Could someone help me interpret the cards? I am deciding whether there is any potential with this person (an old flame). I was just thinking of this person when I drew the cards online. I am not sure why certain cards appeared more than once. Thanks in ad
I recently got a tarot reading from a woman I'm subbed to on youtube. I asked if I'd see an old friend again. This is what she said: 1. Past – 2 of Pentacles – Things may have been up and down in your relationship with your friend in the past. This card
the moon, death and wheel of fortune are the cards I pulled when I ask "how does he feel about me" these can all be interpreted so many different ways so I asked for a clarifying card and pulled.. the tower. thoughts?
Just pulled one card for me asking if I am going to be with him and then one cars for him asking if he is going to be with me. Same card It is a miraculous card which means that despite everything goes wrong, The Magician overturns the negativity and gi
How would you interpret 6 of wands as someone's feelings towards you? It's already been established that were attracted to one another etc.
This was done for me in regards to a relationship that just ended...wanted a second explanation on the meaning. Thank you! Relationship ended somewhat mutually only because he said he didn't know what he wanted (after telling me he loved me only wanted me
Im dating a aquarius-sun Taurus-moon man, and im aquarius-sun Gemini-moon woman.
been seeing a guy for a few weeks. were both pretty apprehensive about relationships, just having fun and what not. ive been hurt, so has he. we have great conversation and have fun together, very open about discussion our pasts and our inner thoughts and The ques
Is anyone available Right Now to do a Tarot Reading for me--and I'll give you a reading as well but later when I'm home from work? 'My cups over floweth '...The Ace of Cups is a very powerful, positive omen relating to love, happiness, and affection. Like all the aces though, it is about new begi
I saw them on the Lotus tarot page, but couldn't see the name of them... Thanks x :) [IMG][/IMG]
For anyone who owns a tarot deck....pull a card for the person above you I will be using Morgan greer deck :) [IMG][/IMG]
Did a 3 card reading for another friend. This is a guy she just met. What are his intentions with her? I got Temperance Nine of swords Seven of cups Not sure if I should read as--he's trying to balance out worry and anguish by having options
Just lol, the title. But do you guys can relate to this? Sometimes I 'get' messages from a card (cards) that don't talk about the topic I'm consulting about but more to their "opinion" or "situation" It's almost like they're speaking to me, eg.
Ok so I've been going to psyhics for awhile now and I've been getting readings now they all tell me something different but they always some how refer to this guy ( they keep saying it's my ex) they keep saying he's coming back he isn't going to change do
Hi Everyone, I've never had someone do Tarot cards and they've always peaked my interest...anyone out there willing to help this Aquarius out with a reading? I'm in a little unease place at the moment and need a few questions answered. Greatly appreci
I noticed that if I get impatient and I over-ask a question (we all know when were doing it) I'll pull a spread that is all or almost all swords, which is rare to begin with, and it is my sign like “stop asking this, take a step back, find clarity” etc.
Can anyone help shed some light on this spread?
Yeah I know, I'm not supposed to ask the tarot about feelings but my friend was really upset and isn't sure if he just uses her to stroke his ego or something. I asked: What are his overall feelings for her/the most consistent way he's felt for her.
Object - Travis 7 of Coins 3 of Swords Strength 8 of Coins The Sun Page of Cups 5 of Coins 2 of Cups The Hierophant 9 of Cups
I just laid out three cards (non-spread, just an overview) for this question: "What does this person need to feel loved?" Then I selected these card: [IMG][/IMG] I see it as this person needs a sense of belon
Did a spread for a friend but not sure how to interpret this. I don't do reversals. 2 questions: 1) What was his intention for contacting her? 9 of pentacles clarified by King of Swords I interpret that as he just wanted to talk with her. But
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