Anybody watching this. I don't know why I love this show. Milo -cancer plays such a great father n Husband. I want to find my milo!!
i really enjoyed "my happy family" in an inside view of other cultures and how they live. so i saw this, and it's only 23 minutes. it's an inside look of Georgian life, of trading and of the poverty. What is so sad is that ambition is stamped out by t
started on the Danish series, and it's awesome. However when i searched around ...i saw that Ellen Degeneres created an American/ U.S. version havent even seen the u..s version...but i might take a peek
Can’t belive I almost missed this show It’s just well written an done At the edge of my seat from the start
or tv shows that make you gooo....ewww. well this one, some of the things are .. O_O she never buys furniture but her condo is paid off, sleeps on a yoga mat. has a makeshift couch for visitors.
Anyone seen this? It supposedly has a perfect rating on rotten tomatoes
What do you think his placements are!? I’d love to know what everyone thinks. I’ve always been fascinated with this show.
doesn't she?
I hate this show. I do not understand the appeal. I'm stuck without cable and am roughing it with only Netflix for the next month. Any suggestions besides the main stream mirror, pleasegodno house of cards, stranger things, Orange is
i saw this and i didnt realize how horrible this syndrome was. when i heard about chronic fatigue i thought..well, they're just tired all the time. but then i saw bits of this and saw how she struggled even to climb the stairs on her hands and knees and
Am I the only person who watches this show on Hulu ? I’m like totally obsessed I’m on season 4 , and I can’t wait to finish it ! I just wish I could find a bigger fan base I wanna gossip
I’m watching this show on Netflix, and I irrationally hate Norman Bates. He’s supposed to be the empathic protagonist that you can sometimes relate to, feeling sorry for him as you watch him turn into the serial killer in the 1960’s Pyscho. But all he
is finally available via hulu. i'm in love with maxine shaw. just thought I would share.
part of an army intelligence covert operation to confuse the masses? libra mooners = most likely to be secret agents
Who has seen this and what were your thoughts? I got so into it, that I had to BINGE watch it over a weekend.
Are you guys watching this show with James Franco? I read the stephen King book about 4 years ago, and can't wait to watch it here. My dad said he's been watching it and it's pretty good. Can't wait!
wanted to make this before the year ends so i can let it go am i the only one who misses the show? i know why it's gone but still [img][/img]
Anyone watch Vikings show? Damn the season 5 is epic, love the Ivar char, he's a psychopath and a really smart man at the same time. :D Love it
A Love Letter for those into things Strange and 80s. How Did you feel about the series? Who is your favorite character? Can you guess which character caused slight anxiety for me? Let it all hang out here. Spoiler Talk. Both Seasons
i know most of it sucks but i liked freak show who was your fave character? @ellesbelles

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Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra I'm so fascinated by their relationship, I guess because she's so fly to me and seems a bit out of his league, but he's the breadwinner(millions) while she stays home and looks after their 5 kids. They've bee
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