Do Taurus men like to make girls they like jealous

I am friends with a taurus man. We did date before. Actually I love him. We are not together. I need my space I have alot to handle right now in my personal life. Last week when he said goodnight he said he loved me. I said it back just like "love you too". Then he responded with "Do you really?" I said yes and asked the same of him andhe said yes. After not speaking to him since Friday I messaged him today asked what he was doing he responded with "I am out with a girl I met the other day". How am I suppose to respond to that? Do I just toughen it up and say "ok have fun" What should I do? I can't just ignore him.
Is he testing me? I mean realy why would he just say that??? Whatever I panic too much.
Should I stop being insecure and communicate with him more? I am just giving him his space and don't want to suffocate him. Same goes the other way around. I want our friendship most importantly. I think it makes him feel better that he can do that with me but at the same time I can't be driven nuts. I told him I'd be here for him for anything. I got alot planned for my future that I need to stay on track.
Bothering him. I rarely contact him. I went four days without contacting him last week and then he contacted me. What do you mean by proving my worth? The problem is I don't think I am contacting him enough but I work alot I move into my own place next month and every work hour counts. We are sort of on the same page. One moment we are connected the next I am just acting paranoid and assume other things are going on. Mostly when I am bored out of mind. Never been such an obsessive caller with him. I feel though now that I have learned to be less clingy I need to be a little more. Regardless this is all too stressful. What I really want out of this is to have someone to talk to since I don't have any time to go out right now until I move. Just someone to share my day and thoguhts with as friends. I feel I am capable to have that kind of relationship with him but I am so worried if I contact him like that that he'll take it some other way. Other times I have contacted him like that it was ok but I am insecure person who thinks too too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did just contact him awhile before I recieved the message. I was straight with him that what he said made me unhappy. I can't play hard to get I feel better when I am straight with him regardless if I get a response or not. More then anything though I want a freindship with him and we have one now but I am not ready to hear he is out with other girls.
And I have never done anything to betray him.

We've also never been intimate. I told him I can not give him that right now I am not ready. I want to build something bigger with him . He seemed somewhat appreciative of that but at the same time he's human and has needs. It isn't easy for me either but if I want respect from him I need to hold onto that and show him he means more to me then just physical.
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"he very well may have feelings for you, but if you aren't proving your "worth" he'll go elsewhere despite how he feels about you."

sagitTAUries, can you expand a little more on that? "proving your worth" means different things to different people and since i just started seeing a Taurus male, i am very interested in hearing the Taurus male perspective...thanks
By proving my worth you mean standing up for myself. Showing him I am not going to put up with his games? That I am worth more then all he is putting me through? That I can find someone just like he can find someone? I am fed up. I am tired of feeling like I am just someone he can run to at his convenience. After I wrote that message I see that he is not responding. In my heart I feel that if I just stand the heck up for myself be straight about the way I feel hes treating me and that I deserve to treated with respect rather then tossed around and played mind games that it may straighten him up. At the same time he seems worth it but not. He means so much to me I mean everytime I see him I just get so happy even when I wasn't talking to him before I tsill got so excited to see him but I refuse to let him walk all over me. I would appreciate any tips on how to really work around a Taurus. I am not use to this. I feel like just making him crawl after me and just laugh at him. Thats how mad I am. Like I don't even want to be nice anymore.
He's feeling neglected. If you're not dating any more, he is trying to move on.
Maybe he wants you to get jelous and tell him you want him back.
Tarus men need constant TLC If he is not the most important thing in your life he will move on. When I was dating I had a rule : no second chances. I knew I was a catch and the girl or woman only had one chance to be my one and only.
If I was not the one and only it was over.... for good.
oh man i was just reading this and it hits home , I also was dating a taurus man and every time i told him it was over it was like he never listen to me, so i would get back with him only for him to tell me i dont care for him and i have not proven my self to him, the constant game , he would tell me im going out with my friends oh yea and one of them is a girl , but when i went out i would get the cold shoulder the very next day... the damn games, just now i told him it was over and he said if you say so you can never get the last word with them.
Taurus man are insecure and i guess they feel good about themselves by making others feel good, if we really think about it relationships should not be that complicated either we are togehter or not, nothing in between with them because that would hurt more for the ones who are waiting for then to get their act together
Thanks everyone for your advice. I did express yesterday how I felt about how he was treating me. That I deserve to be treated with respect not have mind games etc. Then he showed up at my work. Asked me what was wrong. I told him I felt he responded with that message to make me jealous or hurt my feelings. He said "No I would never want to do that." He said he was just trying to look out for the both of us. To let me know what was going on. Then I also explained to him how I still felt and that it upset me. Then I started acting clingy because it was the first time I saw him in a long time and I guess I was afraid I wouldn't see him again. I also told him when he was talking about how he doesn't want to be in a relationship right now even with this new person. I said Whatever makes him happy and that I'll be here for him as a friend.

I talked to my sister about all this and she says I have to act like I just don't care, shes dated a couple taurus and she is now in a relationship with one. She said I just have to act like I don't care for the time being. She said to move on but not really. I am sorry but I don't like to be nasty. I like to shower the one I care about. I do stick up for myself at times with him.

So I guess what I am going to do is just focus on getting myself back together right now leaving him alone. I still be his friend but right now get myself together.
The way I acted clingy also probably ruined the whole purpose of the message I sent him. I just wish I had acted right yesterday.

I told him that he needs to stop playing games with my head, that I should not feel I have to compete with other girls, that I deserve to be treated with respect, and not walked all over, etc. and told him I was through with all this.
I don't understand the meaning of the word reciprocity. By reciprocity what do you mean.
aguaaqi, Thank you I appreciate that very much.

At the same time I care very much about him. I feel somehow that all the things I did do in the past that he took advantage of he will appreciate someday. Taurus may be like this but at the same time they have big hearts and are capable breaking through this behavior. Seeing as I am a pisces its hard for me to really play the game back when all I want to do is express myself rather then make him feel like I don't care. Now that I have done enough of expressing my feelings its time I guess that I take the step to just seem careless.

I really thank you sagitTAUries. I was not the only recieving head games. I need to really remember to open up. Be less insecure and stop leaving everything up to assumtion. It was wrong on my part.
Why would he want to get some kind of revenge. I never hurt him. I never betrayed him.I've been faithful even when we are seperated. Could it just be because he was hurt by someone else? Before him and I got together 2 months before his ex broke up with him.
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