She looks so skinny and hot!
Any recommendations? Looking for something easy to get absorbed into. Thanks!
Another TV show that was released before I was in high school, about high schoolers and into adulthood. I remember thinking it was so cool and scandalous with "adult themes" long ago 😹😹 I am going to re-watch the series. Did anyone else watch it? Thou
Netflix feature. I think this is one of the best I've seen, considering I've seen "King henry Viii" series and was bored with it. lol and also Queen Mary of Scots series was, more as if I was watching some Twilight series. lol anyway it's really well d
I watched the "revival" and then have been letting the old episodes play continuously on Netflix while I'm doing whatever while watching TV. Needless to say, I don't understand the hype behind the show. I remember catching episodes here and there when
Looks boring and cookie cutter and is prb a Gemini hehe
[IMG][/IMG] Rip Rhonda Rousseys career
Do you like anime? What kind do you like? Do you prefer Subbed or Dubbed? Do you read manga? What animes have you watched? What's your first? What's your last? What are you watching now? What's your favorite? What's your least favor
survived by your beloved Lagertha.... and 5 loyal sons...
And all the victims are usually killed for life insurance. Moral of the story never take out of a life insurance policy because you going to die.
Anyone watching it? it's supposed to be the best scifi show of 2016.....
This is my kind of series!!!!!! Im gonna love it, so chic, atmospheric, sci fi, western, disturbing, anthony.... Cant wait
The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Im not gonna fanboy both of them. But I enjoy both of the series equally. Such interesting stories. I love it all.
Ok. I am watching rerun of old Jeffersons show. Episode when George losing man power and goes to a shrink and she suggesting a surrogate. He is confused. Shrink explains. You meet the woman who you have Alex with and she is skilled...he said but I am m
Ragnar Lothbrok & company are back for another season, getting ready for an invasion of England after losing Paris last year. Anyone watching this on the History channel? It's a fractured historical account, but interesting in it's way.
they had already started a Netflix series last year 2015 on Hannibal. i had started to watch a couple of episodes. not sure what to think. it's suppose to be his early years before getting caught/ im
Do you prefer to stream or download the episodes... ? If so where?
I'm not gonna lie, I love this show. I think Rory is very Libra/Virgo esque and Lorelei is a Saggitarian or a Gemini.. she seems airy and/or fiery. Emily is also fiery as hell, definitely a Leo I think 😹 I am looking forward to the revival that comes o
Anyone else addicted to this show? Season 3 premieres in 2 hours
I started watching it last week and finished it, and I thought this is horrible for her. she is a successful, career woman with a beautiful boy, with this cheating husband who kept an affair, and even he was in control of all the financial, even though
Well I didn't think I'd like it while starting the first episode ended up enjoying it so much. Do you have any weird series that you enjoyed but they aren't really popular or a series you feel like nobody else likes or is interested in?
I can't be the only fan of TWD at DXP. Anybody into the dead? Any expectations for season 7? Who Nagan Kills etc.?
who watches this show? who do you think is under the sheet? what would be your guess at all of the characters signs my guess about who is under the sheet : wes? my guess as to what their signs are?

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Something I have been thinking on a lot lately. What is friendship to my fellow Aquas? Is it hard for you to truly open up to others? Let your guard down? Not just with emotions, but with letting anyone get close to you. I know for me I am VERY selecti
I just want to make sure my boyfriend doesn't manipulate me. I mean I'm too nice sometimes and end up doing a lot of things for him, and I want to be there for him, but I also want to set boundaries. I want to make sure he knows he can't walk all over me,
So today it is apparently the most depressing day of the year! I woke up feeling like butter today, only the gym cheered me up :) Im definitely not a January / Winter person. Any Blue Monday effects on you?
Or have you found that they have a lot of things you don't agree with?
So I was recommended here by a friend to try and get insight on a buddy of mine, as to not embaress him IRL. We're both men, him being the virgo and myself the gemini and have been close for about six years. However, his behavior has become more and more
We have known each other for 7 months been dating since November. He asked me to be his girlfriend officially last week. The same day we run into my ex and some drama happened but we talked about it and both agreed to brush it off. We decided to take a tr
What do they like/dislike? How can one keep them hooked? I'm just being a little bit curious, as I kinda like one.
We have known each other for 7 months been dating since November. He asked me to be his girlfriend officially last week. The same day we run into my ex and some drama happened but we talked about it and both agreed to brush it off. We decided to take a tr
Ugh here we go again, where as the guy I'm talking to, Virgo man, simply ignored me, and I did nothing wrong, wth man what's up with guys going MIA, I have a feeling he will make an excuse to as why he ignored me, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be abou
Hello all, I'm brand new here and I need a little advice from some veterans. I started dating a Sagittarius man about 7-8 months ago and we literally kicked things off very fast. I already knew about Sagittarius me and how they like to be free and Fl
Which sun sign/Leo moon combo would be best for me (Virgo sun/sag moon)? I tried googling this buuuuttt I didn't get the results I was looking for :/
I just laid out three cards (non-spread, just an overview) for this question: "What does this person need to feel loved?" Then I selected these card: [IMG][/IMG] I see it as this person needs a sense of belon
Object - Travis 7 of Coins 3 of Swords Strength 8 of Coins The Sun Page of Cups 5 of Coins 2 of Cups The Hierophant 9 of Cups
I saw this question on personalitycafe, and I was wondering what the dxp's INTJs think about this. "INTJs, do you become even MORE detached and aloof when you really like someone ?" I know that for me, unless I choose to make it obvious, the other w
My Aries I've been seeing for about 6 months (a little on and off in the beginning) said this to me last night and I have no idea how to take it. He has me meeting his family, tells me he loves me, has been hesitant to put a title on things which is fi
Why do promising courtships quickly become lets hangout at home? Is it the woman's fault that a man only has to work hard for 1 real date or is it the man's fault? Is a second or third date at your place a sign a person only wants sex?
Any bulls here with that placement? And if so are you an extremely sexual and/or sensual person? My boyfriend and I have a great connection. We currently live very far away from each other so we don't get to see each other everyday but at least once or tw
I had a dream where I was in the living room of my uncles house. There were other people but I couldn't make out who they were. The door to the living room was open. I saw a big anaconda or Python on the ceiling. I was getting ready to protect myself but