Help interpreting reversals, please..

I did a 2 card reading on someone's thoughts and feelings for me. I have had a thing for the guy for awhile & sometimes I think it's reciprocated & other times I'm unsure. Anyway, I'm relatively new to tarot & especially new to reversals, of which both tu
  • I did a 2 card reading on someone's thoughts and feelings for me. I have had a thing for the guy for awhile & sometimes I think it's reciprocated & other times I'm unsure. Anyway, I'm relatively new to tarot & especially new to reversals, of which both turned out to be reversed cards. The 1st was Ace of Cups rx for his thoughts about me & the 2nd card was 2 of Pentacles for his feelings for me. Can someone please help me interpret these? Thanks in advance!
  • Ace of Cups rx - Non-activity is draining your energy. You are bored - you need "change" and new goals. Your life is at a standstill - you are feeling depressed, unwanted and you need a spiritual uplift. You are experiencing difficulty with a new beginning or the completion of an old emotional issue and it is creating a blockage in the heart, genital or solar plexus chakra. There may be too much of an opening or a problem with timing. You can bring about your own unhappiness by not recognizing what life has to offer you or by reacting violently when what you really need is "calm". When it "appears" that life has turned against you - accept that problems as well as joy are a natural part of the life experience. It is time for you to allow your "Inner" Self to explore and find a purpose. Experience your emotional balance - be willing now to nurture, support, comfort and heal yourself in equal proportions to how you would nurture, support, comfort and heal another. Trust your feelings - express them openly without over-extending or over-protecting yourself emotionally. Demonstrate your love with a clear, trusting, open heart

    2 of Pentacles rx- You are adaptable, easy-going with friends and associates and this makes you vulnerable to the influence of individuals or mass opinion. When you feel life is pushing you around and you don't know where you are going - look around for the deeper meaning to your experience. Note any similarities to past events - then compare them, so that you will have the vision to find a new direction.
    You have become overly passive to the point of inactivity. Waiting and watching - afraid to jump into the heat and passion of life and now, the game of life has become forced. Is your disorganization is causing the difficulty? Consider a completely new approach. Faced with some problem or social pressure, you have chosen not to make a fuss - pretending to yourself and others by taking everything "lightly". Things will always straighten themselves out. You may receive discouraging news - but you should keep trying. This is not a time of disappointment, but a time of expansion. Balanced changes in your relationships and work that can re-balance your life experiences. Positive change that is stable, solid and secure.

    Difficulties with physical choices or competitive situations. Enjoining the battle, as opposed to seeking a solution. Confrontation replaces competition. Your winning requires someone else to loose or visa versa. Physical importance, a lack of means, of choice in the matter. Too good a neighbor on one extreme or not at all a good neighbor on the other. Intrusive, nosy, rude, clumsy. Physically less attractive, indecisive.
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    I read all my reversals in the positive sense... The higher vibration ... Upright in my readings have the lower vibration ... Why I do this is because it doesn't make sense to me to read reversals in a negative manner ... But damn near all tarot readers read them negatively... Believe it or not the average right now... Let's just say on a lower vibration ... However ... In tarot... True readers use their intuition ... Regardless on how the card fall... You can literally see a entire story play out... I also noticed people are stuck on naming the signs involved etc... I don't... That's ego to me... Just my opinion ....dont have to agree .... I prefer to look at the elements in the cards... But yet and still there is a method to my madness ...and the messages are correct ... All that matters is the message ... If it resonates it's for you or not... Don't get so caught up on reversal you learn more about tarot... Your style will change up as you open up.... No tarot reader is the same.... And they shouldn't be... Every soul is unique and I would hope the reader is unique too ... For the poster above... Gave you some good info... See here is the thing about tarot no one is ever wrong to some extent... There is always a message there... What do you feel is happening in your spread ... Relax... And notice how your body feels... Look at the pictures indepth on the cards.. What do you see and feel... Also I have noticed many tarot readers offering classes ... Be careful with that... We are all here to eventually be able to guide ourselves ... Tarot classes can be good to some extent ... But in esoteric things there are no rules ... So if you do seek help in reading cards... Even if a teacher tells you how to read.... You should really ask yourself what you truly feel is happening in the spread ... A good start is knowing your elements and what each card represents to you... Example.... Page of wands... To me is a immature petty person.. Just petty... Immature energy ... Pages are young energy.... Knights usually deliver messages etc... Kings.. And queens... More mature... Catch my drift... Many ways to read tarot... There is no particular way... Even with reversals ... I love reversals... Gives an even more broader perspective ... Even how the card fall.. When they fall on the other cards... Love tarot ...
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    I've ready they say it depends on what rule you set for yourself beforehand. Cause in the previous centuries there were no reversed cards. All were painted symmetrical. So if you tell yourself I don't care, then you should rotate them to normal position and handle them that way. After all cards have a dark side anyway.

    If somebody decides to see reversed position bringing special message, like I do cause I want to read more in Internet (just playful), then at least these kinds of interpretation are possible:

    - the opposite

    - the weaker effect of the card

    - the darker effect of the card.

    Like the Hanged Man Reversed could mean: end of hanging phase versus crazy, unnecessary, exagerating, out of control or something like that.

    For some of negative sword cards (like the woman who cannot move forwards) I've seen they interpret the Reversed as being ready to leave the suffering behind. And start anew.
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