Dear Taurusses any youtube channels about Enjoying the good things (foodie n stuff, etc)

By ParkourlerAugust 26, 2018 7:54am — 18 replies
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my bd is a taurus and why does he act possessive over me he told me i m not going anywhere i m his like really seriously he asked me do i still love him he told me if i was to date someone else i ll have to get his approval don t that sound like s
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i am a capricorn and have been seeing my taurus male for the last 8 months he s always said that he wants to take things slow and we have both been hurt in the past resulting into us both being very guarded the problem is i just don t know where i stan
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just this really i am curious to find out if for a taurus man introducing a new girlfriend to his circle of trusted friends is usually a sign of him being really into you or if it potentially means absolutely nothing thanks
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i m a taurus rising and i attract mostly mars and pluto dominate men but i m uranus dominate
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im a taurus and shes a leo its my first time dating a leo ive seen a leo in angry mode but i havent seen a leo this depressed i need to hear from somebodyyyy pleaaseeeee because its breaking my heart to see her like this sad at first i though
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im curious to see what others have noticed having been with a couple bulls i can definitely say that some have the trademark cow eyes with the droopy eyelids and big round eyes dont worry its endearing also their resting face gives off a super
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i remember being proud of the strength kindness loyalty and stubborness we taureans possessed and i use to think we were the best zodiac sign i always felt i was honest in a kind way but i now feel like im maybe not as honest as i thought i was i perp
for instance my taurus guy tells me that a woman with long fingernails is a turn off because he knows that personal hygiene cant be good if a woman has those long long nails please dont get hung up on that thats just what he said amp im using a
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i have been in a relationship with a taurus man for a year it has been amazing with him i feel i have finally found the one for me we are from different countries i have introduced him with all my family he has visited my country my home where i grew
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