For the men do you believe men and women can be friends

By virgokingJuly 12, 2022 4:20pm — 15 replies

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For the men do you believe men and women can be friends
say yes or no please list your sun moon and venus sign you can give explanation if you want me no sun virgo moon cap venus virgo
What's your first reaction?
youre hanging out with a female friend who you only have platonic friendship feelings for when all of a sudden she tells you how wet she is and whips out her pussy telling you to feel how wet she is and that she wants to ride that dick what do you do
Moving in together
fellas how long would you be serious with a lady before considering this
So guys..
your interested in a lady romantically maybe you reach out a little but not much you ve hung out a couple times but she isn t jumping on your bone so to speak can you turn it around and just be mates does she need to tell you that or will y
Turn-ons and offs
guys what are some of the things women do that turn you that they may not necessarily realize are turn-ons what about turn-offs what are they for me posture and taller women can pull this off so well but a straight back poise and intentional mann
Why would
a dude go for a woman he looks down on why would he make chad posts about how men like him dont have enough standards like i know we can be shallow always going for looks but ive decided im not ever gonna fold and date desperate single moms they
Why would
someone act like this so theres this cheap asf guy who cheated on his gf she was faithful and gave him a lot of freedom to do whatever he wanted never relied on him financially ever nor nagged him about drinking or whatever anyway she found out and
What does it mean
when a guy tells you they want you to fight for them that they wanna feel that youre exerting efforts for them but all the time their schedule allows is spent with you which makes it impossible for them to be anywhere else but work or with you then th
The tinder swindler
im low key inspired i know its wrong but you have to admire the finesse he really look like a rich guy using other womens money jets the cars you know they smashed him day 1 even the other women acting like she was not into him because he is short c
Bumble is doing God's work. Now women know how men feel
bumble is doing gods work and now they feel the rejection men have felt forever because women have to message the guy first a lot of women shoot for guys way out of their league and get unmatch or just left on seen welcome to man world we have fish an