ways a man can cheat?

By lisabethur8December 30, 2017 11:21pm — 41 replies
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boning to the point where ur still erect and all multiple orgasms in but it just starts to hurt worst feeling ever i just wanna cream but without the painful process lub doesnt do the trick
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yo when its like humid as hell out and its 90 degrees and up yall ever get swampass and have ur sack droop down due to humidity and warmth that in between ur butthole and ur nuts your cooch u get this nasty feeling of crotch butter cmon man its gotta
yo since its cold as hell out here in the north east of america it reminded me of that seinfeld episode where george talks about shrinkage is it a fact that this happens or no i personally only feel it with my scrotum
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i remember when this sub-forum was first added but all good things must end it started with innocent seeming questions such as what kind of oil should i get for my car and then escalated now there is not a y chromosome in sight just
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i dont need to say much more than that please lets discuss
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