MEN: If you were a woman what would you whine about?

By _DazedSeptember 29, 2020 9:37pm — 19 replies
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Putting your hands on a woman (Serious Topic)..
is there ever a time when this is appropriate i would think that her having a weapon in her hands is the only time
I'm a giant fucking dickhead
and im not sure if or what i should do about it its been plaguing me my entire life and im getting sick of it but i cant help it its like im meant to be a huge fucking ass hole im nice when i first meet you and then i slowly evolve into this
Quick question
if you have a picture of me in your wank bank is that in your memory or in a file
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just wanted to ask a question how would you feel if you had just gone to university to study for 5yrs and your dad wants to live with you i know someone who has bought a house for himself and his son to live in together he wants to give his son sec
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you know the cliche males rarely cry when we watch a movie i am one of those but everyonce in a while i watched something truly beautiful post your scenes https www youtube com watch v noazpa1x7ju
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i hate fake nails hair whole bunch of make up bitches look like they are ready for a costume party wbu
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why is it so hard for some of you to give emotional support
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only if its a really nice juicy ass like a instagram model she has to come straight out of the shower with with the bubbles in the crack of her ass i have to know her so i know how clean she is some women are dirty even the pretty ones if all that is
Bid dick energy.. dou have it
apparently there is a reddit where women describe big dick energy lol here is a video break down https youtu be yqbn7jitedw