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Alright I decided to turn to you Taurus' to help me gain some clairty on a situation which has arisen. I am a capricorn,
Alright I decided to turn to you Taurus' to help me gain some clairty on a situation which has arisen. I am a capricorn, my boyfriend is a sagittarius, and his new found BFF is a girl Taurus. Now I am good friends with a few girl Taurus' I always seem to get along well with other Taurus' just in general. However, this girl seems to be different. I have never met/talked to her before. She knows who I am, I know who she is. She mainly knows me through my bestfriend, because she slept with her old boyfriend, who was her current BF at the time. After she slept with him she actually wrote my friend online and told her how much her boyfriend really loved her. I have also had another person tell me she is a stuck up bi**h. I tried to add her myspace profile to mine, but she denied me. She was not the only person I added I added a lot of my boyfriends friends to my account so that we can all sort of get to know each other, not just to lerk their accounts. Well I got pissed off about it, and called my BF and was like look why did she deny me??? I was like she likes you, shes jealous of me, she has a history of screwing up relationships, I dont like you being friends with her. He freaked out on me saying that she was sweetest person he ever met and she would never ruin a relationship blah blah. She also apparently told him he deserves someone better than me, who will not cheat on him. (I guess he failed to mention that when I slept with someone else me and him were not even dating!!!! and when we were dating he slept with at least 5 other girls or more) The reason I mentioned that, is because it seems like she wants to date him. Well apparently they talked about me and he came back saying that, "She is not going to add you so you can lerk her page, she said if you want to be friends with her you have to write her and get to know her." I was like wtf are you freakin kidding me, its fn myspace kiss my a $ *. I am NOT going to write her like its a privledge to be friends with a wh0re.... So tell me is this a Taurus gone bad or what? Im dealing with an unfaithful Sagg and a bull who needs to be yanked at the horns. What should I do?? Write her, befriend her??? Or find a sneaky way of nicking the friendship in the bud?? I mean I guess if my BF loved me, I wouldn't have to deal with this, but I love him so I need a way to deal with this....
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There are a couple of friends of friends and "friends" that I wouldnt add to my myspace among other people because just like he said she said, I dont know them. I keep a really low number of people on all of my friend lists because I dont see the need to add people that I dont know or people that I dont really have anything to say to, even if we went to the same school, grew up in the same neighborhood, and hung out in the same place. Online networks are social not personal, why add you if ya'll dont socialize?

I dont know the whole situation, but maybe your boyfriend asked her how she felt about him being with you and her reply was a reply to his one sided convo about you cheating on him, maybe he failed to mention that ya'll werent together or that you was also with other people. And maybe she told the ex-girlfriend of the other guy that he really loved her because that chic was still on the ex and she was trying to let her know she needed to just let him go. There are 2 sides to every story and folks can only reply to the side they get, I would say get to know her before you jump to any conclusions or try to cook a plan to kink the relationship (which could end up with you looking a mess) and then after you've gotten to know her if you still think shes a rotten cookiemonster tell her where to go and where to shove it.
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or that he was with other people*, i messed that sentence up lol
Yeah hes a Sag moon Pisces. I am a Cap moon Leo. and she is Taurus moon b**th lol jk i dont know what her moon sign is...maybe Cancer I never have gotten along with a cancer, or Gemini since she lies about how many people she sleeps with and tries to keep a "good" girl image, even though she is anything but a good girl. The reason i was adding her is because eventually her and I will meet, and why would I want my BF, who is possibly going to be my husband one day, be friends with a girl that I couldnt be friends with ya know??? And its true she is totally going with the one sidedness of the story... Doesnt make me like her any more/less... I dont trust her.
And Taurus' seem to be pretty promiscuous.... I havent met one that was a virgin thats for sure. She tried to tell my boyfriend she only slept with one person! Even though I knew that was BS and I told him it was BS and he stuck up for her, then he found out she did screw my friends BF and now says its only 2 guys... Rightttt..... Im dealing with my BF's inability to admit to me that he knows what i know that she is going to cause problems with us.
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wait, back it up tauruses ARENT promiscuous, at least Im not. And you're right Merc, are you sure she's a Taurus or is that just what her MySpace says? I cant stand Sags
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How old are yall? And you seem to know a LOT about geminis lol you were dead on with like 5 words
all of us are in our twenties.... i feel like im 16 dealing with this b!tter though.... and really you dont think your a little promiscuous?? Im not saying that to be mean, just making a personal observation from how all my taurus friends are, loyal in relationships a little wild when not in one... and ill find out for sure if she is taurus or not, it is what her myspace said, but your right who knows!? As for the Gemini thing I mean't she has a very two sided personality... reminds me of my gemini aunt... doing bad things, but playing the innocent card. its annoying, really it is.

she will try to make him hers.
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Im not promiscuous at all. Im not a prude or a virgin, but I'm by NO means promiscuous. Im sensual, sometimes a little vulgar, and naughty but promiscuous....ummm nah.
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and LLT is right, you notice she's a new found best friend forever...we move fast to get in for a lifetime. She'll want him to come to her for advice and whatnot. She might not try to make him her man but she definitely wont complain if some type of codependency arises.
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we're control freaks - i think that's the problem.
yah, but its not a good way when its possessive and loyal to another woman's man, thas when it gets Ugly.

cuz liek i said, we rarely back down. and i stress the word "rarely".

My ex was a Taurus the motto deff was "Taurus = I have" we used to make jokes about it, but it really wasnt that funny... It eventually ended us lol...
Thanks for the advice... I think Im going to listen to you guys!
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