Your longest relationship?

By c0mradeSeptember 24, 2018 3:49pm — 38 replies
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hi guys some of you read my previous posts about this taurus who i kept crossing paths with well he just started seeing someone and he stated it happened kind of fast i appreciate his honesty and respect his fairly new relationship but i want to be fr
how to get rid off female Pisces..
they r the vain of my existence n guilt trippin u after breakin up
My first time dating a Taurus
hey fellow taureans so today i went on a date with a guy who s a taurus so far i ve had serious relationships with virgos and a scorpio but never taurus i hear cappies and them can make a great pair i liked his confidence but one thing that i know fo
Have I lost my Taurus man?
i had been dating a taurus man for 2 month everything was going great last week we were hanging out and talking about trips we would like to go to together restaurants etc then we were in bed and he got frustrated at me because i was to tired to have
I need advice
okay so i ve been seeing this taurus dude scorpio moon and i m a scorpio pisces moon we went on two dates and they both went super well and at the end of the second date he kissed me asked to take me out to dinner at this point we would get in touch
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any evolved taurus out there what are some of the traits of an evolved taurus how difficult was it
Taurus Introvert issues?
i am a taurus female leo rising cancer moon aries venus gemini mercury leo mars 23 years old and lately for the past year i have felt so introverted that i start to just not want to hang out with anyone or talk to anyone besides my family i think
[Taurus Man] Wants vs. Desires
this is an interesting topic i guess but for i am a pisces i cannot get a few points from this may taurus man hope someone would have clear perspectives on this matter background we are compatible we accidentally texted the same message to each ot
My codependency...
makes him feel loved well it makes me feel like a psychopath and pathetic is this typical of taurus men do you not care if a woman wants to be with you 24 7 and do everything for you im trying to battle this head on and he knows it but to an exte
Madly in love with Taurus man! Need tips to make him the happiest man alive.
he has a taurus sun moon and mars a pisces venus aries mercury we are in a relationship and i know all the usual candles-food-sex tips for usual taureans so please if you have something beyond that something more sublte what can i say and do s