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By LadyCloeMarch 12, 2019 6:11am — 28 replies
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Quick and easy question regarding a tarot reading.
i asked if someone was trust worthy and i got- seven of cups ace of swords and six of pentacles i mean ace of swords is the sign of cutting through bs but the seven of cups through me off yay or nay on this
Love reading
what does it mean when 3 of cups is next to 8 of cups and 2 of swords as outcome im the 3 of cups the other person is the 8 of cups im learning tarot but i bought the wild unknown deck still figuring out the cards today i got a reading which made
what’s a good tarot spread for this situation?
this guy i like and want and will have is in a karmic relationship right now she cheated on him twice like first 2 weeks of dating he forgave her because they were friends first and he said he understands having sex with someone her abusive mentally em
Can anyone help me with a tarot reading interpretation?
i had a reading because i m planning on seeing a friend july 9 1994 i recently reconnected with next year and wondering if more will develop after or during the trip the cards i got were 6 of cups temperance king of cups the lovers and ace of penta
Christelle Martinette
https m youtube com channel ucesjfjpneeolgi82e-0tvya it s for aries she talks about what to expect for each sign with every sign very interesting
New Cards
i just bought my first tarot deck rider waite where did you guys learn the tarot
I have Tarot (Free) cards to give away
im me with your po box number cyber hugs love eva
Judgement as relationship advice outcome
i did a three card spread asking about relationship advice to help better the issues ongoing with my boyfriend long story short he has a substance abuse problem and it caught up to him getting him into a bit of trouble last night i knew he had this pr
How can I use tarot to do a month forecast?
hey guys im new to tarot and have seen some videos of people doing forecasts on youtube id like to do some for myself but im unsure of what spreads i can use can you guys suggest a few that i can try out -ownard
How do clairvoyant see stuff?
so i had my first ever professional reading by a lovely lady who is a clairvoyant clairaudient and clairsentient i didnt really know what to expect but she gave me a really precise description of a new love interest coming in for me out of curiosit