there has been so much sexual harassment towards young men, and it sounds disgusting. do females get this much harassment?? when they are modeling?? O_O why does it seem that men get more harassed.
Vageenka is looking for some new shades. I'm bored of the Kris Jenner Porsche shades. *giggles*
Or did you wait until after you were officially together? Stories welcome. Women can answer as well.
...'Toxic'? I was helping out my Sea-Goat at his job, and all his buddies were also working, and they had been playing their music all day until I requested they play a playlist I wanted to listen to. They did so, and I could tell they were enjoying t
i'm curious when you date a woman (or a man for the gays) is their level of attractiveness the most important thing? DJ said in another thread that this was the case. curious to see how the rest of the men respond.
So if they have a future family they could be stereotypical "men" and be able to like support their wife and kids and butter? Do heterosexual men ever worry if like they don't have this huge income that women who are looking to settle down wouldn't be in
Tips, tricks, photos, and more. Because it's that time of year.
A thread dedicated to doing man things. Post the wrong thing and your man card be revoked. Pictures to post: Whisk
Alright guys, which celebrities (female/male/whatever your preference) would you admittedly drop everything to date given the opportunity? I'm not personally big on celebrities, but given the chance I'd date either date Sofia Vegara or Zoe Saldana. May
There's been so many gorgeous women in wrestling. Anyone who's watched at any period of time, who do you think were the hottest ones? Or THE hottest one? [b]My top 5[/b]: 5. Trish Stratus
Why is that when guys see a cute girl (even for the first time they met), they just cannot keep their hands to themselves but have to touch the girl or try to kiss her? :-S
Why? Had a conversation with a young lady last night that had me lol'd. I guess I never thought about it.
Let's talk about our grooming men! Do you get your eyebrows done, do them yourself or are you natural? - I do them myself. Not letting anyone touch my brows after a bad experience. Do you shave/wax/laser any hair on your bod? - I did laser hair
Recently, a client asked me to engrave this character from DBZ on a wallet for him, and my childhood sort of just flooded back to me. Good times. Anyone else watch dbz as a child/teen?
Rest in peace, favorite beer mug. *sigh* In 2 and a half decades of drinking, you were only the 3rd beer mug I ever truly loved. You'll never be replaced. Well, at least not until I find a flea market or goodwill with more beer mugs I like. W
Always get the good stuff! Right now, I'm working on some Bullitt, but usually switch between Woodford and Makers Mark. Neat, no ice, though at bars and on planes I'll get water on the side.
Just because you're horny or in that moment you want some physical contact? Like not missing an opportunity? Can a kiss lie? Like can you fake that you're really into it (or the person)? Because I personally would never kiss someone I didn't like/w
I know watches can be a rather personal choice. This watch will be for a friend as a gift. (Currently does not own a watch at all) What do you think of it, is it one, you personally would not mind getting as a gift, would you buy it yourself? Any ot
Bisexual women and lesbians respond too x Dark hair, blonde hair? Redhead? Short, tall? Curvy, skinny, chunky? White, tan, exotic looking? Long legs? Thick thighs? Big booty, small cute booty? Big tits, average size? Do you like women from a differe Do you agree? Honestly, I don't understand the tampon and period part of the video. Gentlemen, what are your thoughts on the things portrayed in this video? Do you relate? The video seems focused on behaviors rather
I'm offering watches made of steel, bamboo, and other materials. They can also be customized with messages logos or photos on the backs. I have a zodiac line you guys might be interested in:) Now the question is: What do you guys think of them? Would any
The taste of freedom.
it is because she felt he likes her too much? Please discuss. [IMG][/IMG]
so we were at a party earlier this evening and we were all talking about a certain guy who had left the party, and he LOVES to get with women who have children, babies, ect. he just is so sweet. The women in the group were all, soooo damn sweet, includin
Just need 4 other guys. I have a Casio keyboard for the synth, and I think it's really important one of us can play guitar otherwise we just won't get this stable off the ground. Sunglasses, spandex and cigars provided on premises. https://m.y

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anyone have any experiences? whether it be dating one or being one. i'm curious. tell me a little about the tests and the games and all that goes into it. don't be afraid to throw scorpio mars under the bus! this is the thread to vent!
I have asked for a synastry analysis of mine and his before but I didn't have his birthtime. I have his birthtime now so Im wondering how good are we for eachother? If someone can point out anything particularly good or bad? Thanks 😊 http://www.astro
How often in a week u go out,get drunk,dancing, just having fun😁 Me:Every Friday and Saturday from 8 pm until 2 am😁Fridays in a caffe bar in big city,getting drunk,lots of people,girls😃Saturdays from 8-11pm in a caffe bar,and from 11-2 am in a disco wi
Hi, everyone! My relationship with my aqua man has recently ended, 10 days ago. I'm a Gemini, if it has any importance. We have dated for almost 5 months, we had a really good time together, we had serious plans about our future together, we knew each ot
I have been told Pisces men like to take things slow when forming a new relationship. My question is how slow is slow? I have this connection to this fish and I cannot shake it. We have been friends for a while. We are both single parents. We work closely
I'm a huge overwatch fan, my main is Phara then it's symmetra, anna, D.VA I play on PS4 and I always get play of the game with Phara.
Well. Something had unfolded with my Scorp yesterday. I am supposed to be smart about my future and I honestly can't imagine divorce! It's not a thing you do every day and though my husband survived 3 - he says he didn't love anyone as much as he loves
hey guys, Im wondering if this happened to someone. I meet 4 guys with very similar energy: 1. sun in virgo, libra rising - his sun trine to my venus - trine to my north node oposite 2. sun virgo, virgo rising, stellium in libra - his AC conj my DC, h
Okay, so over the last two years ive had some humbling experiences. Some of you may have even read my pathetic Cancer man posts. I've found that I will get into relationships and when I want to get out, I all of the sudden panic. I flip the script, miss t
there has been so much sexual harassment towards young men, and it sounds disgusting. do females get this much harassment?? when they are modeling?? O_O why does it seem that men get more harassed.
I was talking to a scorpio guy a long time ago . he was so nice and sweet but there wasn't any fire at the time. He also just got out of a relationship with his ex. Because he had women friend over all the time i started pulling back. At the time i pulled
I know men are different but i were to meet a cancer guy a week from now, what are some things i should be cautious and lick out for the beginning. the signs of an immature, insecure and underdeveloped cancer what to do and not to do
when you first meet someone new (romantic), but you let it slide and don´t ask much about it, ´cause it´s all new and you don´t know, where you want it to go yourself. But after a while you want something more, but that one thing keeps bothering you. Do