Post your theories...past characters that died that you wished hadn't... sequels in the works... characters that you'd wish made it to the small screen... etc
I wonder what sign Cody is? I'm thinking cancer sq libra Pluto with Aries and Virgo thrown in. Very Plutonian but fiery and critical like an earth sign so Virgo or cap influence. Maybe Scorpio mars. He was way to emotional and couldn't play a good soci
this tv show is not bad, i just started on the first couple of episodes, he's a financial advisor and his wife is a stay at home mother/housewife,has two children. and got caught up in trouble... spoil
Anyone? Watching again season 1 and 2 again after 1000 years and i'm really enjoining it. new episodes are more twisted, we'll see the rest.
does someone finished it
Season premiere Wednesday, June 28 Cast reveal Monday, June 19
That Roller dude is treetrunking fine! I think he's a Virgo
I love this show so much I am rewatching both season on Netflix after finishing it a week ago! I hope they do a third season! It will take forever to get on Netflix though since it is a Bitish show but I just love it so much lmao.
If you liked Making of a Murderer, or any true crime documentary ever, you need to see this. Started off fairly slow like "Making of...", introducing/developing the key characters, by 2nd or 3rd episode quickly became one of the creepiest accounts I've he
There were so many good ones.... amazing writing.... this show never fails to surprise me... there were so many oh snaps.. and holy b*tter moments i've got personal favorites but i'm curious to see what dxpers personally loved as well! Go!! [img][/img] A com Usher’s alleged herpes scandal continues. The influential R&B singer is being sued for $10 million by a woman who says he exposed her to the sexually-transmitted disease, according to TMZ.
I'm very picky about the shows that I watch (like practically everyone nowadays) and I love a show that can create it's own believable universe than keeps my mind turning. I'm typically not into shows like Lost that implement JJ Abrams' "mystery box" plot
What are your thoughts? Good? Bad? Dont care about Dr Who? Jodie Whittaker is the first female Doctor Who and will replace Peter Capaldi for series 11 It's officia
I dont know if we're seeing delayed telecast here. I got sad that Free Spirits got eliminated. Joy Cox, she's a heroine.
Im surprised nobody has posted this thread.
anyone else watch tv/ movies and see a character that just screams a certain sign? dorky, i know but i cant help it. i am currently stoned af binge watching shameless (us version) & frank gallagher is SUCH A PISCES. albeit a low pisces: alcoholic, junk

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Hayyyyyy My name is Effervescent I'm like an anti-depressant I shine so florescent Cause that's how I do! Sexy on lock Fierce as treetrunk Step to me I got a rhinestoned glock cookiemonsteres be hatin' Cause I'm the best MC in Leo Versace dressed ~
Fwb messaged me today saying he misses me and sad that i javent been messaging him much lately. I sort of told him i'm bored and wanted a committed thing so i decided to distance myself. I dunno but he just stopped responding. Last thing he said was that
A bunch of uneducated asshats want to destroy the Sam Houston monument here in Texas. The guy voted for slaves to not enter Texas and even voted to keep texas out of the confederate states. This crap is going too far.
How many of y'all are dating/married to someone who has a crazy ex?
So. I'm just wondering, is the key to attracting an Aquarius man really through his mind? As in, he likes intelligent women? I never knew that and it baffles me that some men find intelligence sexy when 80+% of men just go off of looks and that's really a
What does it mean if u and your partner doesn't have Venus planet in natal chart??
There is a sagittarius man at my new workplace and I am having a lot of trouble reading him. We first met when he was one of the facilitators at my job training. - I am constantly catching him looking at me, but when I look at him he quickly looks awa
You know who you are Gemacookiemonsterass Anyways let me restart this thread serious comments only Would you allow your 17 year old to marry someone so that the individual could obtain a green card ? Why or why not?
Do you like the complexity that jigsaw puzzles create? (Are you a puzzle fanatic)
a 17 year old is marrying a 21 year old One is a natural born us citizen One is not Whatchu thinking ??!!
Aries> sagg, Pisces, Aqua Taurus> Cap, cancer, Virgo Gemini> aqua, Leo, libra Cancer> Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo Leo> Pisces, libra, aqua Virgo> Taurus, cancer, Aries Libra> Leo, Gemini, aqua Scorpio> Aqua, Pisces, Aries Sagittarius> Taurus, Gemini,
What's your opinion on them? Posted this on the taurus board.
What's your opinion on them? Posting this on the cap forum too.
You always see so many mutable/cardinals in relationship. I always think one has what the other lacks. Like mutable have super creative thought & cardinals highly motivated to act on an idea. What makes fixed signs navigate towards each other in rel
No this is not some stupid idea or thread to wind people up. I just had a long look into myself, ever since i started to want to express love and to be loved by females ever since i met the first woman, i became dependent on wanting my feelings returne