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Why are Taurus Man considered to be very masculine, even though we have more feminine traits?
everybody on the internet calls us very masculine but at the same time we are gentle diplomatic mellow and we are interested in the aesthetically pleasing things like nature food etc so we have much more feminine traits than masculine traits t
I’ve been dating a Taurus man, and he’s just asked for space
i ve been dating a taurus sun that also has venus in taurus for 3 months now exclusively things have been really good lately we re getting a lot closer he kept telling me today that he really likes me and this is the first time he s openly spoken up h
Why would you avoid your Taurus friend?
i noticed a friend is avoiding me and i have no idea why what would make you avoid a taurus please share thnx
Taurus friend making moves now feelin friend zoned lol
so im a gemini just to get that out the way and i have a friend that is a taurus i just reunited with her because i had cut her off for being flaky after like a month or 2 i had posted a pic on my ig page that i tagged her on due to her being a t-s
How does our two bull chart look?
me sun taurus moon in aqua mercury in gem venus in gem mars in aquarius him sun taurus moon virgo mercury taurus venus in gem mars in aquarius thanksssss
you ve definitely got this virgal hooked we ve only been together officially for a few months but i think my bull has been dropping love hints recently the other night he was telling me how much he appreciates me being in his life called me his rock
Dear Taurusses any youtube channels about Enjoying the good things (foodie n stuff, etc)
hello taurusses i am getting in touch with my taurus side i starting to love good food aesthetics architecture interior the mediteranean way of living anything thas has to do with leisure aesthetics beauty can you post ytchannels persons to
Controlling or possessive
my bd is a taurus and why does he act possessive over me he told me i m not going anywhere i m his like really seriously he asked me do i still love him he told me if i was to date someone else i ll have to get his approval don t that sound like s
HELP Does my Taurus want me?
i am a capricorn and have been seeing my taurus male for the last 8 months he s always said that he wants to take things slow and we have both been hurt in the past resulting into us both being very guarded the problem is i just don t know where i stan
Is it a big deal for a Taurus man to introduce you to his friends?
just this really i am curious to find out if for a taurus man introducing a new girlfriend to his circle of trusted friends is usually a sign of him being really into you or if it potentially means absolutely nothing thanks