When will Taurus leave a dead relationship?

"""Sometime you have to go through hell to get to heaven."""
Let say if the other partner was found to be disloyal and you had been cheated on?..
What are you holding on to, love, lust, or just stuck in rut?

Seriously, why does Taurus hold on to already dead relationship?
Lol j/k. We either disappear immediately or just stick around for the hell of it until something better catches our eye, but I doubt we're still committed or faithful to that person eeehhh i o no *shrugs*
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Well said, tauruschic, so true for me too.
Hi Daydreamer!

I've posted on your threads a couple of times, as I think we've been going through similar things with our Taureans!

Just thought I'd say, my Taurus guy has now ended his very long (dead) relationship, and we are seeing each other properly. So it can happen.
I think they are afraid of the unknown (at least that was the case with my guy), as had been said on here before.. this girl he was with was a "sure thing", and for all he knew I could run off with the next available guy!
They need time to realise their relationships are over, and I think once they have that in their heads they do just go for it... can take a long time though, and you can't do it for them.. they need to sort it out for themselves, and I'm glad my guy finaly did! It took him ages though, I think thier relationship had been dead in the water for about 3 years!

tauruschic... yes so true.. faithful to the bitter end!

ageofaqua x.
"""Sometime you have to go through hell to get to heaven."""
Hi ageofaqua,

3 years to get over a dead relationship is a long time! I think my Taurus is still seeing his ex-girlfriend for the past 2 years. Although, he knows she has been seeing other guys to. I noticed one thing about him; he finally took off the pictures of his ex's off his frame. I think he is finally emerging out of his security in a nutshell, but he is taking small steps to letting her go for good. On the other hand, I?m slowly pulling myself and my emotions away from him. I bet by the time he is finally over his ex, I will be over him. Once I?m over him and if he wanted to be me, he has a long way of gaining my affections back. That should be nothing for him, since he is a Taurus; steady and patience.

Here is a question for you, ageofaqua; since he is finally over his ex, do you think he would wonder back to her or she might try to plead for him to come back (I know how women can be when the one they don't want anymore finally decide to move on...)

I'm glad that he has realized his past relationship is a ?dead? relationship and is moving forward with you. The unknown can be a frightening, but what is more frightening is living in tears, heartache, and pain for the rest of your life and never getting to experience the other side of life; blissful contentment, harmony, tranquility and true love??..

He made this comment when we first hung out.........
I said when people get to certain age; they just stick to whom ever they are with even if they aren?t happy with them because they are tired and old. He said, "Why would you want to stay with someone you don't love?!?
(I wish he could answer that for himself??)
Thats weird isn't it, I had a really similar conversation with my guy a few months back. We were talking about a mutual friend who was in his dead relationship, and my guy said "why doesn't he just move on".... HELLOOO kettle-pot-black!
I think the thing with him (and maybe your guy too) is that deep down he knows what he should be doing, he is a smart guy. I suppose it's a lot easier to sort other peoples problems out than it is your own!

In answer to your question, his ex has never wanted to end their relationship, and as far as I know she still wants him back. That is just something I have to trust him with. They still live in the same town, and I live about 30 miles away. If I thought about it enough I could go stir-crazy!
But I know it took a lot of guts and thought for him before he finaly made the break, he didn't enter into it lightly, and I don't think that's something he would want to have to do again. Also I never pressured him to leave her, he made the choice all by himself, and I know what a big step that is for him.. I was thinking along the same lines as you. I thought by the time you leave her.. I'll probably be happy with someone else. Then all of a sudden I hear from him, he's fully left her, and had been wanting to contact me ever since.

I agree with you, the most frightening thing to me would be to live with upset and heartache. I hope it works out for you either with him, or someone who really deserves you.
I would put money on though.. that if you found someone else, either he would come crawling back, and you would be with him, or your new guy would be the one for you.. so it could be a win/win situation. Thats how I felt about it, and thats what got me through this, and gave me the patience that those Taureans sooooooo need!

ageofaqua x.
"""Sometime you have to go through hell to get to heaven."""
Yeah, he told me he cares about me and I need to be patience with him. The problem is I'm not sure if he is just stringing along and making excuses. Next time when I talk to him I'm going to say to him, "People are not possessions; they are creatures of the earth." Maybe he will realize people are human not trophy to collects.

You know what is strange is that when he is completely out of my mind, he calls! Like, he knows??.. This happens?every?freakin?time! And all my emotions stir up again and I had to deal with it all over again.

How did your Taurus let you know that he is ready to have a solid relationship with you? What happen between him and his ex?s relationship if you don?t mind me asking? Did you and he saw each other while he was in that dead relationship with his ex?

I never dated much nor do I have a lot of experience with various men in relationships. But I am not any fool not to give other men a chance. I too want to experience the beauty of living in contentment for the rest of my life.
It was the same for me, as soon as I decided to get on with things and starting to feel good about myself and my life, something would happen with him that would bring me right back down with a bump, and then I had to start over.

