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  • Does anyone read these cards?

    I've already read about my birth card and I just read the other cards in my chart... Problem is, I don't know how they apply to me since I have no idea what their categories mean... And I googled everywhere and can't find any information only in regards t
  • Many Tarot Tips

    I am learning Tarot on my own; then taking a five week course. First week (1 1/2 hours) we will be studying Pentacles, earth, Taurus, Virgo, Cappy (by zodiac order). I ordered three different Tarot cards and was informed to start w/the Rider-Wait taro
  • Man's feelings/thoughts for woman ?

    If anyone would be prepared to give this spread a look over and interp, I would be most grateful, thanks 4 swords ..... now Emperor ... what is crossing for good or bad *Star* .... basis of the question and the unconscious realms Strength .... leavi
  • Three card combo...all majors...views?

    I was pulling a spread for a guys feeling about me as I find mixed messages from him and I pulled The Hanged Man, Emperor and Justice Seemed like a pretty strong combo but none of them seem warm. How would you read??.
  • What say you to this tarot spread?

    Situation-- High Priestess Obstacle/challenge-- 6 of Wands Advice-- Queen of Cups Reversed Most likely outcome-- The World The question was in regards to the situation currently between me and a specific person
  • My first reading. Please help? :)

    I did this Celtic Cross spread on a potential relationship. Any help, even if brief, would be appreciated!!! This seems like a very interesting reading. Position 1 (Present): Temperance (upside down) Position 2 (Immediate Challenge): Two of Wands
  • James13Wicca

    Love this tarot reader on Youtube!