I have Tarot (Free) cards to give away

By EvatheDiva52October 15, 2018 6:29pm — 1 replies

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i did a three card spread asking about relationship advice to help better the issues ongoing with my boyfriend long story short he has a substance abuse problem and it caught up to him getting him into a bit of trouble last night i knew he had this pr
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hey guys im new to tarot and have seen some videos of people doing forecasts on youtube id like to do some for myself but im unsure of what spreads i can use can you guys suggest a few that i can try out -ownard
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today i pulled the eight of wands for all readers of this message have you been experiencing any set backs in a project or an area in your life has life been moving in slow motion this card signals that things could suddenly change and bring forth goo
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i pulled the ten of pentacles today for all of the readers of this message financial stability is presenting itself perhaps in combination with an earth sign -- taurus virgo capricorn and particularly surrounding or benefitting your home and family
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i really feel like i dont know where life is gonna bring me at the moment ive had a hard time focusing on myself until but still with a lot of struggle
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hi guys i am new to tarot and have a very basic understanding of it the way i interpret the cards is that the major arcana are the overall situation while the minor are the specific details so what ive been doing is a bastardised version of the 3-car
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i asked the cards what a guy was thinking and feeling about the situation with me and pulled 5 cards and got page of pents lovers 3 of cups 3 of swords the world what would you all interpret the lovers with the 3s made me wonder if there was
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