday (cause I'm a b
The Fool Reversed Clarified by The Magician I've gotten this combination before as advice but I'm not sure what it means. Would love your thoughts 😊
In a couple of readings the guy I'm interested in came up as the 5 of cups. Coincidentally the same day I stalk his IG (I don't have him) and he had a post saying Feeling some type of way. Wondering if he is depressed?
What does this reading mean? [img][/img]
it's been gone from my list for a while now and I never see any threads or posts on my board either. Any clue?
Someone posted Ivan's Tarot last night. I can't find July reading for Gemini. How do you navigate it? Is it possible she didn't do it? Darn! Sxorpio was so accurate it's mind blowing... I want mine!!! 😭
Had reading on the same subject from few of my favorite advisers on KEEN and then 4 Tarot readings on YouTube. I can't belive everyone said the same thing. I WAS spending time clicking on random readings and it's been so in tune! IVANA Tarot was th
Any other females have a male significator? When I do tarot readings for myself often the King of Swords comes up, mostly when it's a work reading. When butter is going to hell The Tower comes up in my readings alot which seems to be my other significat
Who should I choose, my libra guy, or cancer. Please do a reading.
I'm kind of in a place where my future is very... Uncertain. Where am I headed?
It was a one card pull and I asked why someone did something. It was a good gesture just that I didn't expect it at all. Maybe after a year or two. I hope there isn't anything manipulative about this card.
@AnemaA08 Usually I see the moon being a bad card and I run away as quickly as possible in that card shows up but if it's clarified by the four of Wands then a lot of the insecurities fears and things that are hidden from Plainview that the person is e
anybody else had this? example: 6 of pentacles right when tSun trine tNeptune and tNept trine nNept suggests being helpful and idealistic about it. or am I exagerating?
I recently got a tarot reading from a woman I'm subbed to on youtube. I asked if I'd see an old friend again. This is what she said: 1. Past – 2 of Pentacles – Things may have been up and down in your relationship with your friend in the past. This card
Will this be a long-term relationship? The Past - The Hermit, Present - Death, Future - Judgment
I m still friends with my ex. Does he want more than just being friends? Or its just friendship between him and me? I would appreciate if anyone can..
Is my libra upset with me, or is he over this friendship.
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I used to be a good at reading in high school. Always would raise my hand to read for the class. But I've seemed to have lost that aspect. Like I feel its more of a chore than anything. I can never focus. My mind always drifts to somewhere else. Usually m
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