Hey guys, I figure I make this thread since there are quite of few people here who actually lift as a consistent activity. I figure we post goals, recovery, tips, stories, and resources. Anything prevalent or interesting or even an update. For me:
To thank you for the date? Etc What do you think if she doesn't text you after the date or if you don't hear from her for the whole weekend? State your sun moon venus mars mercury and rising
help me out....I got nothin'.... XD
Would you brush your teeth and then put your toothbrush in your hook up's mouth when she's tipsy? Or would you do that if you want more than just sex. And no there was no chicken breath before he plunged the toothbrush in.
I don't get it. They giving sex away for free. Lol @ any man hating on that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkRKT6T0QLg
Okay, here is my problem with this double standard. Women are getting praised for being FAT AS treetrunk. Feminists and Amy Schumer have convinced these whales that you can be fat as treetrunk and still get Ryan Goslin. They have treetrunking MODEL level standards, but
Tips, tricks, photos, and more. Because it's that time of year.
Sorry....I just don't. I apologize if it seems sexist but I'm just being honest. I feel like women today are just as bad as the men they date. As a man, my advice to other men is to just stay single. Women are far more sneakier than men and lie at a highe
Something I´ve always admired with many men: you all know how to do so many different things! And you just learn so easily! What is up with that? Makes me VERY jealous!
Something different (No this isn't a topic specifically about campfires). This is just a place where men (and women) can boast about their accomplishments and share stories (funny or otherwise). Maybe you want to share a story about the 100 lb boar you ki
Hey gents, it's April, good weather is here again... and it's BBQ season again until bad weather shuts us down later in the year! What are you guys looking forward to making? Anybody planning to master ribs, brisket, or pulled pork at last this year?
Seen it time and time again. It's a complete waste of time for any other type of man because they will get no play. All women using the app all say the same b*tter. "I don't do hook ups". But if some Ryan gosling looking douche matched with her, she w
Gentlemen of the Man Cave, what do you think about a woman who jokes about infidelity? Not jokes about her cheating; I mean jokes about how you're so good-looking, you have women chasing after you. Or talk about how your "other girlfriends" (read: women w
If you are still in contact with her, what are things you avoid or do? do you still try to show her you like her? what if you just think she doesn't like you but she really does? My friend liked this girl for the longest time and he didn't really tell
Have any of you men ever got raped by a woman when you was a little boy? I have. Hence my love for older women older than me.
when it comes to lingerie?...and why that choice? -Sexy bra and panties with garter, stockings, and heels -Flirty strappy babydoll -Your tee and some boyshorts -Absolutely nothing
Yeah, thats right. I went through this with my Ex Girlfriend. And I will make sure it doesn't happen again if I decide I want to make myself unhappier by starting a new relationship with someone. But I was curious to see if other guys have been with s
So men what is the perfect blowjob technique for you? What do you love most about a blowjob and what do you hate? Don't be shy hee hee
ever sucked a dick? if so... did you enjoy it? @prince_pisces @vageenka @GetMisted
there has been so much sexual harassment towards young men, and it sounds disgusting. do females get this much harassment?? when they are modeling?? O_O why does it seem that men get more harassed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=os4MkCuw
Or did you wait until after you were officially together? Stories welcome. Women can answer as well.

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I was watch a video with Dr.Helen Fisher. In part of the video she talks about the four personality traits. Got me thinking about the 4 elements. Fun how some things pop up in my head. Well i started to think that the person who start the 4 elements and u
Ok it's ur birthday , and if u can have anything , any place any Location with anyone , what would be your most fantasy sex u would like on ur birthday.... based on ur mars sign? Ok for me Aqua mars... everyone pleasing my left right and centre ( men and
So, apparently there was a YouTube channel where a father and mother of five film their children as the parents "prank" them. I'm unclear on whether or not the man is the biological father of all five, but the woman is a step-mother to two of the children
I was just reading an article that stated a theory is that the earth might have pulled the moon away from venus. Apparently, venus used to have a moon but doesn't anymore. What do you think this could mean in connection to astrology? What do you think t
lol does it bother you?!?!?! I'm sure we all do it.. I "try" to reply to everyone but having a choice is great !
Is this a thing? 0.5% transgender people in the USA, survey done in May 2016. Yet I hear of stories making the news arguing about toilet rights. Does this seem right to you. Think about it. Not long ago (feb 2017) in the UK a 5yr old girl died o
Ok, Ive gotten into sous vide and bought the joule, anyone else do this method? Have any tips or tricks?
Traditionally they arent supposed to be a good match but I find they are seemingly both intellectuals and not too emotional. So why are they not good together. Do you think think they can work out? I feel that Aquarius moon is more opt to work out with Ca
All saturn in aries people i know including me have some struggles in life who seems will during forever.
I was pretty confused when I first started coming here. A new relationship wirh a Cap and all. I really don't know if it was Venus retrograde or just helping getting a good understanding of how Caps operate, or the baggage we brought to the relationship,
Prices Negotiable. Hot Items! Cop 'em while supplies last. Item #1: Roger Maris bobblehead Made out of ceramic. butterty balance and topples over. Doesn't look like Roger Maris $3.00 http://i.imgur.com/i0HR8GH.jpg Item #2: Red wig. Us
take the test to see how you score. I score 47. You are somewhat shy. http://academics.wellesley.edu/Psychology/Cheek/howshy.html
As a libra I don't think I'm that bad but I have been so stressed lately because of work among other things. I've decided to take a break from my work to travel. It's once in a life time opportunity and I've decided to do this. So there was this chanc
Have any of you done these? They are customizable vinyl dolls. Hobbyists and artists do crazy things with them: https://www.google.com/search?q=custom+munny&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwizrJPZ-8zTAhVE5yYKHVW4AqQQ_AUIBygC&biw=1707&bih=817 http: