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  • Extracting a broken bolt (from a car)?

    Since we don't have a car or metalworking forum here...Any car people here? I was working on my car last week and planned to completely replace my front brake pads and rotors. I used a breaker bar to remove the two bolts that held on the main caliper.
  • Uploads

    So, I've been exclusively dating an Aries guy for just over a month (supposedly the honeymoon period)! Anyway, I hate the relationship/social media combination and have told him I don't want to be friends on Facebook. But I can still see some photos he up
  • Have you dated or been with a girl who you are not attracted to

    in photos but in real life you are ( more so than most or even every other woman)?
  • Men's Definition of Real Beauty

    Post pics here if you want. My definition: 1. soft features 2. round puppy eyes 3. pointed, dainty nose 4. long eyelashes 5. not too prominent cheekbones 6. no or little make-up 7. free-flowing natural hair 8. confidence 9. u
  • Men enjoy playing dumb don’t they

    Especially when they want to avoid the problem , or know they are wrong
  • Do guys only ever feel lukewarm about a nice sweet girl?

    What traits in a girl cause you to feel ambivalent towards her?
  • Can you love a woman with crusties in her panties?

    Can you love her whole heartedly with her unusual vaginal discharge? Would you go down on the woman you love even if she ranked of cheese and onions just cuz you wana make her happy?
  • Can you see this question?

    I keep trying to ask questions and they don't show up. Can you see this one?
  • What does it mean if your boyfriend doesn't want you to get tats?

    but he's got tats? hope this question made sense
  • Does alone time make you feel relaxed?

    Guys, I always always consider this when I am dating. I always thought men need their alone time. I am wondering if it does help you relax and if so, how much alone time do you need? I am just curious as today my man said he feels like hes gonna get s
  • Men, Why don’t you guys listen?

    I’m coming to you woman to man lol please elaborate where necessary why you guys don’t listen i. Lets say we talk about something and i ask you later like “.. hey remember when i said.” and you’re like “nah babe you never mentioned” ii. You’re doing
  • Things U Can No Longer Do

    After 40. It's coming :( I have a couple of friends who just turned 40 and it got me thinking that, well for me, it is just around the corner. What are things a man can no longer do after 40? Please don't make any derogatory comments about my
  • Girlfriend Checklist?

    Do you have one? Be attracted to her She can cook She can eat She doesn't nag.
  • She just ain't that into you B.

    So the over the past 3 weeks, me and 2 of my good homies from M.S. have chopped it up and it came to light in both conversations that the women that they were really head over heels for seemingly were into them, hooray right? I wouldn't be so sure it
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  • Golden Dragons licking my neck!

    Don't laugh but yeah I dreamed of three golden dragons climbing up a wall and entering my bedroom... After that I could feel one licking my neck and I was letting it lick me... And I woke up with a big smile on my face!!! I slept just for an hour a
  • 🍸 Happy Birthday @LePetitFisk 🍸 http:/
  • DXPIL Season 3 Semi-Final #1 GENTLE SCORP IN UR-ANUS @ram416 @PhoenixRising VS GEMINI MERCURY DECEPTION @squishy_marshmallow
  • Young Pisces Crazy for mature Virgo

    Hi all, Big astrology fan here with a newfound love for a Virgo woman! It all started when i noticed my very quiet, low profile, plain jane, modest, a bit older ,neighbor, had gotten a puppy. So she's outside more than often now and i see how pretty she
  • Virgo Man & Virgo Woman -- How Should I Proceed?

    Hi All, Met him on a recent international group trip. My first impression was he was kind, gentle, reserved, aloof and appeared quite shy. There were also moments when he seemed arrogant, dismissive and curt with me but, I decided not to personalize it
  • caps save their energy for..

    wrestling guns out of shooters hands. it's going to eat him up that he's being called a hero when he said he was just trying to save his life and live. he keeps trying to tell everyone that he's not a hero.
  • Anothaa Capricorn Q&A ^__^

    I'm pretty bored and feeling like giving some advice to people in need or who are just curious. Every Cap is different, but i'll try my best to cater to your question.
  • Gemini lounge 👯‍♀️🛋🍻

    A place for geminis to hang. Post Gemini thingz - photos, GIFS, music, poems, videos, random questions or streams of consciousness, or just any thoughts that pop into your mind that don’t have any other home on this board. I know there’s a lot going on in
  • Pisces Boy CRAZY 4 Virgo Woman

    Hi all, Big astrology fan here with a newfound love for a Virgo woman! It all started when i noticed my very quiet, low profile, plain jane, modest, a bit older ,neighbor, had gotten a puppy. So she's outside more than often now and i see how pretty she
  • What's the big issue with water and air signs dating?

    I keep seeing that water and air signs are not good for romantic relationships. I honestly want to know if it's just the stereotype or what?
  • A Quiet Place

    Saw it last night and thought it was amazing. Anyone else seen it and what did you think?
  • The Reef 2.o 🐡🐚🐳🐠

    Since evidently numerous previous attempts at creating a safe space for us aquamarine creatures have fallen pray to Neptune’s ebbing moods, I figured what’s one more attempt at forging a nook marked by casual atmosphere where we could congregate witho
  • How do you feel about manifesting?

    Do you believe its as important as people say? Do you practice manifesting? Any personal experiences?
  • Real Talk: Would you marry a horny girlfriend?

    **Overly Conservative people need not respond. This is probably something that a lot of women is curious about. Or maybe some women I know. Fine. Anyway, if you are in a relationship with a woman who is “horny” would you consider her as the marryi