Post pictures of your bathroom floor

By AndalusiaAugust 3, 2017 2:11am — 39 replies
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"You drive me craaaaay.Zee!"
i hope that britney song is in your heads now anywho this is a thread about random things a girl or your girl does that makes you wild im not talking obvious things like when she makes me ramen noodles and then fondles my testicles no that
why do some men put alot of women down and call them golddiggers are you the type of man who is afraid of his money going away and running away from you because you got with a woman who likes the luxury stuff what kind of mentality is this that i
Planes Part 2
there is talk of restarting production of these babies state of the art https theaviationist com wp-content uploads 2015 06 f-22-raptor-aar jpg
men, are you really a stickler for your woman to be a certain way?
for example if you wanted to marry a skinny woman she must remain skinny even when she reaches middle age and menopause which incidentally menopausal women will gain weight and cannot be skinny like a 20 something anymore also when she is in he
Road Kill
this man gets road kill and feeds it to his family of six and another baby on the way his wife is pregnant so he is really enthusaistic and really happy to get the venison and save it up for the winter in the freezer are any of you men like this
Can one of y'all explain this crazy?
i get a wrong number booty call text with a dick pic ill be honest i just ignored at first but he kept texting and says hey baby why arent you answering anyway i do text back and say wrong number he then proceeds to text me back and asks
How do you know when a man is biding his time with you?
i know of men who stay in long term relationships out of convenience so how do you identify a man who is genuinely into you vs someone who is with you because youre a safe bet while he kills time
Fishing Thread
i love to go fishing since i was a kid with my grandfather when is the first time you went fishing and with whom if youre a good fisherman would you mind sparing some tips to those who are starting to learn this hobby do you go catch and release
The Campfire
something different no this isnt a topic specifically about campfires this is just a place where men and women can boast about their accomplishments and share stories funny or otherwise maybe you want to share a story about the 100 lb boar you ki