We were seeing each other on and off while he was still in that relationship, but it was all very complicated (a lot of it, I have posted on here over the last 6 months!). What happened with us (re: him being ready to have a relationship) was that he made a point of being at the same place at the same time as me.. as he's never been the one to make first contact. And now he is quite happy to kiss and cuddle me infront of our friends, and before.. even when he had left her, he had never wanted to.. I think becasue he didn't want people to know incase they got back together. He said to me a few months ago that he wouldn't commit to a relationship he didn't know if he could see through as it wouldn't be fair on anyone, and now I feel like he is.

I've known him a few years.. as I think you have with your guy, and I think you just know when they are stringing you along and when they are being sincere. I never felt as if my guy was stringing me along, as I knew deep down.. the old "I don't know what I want" was actually true!

Of course you want to feel loved and wanted, as does anyone.. and you should. I said to my guy once "no-one deserves to be with someone who doesn't want to be with them in return" and I told him that applied to his (then) girlfriend too!
I think you are right to confront him, and let him know you're not there to be played with.. even if that's not what he's doing, he should respect you for saying it.
I also told my guy that, if I were with him, I'd be loyal and honest, but while he was still unsure.. there was nothing stopping me finding someone who would treat me right.. and then it could be too late for him. This was one of the last conversations we had before he left her for good!

I hope this gives you a bit of hope, I believe everything happens for a reason. Either you are meant to be with this guy, or this is teaching you a good life lesson which you will take with you forever, and will never settle for second best.

Honestly, for most Tauruses disloyalty and unfaithfulness will make them disappear almost immediately. If the relationship is bad all around (but without cheating) the motivation for staying is pretty much what motivates Tauruses in almost every other situation: comfort and security.

"""Sometime you have to go through hell to get to heaven."""
In his e-mails to me some of his replied was, ?I didn?t reject you. I?m in a crazy time in my life and it is hard not to give people want they want. Who knows the future?? People would say, ?Of course, that what they always say when you have put your foot down.? It doesn?t matter to me weather people say this or he say that, all I know is, I have choices too.

I?m very disappointed that he called me at 2:30 AM when I clearly stated that I don?t want the late night calls anymore. I didn?t pick up the phone. I wanted to make a strong and clear statement that I do respect myself and I?m not going to let him treat me this way. I?m so upset, that right now, I care about my feelings more than I care about his.

If he is genuine in everything he has told me, I?m willing to accept him for his abandonment during his crazy time. I don?t understand why people stay in dead relationship is, ?If the person has value to you, what are you holding on to?? I?m glad your Taurus his finally realize that you are more valuable to cherish than a broken antique that lost it?s value.
"""Sometime you have to go through hell to get to heaven."""
Im meant to say, "has no value."
"""Sometime you have to go through hell to get to heaven."""
Are you sure disloyality will make a Taurus leave for sure?! I know his ex is seeing other guys. I overheard him talking to his friend that if he see her with that cad he will mess him up." At least I know he has a jealousy streak.
I don't think disloyalty will make us all leave, it depends how much feelings are involved, how long you've been together and things of that nature. In a way I think we're also very stubborn when we want to make things work. I think that it depends on the person, was it a one time thing and can you honestly trust them again. However it the rest isn't so good then we'll start growing distant and our eyes start roaming the other side of the fence Depends, depends it all depends...
Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
I'm not a Taurus so I can't speak for them. I can only share with you what how I've seen them witness these types of situations.

From what I've seen, Taurus will hold on to dear life until the very end; they won't give up until they absolutely have to. That's IF they're truly in love with you to begin with.

When Taurus is in love, they allow their love life & that person to consume them. When they are hurt/betrayed by someone they love, it pains them deeply. Sometimes they'd rather stay simply b/c the pain of letting go is considered more painful than the pain of staying even if doing so will make them look like the donkey or passive partner.

They hate giving up, especially if they've convinced all of their friends/family that their partners were "the one." Sometimes it's also an ego thing. For some, breaking up means admitting that you picked the wrong person or made a mistake in judgement & some people hate to hear "I told you so" when the truth finally comes out & when all their family/friends are rubbing it in their faces.

Taurus' are extremely loyal. Giving up is def. the last resort, NOT the 1st. BUT, if they face enough ridicule from their other loved ones after deciding to forgive you, they'll slowly BUT surely start to emotionally detach. They hate it when their closest friends/family don't support their relationship.

Once a Taurus leaves though, they're normally gone forever. In the very beginning when the betrayal happens, Taurus may even be the 1 apologizing & trying to hold on even though the other person oughta be doing all the "sucking up." Then the next minute & the next thing you know, Taurus will be gone, emotionally detached & walking around as if it never happened. Weird.
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