Can anyone help shed some light on this spread?
Yeah I know, I'm not supposed to ask the tarot about feelings but my friend was really upset and isn't sure if he just uses her to stroke his ego or something. I asked: What are his overall feelings for her/the most consistent way he's felt for her.
Object - Travis 7 of Coins 3 of Swords Strength 8 of Coins The Sun Page of Cups 5 of Coins 2 of Cups The Hierophant 9 of Cups
I just laid out three cards (non-spread, just an overview) for this question: "What does this person need to feel loved?" Then I selected these card: [IMG][/IMG] I see it as this person needs a sense of belon
Did a spread for a friend but not sure how to interpret this. I don't do reversals. 2 questions: 1) What was his intention for contacting her? 9 of pentacles clarified by King of Swords I interpret that as he just wanted to talk with her. But
Hello, my sister is in an abusive relationship with a man who speaks down to her, but she is financially dependent on him. She just got a new job, will she leave or stay with him. First card - How she sees herself - Justice What she most wants in thi
I noticed that if I get impatient and I over-ask a question (we all know when were doing it) I'll pull a spread that is all or almost all swords, which is rare to begin with, and it is my sign like “stop asking this, take a step back, find clarity” etc.
What is your interpretation of this? My question was, "will we fall in love?" (a guy I just started seeing). Look I know this is not a good question to ask Tarot. But I did, so sue me. This is what I pulled: The Moon, The Empress and The Hieroph
Ok so I've been going to psyhics for awhile now and I've been getting readings now they all tell me something different but they always some how refer to this guy ( they keep saying it's my ex) they keep saying he's coming back he isn't going to change do
Hello there, I am deciding between 2 guys. Option 1 is my ex, who contacted me a few weeks ago but is MIA right now. Option 2 is a new guy whom I have been chatting with for the past couple of weeks. I want to know if I should wait for my ex or if I shoul
This Taurus female is having work related problems subsequently we didn't talk yesterday like we usually do for hours. My phone dropped in the toilet yesterday evening, so I don't know if she called or texted last evening. She is very stubborn if she
Ok so I've been going to psyhics for awhile now and I've been getting readings now they all tell me something different but they always some how refer to this guy ( they keep saying it's my ex) they keep saying he's coming back he isn't going to change do
In doing a daily tarot one card draw reading, I began to draw the death card frequently. I know the death card does not mean physical death, but it made me take notice. Within a few days, I got news of two deaths. The mother of a friend died and one of MY
you ask a question and a card comes up as an answer?
This widower recently lost her mother. What does love look like in her present and near future. I. Overview - 4 of coins 2. Obstacle - Fool 3. Crowing - Empress 4. Supporting card - Magican 5. recent past - 6 of cups 6. future - Knight
Hi guys, it's the time again for opening my online tarot 'booth' - lol I've just bought a new deck and I would love to play with it for a short while but I'm running out of questions to ask XD So for the first 5 of ya'll will get a reading for any t
Tarot of the imagination is mine. :-)
i'm no good with tarot reading but i wanted to ask a question and hoped you guys could help out. i'm kind of stuck in a fork in the road at the moment, struggling to see what direction i should take... i ask the tarot if going to university to study so
Does anyone know which deck this card comes from...i came across the image online but couldn't trace where it is from? Thanks :) [IMG][/IMG]
drew these exact 3 the same form, twice. having trouble interpreting... could use some input (:
Ask me a question, be rather specific, avoid subjective question and expect none but suggestions from this reading. I will draw cards for you and let me know what I see. I just need something to keep myself busy and my mind occupied.
Just lol, the title. But do you guys can relate to this? Sometimes I 'get' messages from a card (cards) that don't talk about the topic I'm consulting about but more to their "opinion" or "situation" It's almost like they're speaking to me, eg.
First card - Justice Second card - opposition - Strength third card- message from the higher self - 3 of cups Fourth card- crowning the situation - 3 of wands Past- 8 of wands near future - seven of wands self- 2 of coins outside inf
Will my video "4. Codependence" get a lot of views on YouTube? Celtic Cross First Card- general environment - 5 of coins Second card - cross the first - 9 of swords Crowning card - 8 of wands supporting card - ace of swords past -
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I want you to put all your astrology knowledge into this! I don't know his hour of birth, so in the best case scenario his moon is at 25 conjunct my stelliumand in the worst it's at 6 degrees making no aspects to my personal planets. I know I already m
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Every degree of the zodiac is allocated a very specific symbol, called a Sabian symbol (total of 360 Sabian symbols) From what I read, each planet in your natal chart is connected to a specific Sabian symbol including the four angles: the Midheaven or
Does anybody else here enjoy this with their partner? Also, does anybody have a good knowledge on how to properly shibari?
The Sun still semi-square Venus. There seems to be a minor tension between our activities and our cooperation, love energy. Maybe what we do daily is not in harmony with our individual values. Or perhaps there may be minor obstacles in achieving the type
Gems always come back .. Whether it's a friendship or relationship .. It never fails .. At least not with me
Hey kitties, I have a huge crush on this older Leo fellow. So handsome, he makes my heart melt *sighs The thing is that he is now lovelorn over a Taurus Sun, Scorpio moon woman who kinda broke his heart. I feel bad for him and I wish I were closer to
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AUDREY HEPBURN Rising Aquarius Sun 13°07' Taurus Moon 6°27' Pisces Mercury 0°19' Gemini Venus 22°47' Я Aries Mars 25°09' Cancer Jupi
Are you one or do you know anyone who is vegan?
Or take it easy... How do you think positive when you can't even think straight? Who came up with this phrase? And what does it mean? When shrinks tell you that I am wondering if you just got a picture of your wife screwing your friend - would
Cmon guys, this is 2017... Someone should add a search bar in each forum. One search bar above Aries, one for Taurus, one for Gemini.... basically one advanced search bar for each sign, section of the website. you get the picture.. I would love t
It seems to control my actions in life. It even at some point always seems to make me cut someone off. I finally cut someone off awhile ago that I'd accually would want back in life the matter what the relationship was but I can't ever feel like the cookiemonster
Hello guys, A while ago I had a problem with a Virgo man. I decided to keep it cool between us, we are not together anymore but last week we went for a coffee through mutual friends. It looks like they need my help because I show up to uni more often
does anyone use them? i get it, they don't do butter for you if you don't do butter to begin with. but i think they can be useful, for me at least, when i get my butt moving i'm not ragging on fitbits..... but mine sucks. it's the chargehr, i didn't spri