Men, i know this hurts but how do you know you're getting cheated on?
Are there still traditional men and women out there. I look at my peers like all the guys turned into cigs on me and all the women are just attention just like mes who live for social media. I'm a masculine man and I just don't fit in this world. What hap
He said he can't read me or figure me out... what vibes am i putting down? how does this mean? have u ever said this to another women? did it frustrate you?
With a strap-on? Aka "pegging?" Why or why not? Have you had this done to you before? Tell us about it xoxoxox
Like she had a fetish for your booty, or legs, or muscles, or beer belly or whatever? Some women don't like to be fetishized cause they may find it degrading but how would you feel if you were fetishized?
There is talk of restarting production of these babies. State of the art......
Posted by Tom_SawyerGotta give it to you tho, Luna You took the beating the real way didn't even snitch on him. Wish i could say that for most of the clowns i meet.
[img][/img] Enjoy straight boys 😊😏
for example, if you wanted to marry a skinny woman, she must remain skinny even when she reaches middle age and menopause (which incidentally, menopausal women will gain weight and cannot be skinny like a 20 something anymore) Also, when she is in he
I initiated it, the fight and all. I slapped him and I think I did it to see how he would handle other situations. I feel at fault. Like I want to be punished. I'm not moving in with any man until I can learn to love myself. I'm punishing myself bu
so we were at a party earlier this evening and we were all talking about a certain guy who had left the party, and he LOVES to get with women who have children, babies, ect. he just is so sweet. The women in the group were all, soooo damn sweet, includin
Tomorrow is Father's Day and I have no idea what to give Pisces as a gift?? I feel about this lol He can't drink alcohol so that's out of the question. I was thinking of making him a man box.
do you still do it or feel ashamed of it, if so why? (im curious lol)
Wtf does the drunk I love you mean? I csn understand it once or twice, but this kid has now said it 10 + times. Even on repeat. Then the next day he says "I do, but I don't want to admit it to myself. I don't want to be vulnerable." I brough
I know of men who stay in long term relationships out of convenience. So how do you identify a man who is genuinely into you vs. someone who is with you because you're a safe bet while he kills time?
this man gets road kill and feeds it to his family of six, and another baby on the way(His wife is pregnant) so he is really enthusaistic and really happy to get the venison and save it up for the winter in the freezer. are any of you men like this?
this man gets road kill and feeds it to his family of six, and another baby on the way(His wife is pregnant) so he is really enthusaistic and really happy to get the venison and save it up for the winter in the freezer. are any of you men like this?
For the brewers among us... I know we have a few. Talk shop with each other, rhapsodize about brews past, dream of and discuss future brews, share tips and ideas, and talk about what you are up to. Anything brewing oriented for beer, wine, mead, etc
So im none of those persons in this story first. So my friends told me once that he was at home with another friend who he invited, and there was playing video game. So the invited guy started to confessed. "bro, my laptop is broke since 3 weeks,
Hey gents, it's April, good weather is here again... and it's BBQ season again until bad weather shuts us down later in the year! What are you guys looking forward to making? Anybody planning to master ribs, brisket, or pulled pork at last this year?
I get a wrong number booty call, text with a dick pic. I'll be honest, I just ignored at first but he kept texting and says, "hey baby, why aren't you answering".... anyway, I do text back and say, wrong number, he then proceeds to text me back and asks
I do not want pictures. Pretend your dick just robbed you of your money and I'm the police sketch artist.

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Biggest pet peeve: People telling me how to feel about a situation, what about y'all??
Some guys just go to the gym 20 hours per day talk like an person with dawn syndrome and looks like they fear like 'sensitive' things, also some of them looks like have an gay paranoia or something lol, but when they need to be an real man and solve probl
Like your Sun is in Cancer, their Jup in Cancer. Were they exhilirating? Did it feel like they expanded your energy ?
I bought one ..would you believe i broke the nozzle and now i can't get the product out of the bottle ..I keep doing this with bottles actually so annoying! Thanks for all replies :)
Ladies.. Create a dick code for the type of package you most desire and post it here. Build it and they will come.
My Knight In Shining Armor-Where is he?   As a Capricorn woman people expect us to be invincible, and it’s true we do have spines of steel and can handle anything you throw at us. We might take a few minutes to recoop and get our bearings, but you can
25, Female, queer. Birthday Jully 22nd 1991 Cancer Sun, Sag Moon....Ascending....?? Iv been following this forum for a few months, and it helped me to read everyone's stories. So thank you! I love hip hop. Writing. Falling in love. And treetrunking it up.
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Left seattle to go back to new york without telling me i guess she no longer see's us as friends. two things happened last year. 1) I yelled at her for not coming to my event on time, lots of miscommunication, she screamed and yelled at me, sweat
Pisces man 1 - Someone I adore and I feel connected to. We've been on many dates and have this magnetic attraction. Has goals and a decent career going. I am starting to develope feelings for. P-Man1 and I have not committed to each other. Pisces man
So I decided to delay my trip back to the Middle East so I could go on a family holiday to Portugal. Mum gets the passports out to check up in online, and discovers fathers is EXPIRED! My sisters are crying and mum is pissed coz she doesnt know whats
I don't know when i read an article like this but, i see i lot of couples who look like each other
When in doubt of anything why a persons behavior ANYTHING... just ASK them DIRECTLY. !!! No better way to get your answers than just asking that person directly... 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼⁉️⁉️⁉️ Keep it simple Keep it 💯 You got nothing to lose 😉
I keep hearing that people dislike to give and receive oral sex but what if your partner wants or needs it do you hold out or do you make the effort for them?!! Obviously you'd have to compromise
What possesses a person to do this? Just leave for lunch and never come back? Why even bother coming to work in the first place? I could see if you got into a big fight with your boss, but a lot of times I've seen this happen, it's not the case. Why can't