A bad Taurus

Alright I decided to turn to you Taurus' to help me gain some clairty on a situation which has arisen. I am a capricorn,
female from USA
lol Imma just stop posting on this and let you speak for both of us, its kinda redundant with both of us saying the same thing
35 years old female
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nah - just reinforces it :0)
35 years old female
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and you know how I am with astrology - I have to know EVERYONE'S sign - so I know when I meet a taurus and I've only ever known two taurus cheaters - one guy and one girl and BOTH cheated with a scorp....those scorps are dangerous for us....
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? Do you tell them it won’t work out? Do you silent treatment them. Do you create some stories? Insights would be much appreciated esp on this Valentine’s Day..Y_Y
in a birth chart what are they? sure, one can learn how to cook but not all of us master it and some of us can't even be decent at it, even if we try as hard as possible. the talent ain't there
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also do they surround themselves in chaos and disappear?
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