Specifically with other women. Men... Reasons or thoughts why you would/have or why you wouldn't?
Why do transgender ppl keep forcing the world to see them? Why cant playboy be strictly for men who want to see natural born women?? Im all for individual freedom but there are boundaries man
How important is it to you to be with a woman who cooks? I can't cook at all and I kind of worry about it for the future with my boyfriend.
When you sit down to do your dirty business, does your wenus dangle in the water? Do you just let it hang? Is it possible for you to not defecate and urinate at the same time? The elderly are free to answer too. @hydorah do you moisturize your gonads w
Hey, I need to cookiemonster about fighting. Today there is so much trashtalk, drama, reality tv and emotional bullbutter in the fighting game. I thought fighters are mans men but that is changing. I wish there would be more knightmanship,honor and less tras
How do you feel about chicks sitting on your face? Are you weirded out by it? Or are you down for the cause?
Would you leave your gf/wife if you found out that she can't have children? Let's say you've been dating since 2013, so that's quite some time. You're both in your mid to late 20s so you didn't really expect that you guys would have a problem with that. B
Dear Men, Do you like it when your balls are being played with while either getting a blow job or being jerked off? Also, how do you feel about having your balls being sucked on? First- have you tried it Then- did you hate it or love it or not ca
Why do you love to lie? Does that makes you feel so good? I wonder....
sorry to be in the Man Cave but quick question for the guys; If you never buy condoms and expect the girl you're seeing to always buy them for you is that a bad thing? I personally dont see that as a bad thing but my friends do?! What do you guys think?
do you send them unsolicited? why or why not? if you do what do you hope to accomplish by sending them?
We always hear stories about abusive boyfriends but what about the girlfriends who verbally and emotionally bully their man? Have y'all ever been with women like that? I have been with one and dated one and it is so annoying. Didnt really give me sel
Hey guys, this is the second edition of the bodybuilding/lifting thread! You can post questions, pictures, strategies, goals, or related topics related to bodybuilding/aesthetics.
Please explain the male fascination with this as well as importance of the act to stay satisfied in a relationship on a scale of 1-10 TIA :)
Just curious how you handled it. Did the relationship end? Was there one? How do you and the mother get along. Just curious
One young advertising agent came to my business to sell ads. All I could 'hear' is him pulling his pants every 10 seconds! His boss called and asked how was he and I said 'I don't know! If he wore comfortable underwear maybe I could hear what he said..
Explain this phenomenon to me
why are men on the internet always calling each other other that? even when it seems they don't know what it means?
To text a girl back who texted you asking when she could jump on your dick again?
Do you usually orgasm at the exact same time you ejaculate? Or can it be separate? Just something I've always wondered.
...would you let your sexual partner eat your butt?

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I started seeing a libra man about 3 weeks ago. He is the brother of a friend of mine, whom I have know for a few years, but never actually spoke to more then a few times. We have great chemistry and can talk for hours on end. At times I feel so intimid
Because... No one here cares what you think and you won't change anyone else's mind. https://i.imgur.com/FmROE5Z.jpg Post your unpopular opinion on something. Then quote the person who posts something you strongly agree or disagree with, WITHOU
I’m graduating with my associates next year and I don’t really want to go. I don’t see a point until I get my bachelors
Read em and weep cookiemonsteres. I'm the most scorp mother treetrunker here. YEAH BOIIII, SUCK MAH DICK, SUCK MAH DICK, SUCK MAH DICK!!!!!!! https://i.imgur.com/zVjiVih.png
So before I go tha treetrunk asleep. I got an idea. Post what your "qualifications" for dating would look like in "resume" form. For example: Requirements to Date: Unacceptable: Pros: Cons: So for instance mind would be like; Requirements to Date: Ho
It seems Virgo Moons are rarely discussed, so I'm making a topic just for us. Not sure how many of us are ative after the DXP hiatus. Anyway, what are you pet peeves? What are the things that either people do or YOU do yourself that irritate you to no end
So on the way back from upstate NY we had to come through to catch our flight to London from JFK. We had a major delay and they put us on a morning flight. Around midnight we headed to the BA terminal, it was pretty dead as first flight check in opened 4:
I'm a virgo. I was dating a libra men for about 6 months. We met online and we were in a long distance relationship. I got a lot of attention from him in these 6 months. I shared all my past with him already in texts, phone calls and Skyped. I was cheated
Gifs and art welcome. Leo and Aquarius https://i.imgur.com/EJ6Xvq0.jpg
I met this Gemini who wants to bond before jumping into the sheets. Just wondering if it’s worth it. I could be interested in a long-term relationship if I know it’ll be worthwhile. Here’s our synastry chart: [IMG]http://i66.tinypic.com/5a19bc.jpg[/IMG]
I don’t want to read too much in to this but recently in the past year my ex has reached out to me (Aries female), as friends she has said. Not that it matters I’m 34 and a guy lol she’s 27,I’m a Gem. There is some history between us. We dated back in
What about this placement? Venus in Virgo - 9th house Sun in Scorpio - 10th house Moon in Leo - 8th house
And now i can't sleep. That butter happens like never. Only my kid can wake me up, asking for water or something and after i'm asleep within seconds. And now this butter it's 5 45 am, i have to wake up at 7am don't know what to do.
Who would you be? Me? Hands down Uma Thurman's "Bride" in the Kill Bill movies. She is *the* Scorpio personified. Passionate, sexy, intelligent, tricky. She's a Phoenix rising from the ashes of her tragedy, seeking revenge and justice. Ma girl.
So bored on this Friday night And what is your birth chart like? My celebrity crush is Jeremy Allen white Sun- Aries Moon- Capricorn Mercury- Aries Venus- Pisces Mars- Aquarius Jupiter- Virgo Saturn- Aquarius Uranus- Capricorn Nept
I want to get into gardening, flowers, veggies, fruit. All ideas are welcome. I’m a complete newb and have never grown anything in my life, so we will see how it goes. If you have any pictures you’d like to show off of your gardening, feel free to pos
I always see different answers... Some say look at the woman’s venus and the mans mars Some say a mans moon and a woman’s Jupiter I always hear different answers I always felt like it was sun vs sun (example an Aries woman with a leo man) Then moo
Post whatever you feel like. A song of the moment, the day, the month, the year. Figured i better stop spamming the front page all the time lol Came across this guy a few months back and just dig his music. https://youtu.be/gRuggMzH3Gw https:/