Older women- http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc9rdkRqLP1r3kh5i.gif Any experiences, positives and negatives, how old were you and would you consider dating with an age gap of ten years or older then yourself...?
I'm less stressed and working my pecs, so my chest has gotten bigger. I'm noticing more stares there and less eye contact. What are men thinking when they're looking down there?
I'm offering watches made of steel, bamboo, and other materials. They can also be customized with messages logos or photos on the backs. I have a zodiac line you guys might be interested in:) Now the question is: What do you guys think of them? Would any
Any suggestions for documentaries, books, movies, physical sites and monuments (in Europe) etc? I don't mind subtitles for documentaries and movies, they are preferred. Fiction or nonfiction movies. Preferably nonfiction. Anything and everything. I've
Omg....could you guys be any more annoying. I love you....but, damn Gina. I am travelling for business...my snuggle butt has a cold. How do I know? Well, first of all he is running around the house with a surgical mask before I left. Second
Question in the topic title. Don't come in here with comments like "They both are lolol" or "Neither is hot imo". Make a pick between the blonde and the redhead. No "I don't know, whichever has the nicest personality/is smarter/bla bla bla" bulls
I keep hearing that men aren't dumb but they are also not mind readers so if you want something from them you gotta just flat out tell them..! Wrong or right?! Do you men prefer women to tell you what they want instead of guessing based on observati
would you leave a marriage if your wife was a nag and bossy n put u down in front of everyone (joking way)or not. do u j
I think I'm embracing my Calishness... maintaining em sounds like it might be hassle...like I would have to bleach them every so often... https://smhttp-ssl-33667.nexcesscdn.net/manual/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/white-trousers-men-how-to-wear-fash
Was talking to a bro at the pub Xmas Eve at our Xmas party about the whole younger dude/older woman thing. Mainly because I've had a younger coworker attempt to cross boundaries, but anyways my bro told me that I command a presence and it might be that th
For increasing muscle mass and reducing fat but at the same time without taking proteins or going to the gym?
Does it feel that much better than vaginal sex?
Why do some men... not all... I won't group you... Why do men like to keep side chicks when they are perfectly happy with their life and who they chose to be in a relationship with? It's just a simple question. This isn't the why do men cheat ques
Hi guys. I was wondering why some men can be quick to label a woman "frigid" or an "ice queen" when really they're the ones who don't take the time to find her pleasure receptors and probe them. Sexual gratification is a two way street. Wouldn't it be
Do you like getting a woman to sit on your face? Do you enjoy having your nose and mouth all up in her business?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr59wELgFDo Say what you want about what the video entails. If this is happening all over the world. What would you do if you're forced to sit to piss?
Are these a turn on? If so, why?
From all the info I've gathered online throughout the years, I've concluded that guys like to jizz in women's faces and I don't understand why. Is it a domination thing? And if so, why do males feel the need to dominate everything? Help me to underst
What does it mean to have a woman overpowers you? Do you experience it?
Hello gentlemen, I have recently found myself in the company of several men - they are not acquainted with each other, so this is more than 1 group - successful men between the ages 37 - 52 with a very nonchalant attitude about their cheating or friend
Get cheated on by their Gf/wife. She gets pregnant by the other dude but he stays and raises the child. Could you do it? I couldn't. Cheating is enough to make me say goodbye forever. And a child from it at that??? Hell naw. Whats y'all opinion nob
Okay, here is my problem with this double standard. Women are getting praised for being FAT AS treetrunk. Feminists and Amy Schumer have convinced these whales that you can be fat as treetrunk and still get Ryan Goslin. They have treetrunking MODEL level standards, but

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what does it mean when a so man goes from trying to treetrunk u every time he sees u to wanting to be really good friends? And, I used to be really comfortable around my cap make friend but now when we get together, things feel awkward and brand new. However,
Perception, in tune, changeable from music alone, able to just become so uplifted. I am like this, and music is everything to me, it's not just aural pleasure, it hit's very deeply. And seemingly the faster, the hard, the better, this is why i post
Just saw the movie Control. It was so cancery, I can't even. I mean, it's a good movie, touching n stuff, but the whole story is just so tragically cancer it pissed me off. A spot on representation of a Cancer gone extreme. I'm kinda mad at myself for bei
Are better left as hobbies. Because if I were to allot them anymore time or head space, they'd loose their appeal. Is that just me?
I hung out withe Pisces yesterday. He got A Lot of incoming messages. He tried not to check his phone too frequently but still... =.=
https://youtu.be/SUGwhEt2SPU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTfn92J-uc4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7AOA6qXtXI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6loYAGC98Z0
this is one of my favorite quotes and i generally stick to it, so why can't i stick to it when it comes to this Leo...
Triple-Aqua here! (Sun, Venus, Mars) Libra moon, Pisces Merc... This cabin fever is making me crazy. Feel free to ask me anything about my paradoxical kind. I'm happy to help and I'm sure my fellow Aquas-ladies will chime in! Open-book so noth
Ok I use a roc one.. I find it heavy ..after a while it makes my skin tired it feels like weighing my eyes down....and sleepy ..puffy? I don't know how to explain ..most eye creams do this to me... I thought it was meant to help eye tiredness
I debated about posting this but I actually think it's funny. I'm finding it so hard to get over him. Sure I'm living my own life and not talking to him. Today though he said hi to me in passing and I've been walking around with a smile on my face ever si
In my experience all the Scorpios I know prefer woman with long hair. Why? Is it more feminine? Is because you can wrap your hand around it as you spank her on the ass while taking her from behind?
Any Leo Suns Cap Mooners? No..? What about Virgo Merc..? Cancer Mars...? Yeah,I figured. Your all too busy working to be on a forum...😑 Well, if you take a break (if you exist) let me pick your brain. K bye.
And what do you eat in a day? Do you monitor what you eat, or eat whatever you feel like? Do you even feel the need to eat much? Or is it all you ever think of? Are you overweight, healthy, or skin and bone? I'm just curious. I sometimes wonder i
There are so much shade over There too lol. 😂😂😂😂
Your co worker lives with you, then you move out and agree to buy new blinds for her. You both agree after you fix your car it will get done. Problem is your car eats up all your paycheck and you end up broke, instead of asking you what is going on you